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Imago Gospels - 01 - Amanda

Beginning the walk through the Gospels with Matthew 1-2

There is a ton in these two chapters from the genealogy of Jesus (which includes some really fascinating people) to the prophecy to Joseph, the birth of Jesus, the visit of the Magi, the escape to Egypt, the slaughter of the innocent children, and the family’s return from Egypt. 270 more words


Tough Questions

Sometimes it seems the best questions are asked by the most innocent of us.  Beloved has found himself having to answer the following questions from his young nieces and nephews, and I must admit that as an adult I’d never think to ask these.   273 more words

Vote Justin Trudeau: Kill Innocents Here

In response to a question regarding the Boston bombing in a CBC interview, Justin Trudeau responded and said this:

“We also have to monitor and encourage people to not point fingers at each other and lay blame for personal ills or societal ills on a specific group…because it’s that idea of dividing humans against ourselves, of pointing out that ‘they’re not like us, and in order to achieve our political goals, we can kill innocents here.’ That’s something that no society in the world that is healthy, regardless of ideology, will accept.” 423 more words


This morning I was asking for a definite sign that this dream is coming together, the vision is real, the desire is starting to make an arrangement of some kind… 429 more words


Letter: Remembering the Holocaust

We are commemorating a heinous event this Holocaust Remembrance Day: The Nazi extermination of European Jewry. In honouring the six million murdered souls, we must also set our sights on what can we do differently to prevent current and future genocides. 383 more words


The escape and return of the Holy Family

The flight into Egypt.

The Magi left, and an angel of the Lord suddenly appeared to Joseph in a dream. The angel said “Get up! Flee to Egypt with the baby and his mother and stay there until I tell you it is safe to return. 486 more words

Condensed Gospel

Death of God

Today Christians around the world remember the “Death of God” on the Cross.
It is a story that is capable of moving the most detached soul. 93 more words