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I heard two quotes today from two uniquely different people.

One said; “It is a sign of wisdom to be content with less than you feel you deserve… 191 more words


Monday: Thoughts

What does one say, after another senseless killing of innocents ? How many times can you say “I’m sorry, or I feel your pain, or I stand with you ?” If the world does not stand together every day and every hour and every minute, we aren’t doing our jobs. 874 more words

New Beginnings

Wednesday: Ready to Rock and Roll

The sun is shining. The city has been basking in Summer like weather for the past couple of days. Days of sun, are going to turn into days of rain tomorrow, and on through Monday and Tuesday. 326 more words

New Beginnings

Tuesday: Sorrow in Manchester

Last night, as I arrived at home, I learned of the great tragedy that struck the city of Manchester. The tragedy of terrorism is abhorrent, when it is visited upon defenseless young people, the tragedy is only magnified times ten. 135 more words

New Beginnings

Unwanted Thoughts

I never wanted these thoughts to occur. I never asked for this to happen to me but it did. I never asked to have my mind, body and innocent be ripped from me but it did. 242 more words


Mocoa, Mosul, Memphis

April 4, 2017, Prescott- 

Three rivers converged,

burying some bodies,

and taking others into the maw

of the Amazon Basin.

Five nations’ armies converge,

blasting some innocents to smithereens, 36 more words