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Adaptability: Key to your success

When a business finally reaches some growth, it’s important to consider one aspect that is not talked about enough regarding innovation – flexibility and adaptability. 976 more words



Right now we are experiencing a mini boom in the proliferation of collaboration focused tech tools. There is a sense of a race currently underway, with major players pouring resources into collaboration tools and starts-ups cropping up everywhere. 894 more words

Corporate Innovation Needs Engaged Employees

To have successful internal innovation capability, an organisation must have engaged employees who care about the company they work within. Here’s a great infographic I spotted the factors needed to ensure strong engagement. 29 more words


Speaking the Language of the Crowd

“We want top-line growth and to protect our bottom-line, and I need your ideas on how to make that happen!”

Crowdsourcing innovation works best when the crowd knows exactly what issue they’re trying to address.

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Innovation is a Team Sport

Innovation is a team sport. I do not believe that you can innovate on your own. Behind every successful product, service or breakthrough is a team. 568 more words


Aligning Your Crowd & Goals Gives Innovation Success

People are busy. Organisations are busy. There simply isn’t time for activities that waste time.

Everything that a company focuses on must have a purpose, and innovation initiatives are no different — they have to drive value or they’re nothing but pleasant distractions. 519 more words


The Four Key Capacities to Successfully Engage Employees in the Innovation Process

In this IM Channel One webinar authors Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant share research from their latest book, When Millennials Take Over: Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business, which identifies the four key capacities that must be developed inside organizations in order to successfully engage employees in the innovation process. 66 more words