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Frogs, the Environment Around Us, and Innovation

The topic of disruptive innovation came into play during strategy discussions the other day … as did the anecdote about the frog and the boiling pot of water.   492 more words

Non-Technical Things I Learned from Google IO 2016

Innovators come in many varieties

One thing that struck me about Google I/O was the variety of innovators and change-makers taking the stage. Some of these individuals were my age, in their early twenties, and some were much older, and many were in-between. 607 more words


What opening an airplane exit door in flight taught me about design

Product and feature design thinking must happen early and must center on the human perspective.

Recently, as I sat waiting for a flight’s boarding to complete, I noticed an unusually high number of pinging sounds. 537 more words


It's Time.

People always ask me why you do what you do. Sometimes even making me reconsider my dreams whether they’re too unrealistic, giving up my happiness for the sake of others. 209 more words

Captivating the 21st Century Learners

By Jason Silverstein
CIS Department
Delaware Technical Community College
George Campus

In my educational career I have been enlightened on how education is perceived in comparison to how an effective educator engages their students. 491 more words

Research & Theory

Time to cook..

Cabbage-peas Indian style

  1. Onion
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Green chili
  4. Fenugreek leaves
  5. Black mustard seeds
  6. Cabbage
  7. Peas
  8. Oil / clarified butter
  9. Cilantro
  10. Chili powder, ginger powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder and salt…
  11. 85 more words

Getting Crafty with Crave for Crafts

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get more creative and YouTube has left you with some disappointing projects, Crave for Crafts is a fantastic way to achieve your goal. 300 more words