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Jak mohou trendy z IT světa obohatit strojírenství

Řada trendů je pro svět IT a svět strojírenství podobná. Zvyšuje se tlak na rychlou dodávku a minimalizaci nákladů, rychlé řešení změn a navrhování řešení v podmínkách nejistoty. 2,309 more words

Project Management

How Design Thinking and Customer Journey are related?

One of the key principles of design thinking is that it is customer-based. Before attempting to innovate a product which will best serve your customer, it’s important to understand how a potential customer becomes an actual customer, and how he interacts with your brand throughout the entire process. 526 more words


An Airline Without Pain Points

by Guest Contributor, Uri Hess, Hess L&D Inc.

Even your typical gold frequent flyers will tell you about their difficulties with airports and airlines. These “pain points” can begin the moment you enter the airport, and can continue throughout your flight all the way to your destination. 363 more words

Design Thinking

Releasing innovation from non-innovators

How do you get innovation out of people whose job is not innovation thereby generating the most meaningful innovation. Most of us think how do we inspire our design team, our coders, or even our consultants. 459 more words


Kickstarting Innovation


The word is used so easily, but what does it really mean to start innovative action?

According to Idea Connection Systems, key questions to ask in order to direct innovation are: 90 more words

Strategy Development

Kill the stage-gate process

Recently, during a Design Thinking workshop, attendants started to talk about the issues facing their organizations. It did not take long for the stage-gate process to be the main topic under discussion. 568 more words


Designers: Think BIG! … but also BEYOND and GLOCAL

Tim Brown, in his book Change by Design (100% recommended), urges a global change by what he calls Design Thinking.

Tim proposes to the world a new way to face the upcoming challenges, the small but also the big ones. 975 more words

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