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Peter Drucker and Superfreakonomics

Would you like a mash-up summary of Superfreakonomics and Peter Drucker’s writings on innovation?

Discontinuity. That’s when things don’t align. Can we make a quick and dirty fix for a big problem? 248 more words

Review and the Future

This project has been very fun, and I have enjoyed working in a group much more than I thought I would. I have been able to surrender total creative control and trust others to support me as well as supporting them. 159 more words

Innovation And Entrepreneurship

After Effects Final Update

I have finished the animation now! It’s rendering out as I type this, in fact. I found when I revisited the animation to continue during the holidays that a calmer approach was needed. 174 more words

Innovation And Entrepreneurship

RSA Hand In

We didn’t manage to get the animation finished for the hand in, but it still looks really nice and came out better thn I thought. We recieved compliments from tutors who have seen it so far, and we’re all happy with it’s development. 102 more words

Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Using After Effects: Mid-update

There isn’t long to go before the RSA deadline and I am finding that animating is taking me much longer than I anticipated. I don’t think I’m going to have the whole animation done for the RSA deadline. 182 more words

Innovation And Entrepreneurship

BBC Workshop Three: Keep, Stop, Start

This workshop focused on how we have funtioned as assets in a work environment. We evaluated how the project has gone and how the groups have functioned, highlighting elements that we would keep, stop and start doing in future projects.

Innovation And Entrepreneurship