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Virtual Columns in MySQL and Use cases.


  • MySQL 5.7 introduces a new feature called virtual/generated column. It is called generated column because the data of this column is computed based on a predefined expression or from other columns.
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MySQL 5.7

Aurora - The MySQL to be explored

“The MySQL to be explored ” this is what i felt when i worked with it, and just going to share my experience with Aurora . 1,679 more words


InnoDB: running out of AUTO_INCREMENT values

Most InnoDB primary keys are built on integer columns with the AUTO_INCREMENT option (which is a very good practice for reasons that are outside of the purpose of this article). 819 more words


MySQL 5.x - How to capture the number of inserts in a MySQL database

MySQL 5.x – How to capture the number of inserts in a MySQL database

I was asked to get the number of DML on a MySQL database recently. 131 more words


MySQL Tablespace Encryption ( TDE )

In this blog we are going to explore about innodb tablespace encryption technique, which will be useful for securing data.

In MySQL 5.7, a new feature “ 1,006 more words

MySQL 5.7

Cost-based Optimization in MySQL 5.7

Optimiser is the brain of the RDBMS. Optimiser decides the right access method , algorithms , join order and right index to be used for better execution of the query. 962 more words

MySQL 5.7

InnoDB and Linux mount point.

In this blog we are going to share my recent experience with an issue which we faced during migration between two Ubuntu servers.

The activity was pretty simple, the client had bought a new machine with enhanced memory and faster disk, so the data has to be transferred to the new server and live MySQL replication has to be configured between the old and the new server. 345 more words