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Key factors impacting accelerated innovation

Innovation and agility are “a must” in business these days. Regardless of the industry you are in, innovation is key to success. Why? Because CHANGE is the only constant. 261 more words


Types of Innovation in Tourism

This post summarizes the categories of innovation (product, process, management, marketing and institutional innovation) as published in“A review of innovation research in tourism” by Anne-Metter Hjalager. 630 more words


The Little Black Book of Innovation (Book Review)

Scott Anthony: The Little Black Book of Innovation: How it Works, How to Do it 149 more words


Impact of Employee Engagement on Innovation

There are many statistics on the level of disengagement in organisations, and it’s low; really low. According to Gallup, 70% of American workers are not engaged. 839 more words

Strategy & Leadership

Jak mohou trendy z IT světa obohatit strojírenství

Řada trendů je pro svět IT a svět strojírenství podobná. Zvyšuje se tlak na rychlou dodávku a minimalizaci nákladů, rychlé řešení změn a navrhování řešení v podmínkách nejistoty. 2,309 more words

Project Management

How Design Thinking and Customer Journey are related?

One of the key principles of design thinking is that it is customer-based. Before attempting to innovate a product which will best serve your customer, it’s important to understand how a potential customer becomes an actual customer, and how he interacts with your brand throughout the entire process. 526 more words


Innovation Activity Predicts The Future

How healthy is your organisation going to be this year? Will it be growing or will it struggle to survive? The future is uncertain; that’s good for bookmakers and fortune-tellers, but not good if you are trying to plan for the future. 560 more words