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Our Creativity Bias

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“As important as creativity has been in our species’ recent centuries, it is the cornerstone for our next steps.  From our daily activities to our schools to our companies, we are all riding arm-in-arm into a future that compels a constant remodeling of the world.”  … 631 more words


Move Like a Cat: Challenging the System Every Day.

There are some education writers who always catch my attention. They are provocative and they give me ideas on what I can write about.

Two of these educators are… 335 more words


The niche construction of cultural complexity

Interactions between innovations, population size, and the environment.

Niche construction is a process through which organisms alter their environments and, in doing so, influence or change the selective pressures to which they are subject. 174 more words

Cultural Complexity

Innovation - an emerging focus from cells to societies

Innovations are generally unexpected, often spectacular changes in phenotypes
and ecological functions. The contributions to this theme issue are the latest conceptual, theoretical and experimental developments, addressing how ecology, environment, ontogeny, and evolution are central to understanding the complexity of the processes underlying innovations.  83 more words


Service Design en The Future of Design

The Future of Design es una iniciativa que busca presentar lo mejor y más actual del Diseño en todas sus expresiones a todo tipo de públicos. 134 more words


Intelligence Artificielle : l'impact de la Silicon Valley

Le livre Arnaud de Lacoste sur l’Intelligence Artificielle “Le Seigneur des Robots” est un livre à contre courant de ce que l’on peut lire ou entendre habituellement, et il est assez rafraichissant de lire son analyse sur l’impact de l’IA sur le futur de notre société et des métiers. 198 more words

Book review: Entrepreneurs guide to building a profitable business – and how you could too ! by Anand Prakash

Anand Prakash : Entrepreneurs guide to building a profitable business – and how you could too !

Entrepreneurship comes with its own set of challenges. The author believes that the choices that you make, the adaptatbility and how much fun one one is willing to have go a long way in deciding the success as an entrepreneur. 387 more words