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MySQL table type and its peculiarities

Until recently, I did not really care what the ‘type’ the tables in my mysql db were – they could be InnoDB or MyISAM. But recently, I came across situations where I had to understand what the ‘type’ of the table is, to move forward. 223 more words

INNODB Backup and Recovery using mysqldump

InnoDB is a storage engine for MySQL. MySQL 5.5 and later use it by default. It provides the standard ACID-compliant transaction features, along with foreign key support (Declarative Referential Integrity). 210 more words

What are the different tables(Engine) present in MySQL, which one is default?

Following tables (Storage Engine) we can create :

1. MyISAM (Each MyISAM table is stored on disk in three files. The files have names that begin with the table name and have an extension to indicate the file type. 212 more words


InnoDB Change Buffering - Percona Live 2015

My first real session of the day today at Percona Live was “InnoDB Change Buffering” with Davi Arnaut from LinkedIn.

The change buffer is used to batch changes to non-unique secondary indexes to avoid random I/O. 128 more words


how innodb lost its advantage

For years it was very easy to defend InnoDB’s advantage over competition – covering index reads were saving I/O operations and CPU everywhere, table space and I/O management allowed to focus on database and not on file systems or virtual memory behaviors, and for past few years InnoDB compression was the way to have highly efficient OLTP (or in our case – SGTP – Social Graph Transaction Processing) environments. 944 more words


MySQL Engines : Comparison InnoDB vs MyISAM

Terdapat berbagai macam enggine yang ada pada MySQL namun, hanya ada 2 jenis utama dari mesin penyimpanan tabel untuk database pada MySQL yang lebih banyak digunakan yaitu  462 more words

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What is difference between MYISAM and InnoDB?

I am writing this article to all those PHP follower to understand the difference between MYISAM and INNODB.

1. MYISAM supports Table-level Locking
2. MyISAM designed for need of speed… 100 more words