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ProxySQL Series: Seamless Replication Switchover Using MHA

This is our second blog in the ProxySQL Series ( Blog I MySQL Replication Read-write Split up ). Will cover how to integrate ProxySQL with MHA to handle failover of Database servers. 1,150 more words


Online Schema Change for Tables with Triggers.

In this post, We will learn how to handle online schema change if the table has triggers.

In PXC, an alter can be made directly ( TOI ) on tables with less than a 1G ( by default) , but on a 20GB or 200GB table we need some downtime to do ( RSU ). 1,181 more words


Investigating a MySQL dead lock

I was involved in one of the development support for MySQL. Here is an interesting case

The application needs a Sequence generator as it was not present inbuilt with MySQL ( … 1,392 more words


Presentation: Highly efficient backup with Xtrabackup

Xtrabackup is the most widely open source hot backup tool for MySQL. Xtrabackup support InnoDB and MyISAM engines.It supports both MySQL Server , Percona Server and MariaDB. 19 more words


Bryan Stevenson seeks national conversation about slavery’s legacy

For the past 30 years, lawyer and social activist Bryan Stevenson ’85 has battled through the courts, defending wrongly convicted death-row prisoners and children prosecuted as adults, while condemning mass incarceration, excessive sentences, and racial bias in the criminal justice system. 1,016 more words

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OpenWorld 2017: MySQL Document Store

This was a great session that was centered on the updates to JSON support in MySQL 8.  But to paint the full picture of how MySQL 8 is making JSON a first class data citizen in the platform, it also covered some updates to InnoDB Cluster and the new MySQL Shell.  545 more words