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Being Small is Not a Strategy for Beating Your Competition

A meaningful percentage of my startup clients have no respect for their competition.  Too many first-time founders have bought the story that big existing companies in their space are too slow to be a competitive threat.   770 more words

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Hey! Are You Trying To Be Some Kinda Why's Guy?

You may already be familiar with Simon Sinek’s perspective on the fundamental reason why some companies succeed and some companies fail. If you are not, you’re missing an important business thought and I’m here to help… 707 more words

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Scalawags, Scoundrels, and Other Corporate Partners

If you only quickly scan this post, you may get the impression I’m suggesting that relationships with companies larger than your start-up are not a good idea.   948 more words

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Ladies and Gentlemen…the Next President of the United States…Alexander Hamilton!

I woke up this morning from a dream which was set in the late 1700’s.  I believe it was 1796, because I was presenting to an enormous room full of people and the banners hanging declared “Welcome to the Federalist Party National Convention.”  I was wearing pantaloons and extremely uncomfortable shoes.   852 more words


Ohhhhh. I Get It Now. You Said Valuation...I Thought You Said Value.

I am obviously slower than I thought I was.  And I’m certainly slower than the capital aggregators known as Silicon Valley venture capital.  They understood long before I did that early stage company investing is NOT about the value of the company.   708 more words

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Don't Bring Me Angel Investors...Bring Me Hero Investors

There is trouble in the town!

In case you haven’t seen the headlines, let me deliver some bad news to you. You’re not going to like it, but it’s time you hear it too. 997 more words

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