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An evil awaits its unsuspecting victims

An evil patiently awaits its unsuspecting victims, as my heart cries for the innocent “il mio cuore piange per gli innocenti”

The story I’m writing you today begins in Bari, Italy. 1,861 more words

The Wicked Foe by Dennis Allen Lange

He tried a bit; that was enough.
…He rested on his laurels.
He liked a life that’s smooth, not rough –
…No struggles and no quarrels. 70 more words


Wounded Innocents and Fallen Angels: Child Abuse and Child Aggression

Wounded Innocents and Fallen Angels: Child Abuse and Child Aggression

Hatred of all kinds is tough for many people to know, but offenses against kids and offenses determined by kids are probably the hardest to grasp. 26 more words

Gilbert Speaks on the 1961 Film: The Innocents

When is a ghost story so much more than a tale of spirits and hauntings? I enjoy watching classic movies and Turner Movie Channel is my go to channel when I am unable to sleep, which this past week has been almost every night since November 8, 2016. 741 more words

When fists are brushes

Pablo Picasso’s 1937 masterpiece Guernica is a righteously angry┬áreaction to the horror of war, depicting the impact of violence on the innocent, and in it’s fury┬álies the power of art to inform the world. 560 more words

Creative Writing

The Burning of Innocents

Our Adventurers awake from another great nights sleep at Stonehill Inn. They know that they need to need to get to Wave Echo Cave to thwart the plans of the Black Spider. 270 more words

Forest Trail

Stranger Things

I had been hearing so many things about the show Stranger Things on Netflix. About how awesome it is and just how great the story was. 300 more words