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Is the moon really made of cheese?

I was showing Zak how to use a protractor to draw circles. His little sister was watching him curiously. He wasn’t getting it right; told him to have a firm grip on the top while turning the instrument. 613 more words

Work. When You Fall Out of Love.

The moment you awaken on your first day. The excitement to begin a new venture, new career, new job. When you enter the workplace on the first day is like beginning a new relationship. 541 more words


Untapped Knowledge...

Okay, so I was watching a video on a social media site.  So what, right?  Well, it was about a boy who was giving food and clothing to many of the homeless that seem to be appearing more and more in our cities and neighborhoods.   581 more words

Marketing Solution: Lessons Learned

There is no shortage of marketing lessons, which puts today’s Internet technology at our advantage when it comes to finding crucial information to aid in any business. 423 more words

Collaborate to Innovate

I read an article by the Harvard Business Review recently entitled ‘Innovation is as Much About Finding Partners as Building Products’ (link) which inspired me to go back to my love of applying Industry Strategy to Education. 545 more words

School Business Leadership


A few years ago I developed a simple model that proved an effective lens for designing new programs, practices, or systems. I refer to it as Learn>Innovate>Influence>Execute> and it goes like this: 489 more words

Change Management

Time for a Change

As kids our minds run wild, we dream big, we are creative, and we have crazy ideas of what we want to do when we are older. 966 more words