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Bryan Stevenson seeks national conversation about slavery’s legacy

For the past 30 years, lawyer and social activist Bryan Stevenson ’85 has battled through the courts, defending wrongly convicted death-row prisoners and children prosecuted as adults, while condemning mass incarceration, excessive sentences, and racial bias in the criminal justice system. 1,016 more words

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OpenWorld 2017: MySQL Document Store

This was a great session that was centered on the updates to JSON support in MySQL 8.  But to paint the full picture of how MySQL 8 is making JSON a first class data citizen in the platform, it also covered some updates to InnoDB Cluster and the new MySQL Shell.  545 more words


MySQL 5.7 InnoDB Tablespace

By default for MySQL server, InnoDB Engine is getting used widely due it’s ACID support, optimized read-write performance and for many other reasons which are great significance for the database server. 1,877 more words


Virtual Columns in MySQL and Use cases.


  • MySQL 5.7 introduces a new feature called virtual/generated column. It is called generated column because the data of this column is computed based on a predefined expression or from other columns.
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MySQL 5.7

Aurora - The MySQL to be explored

“The MySQL to be explored ” this is what i felt when i worked with it, and just going to share my experience with Aurora . 1,679 more words


InnoDB: running out of AUTO_INCREMENT values

Most InnoDB primary keys are built on integer columns with the AUTO_INCREMENT option (which is a very good practice for reasons that are outside of the purpose of this article). 819 more words


MySQL 5.x - How to capture the number of inserts in a MySQL database

MySQL 5.x – How to capture the number of inserts in a MySQL database

I was asked to get the number of DML on a MySQL database recently. 131 more words