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4 Types of Innovation & When to Use Them

When we understand that there are four types of innovation, we can better manage the company’s innovation portfolio. Innovation strategy should employ a mix of these different types of innovation. 491 more words

Four Disruption Scenarios You Will Experience Soon

The speed of technological advances and the swiftly changing consumer behavior landscape makes for a volatile cocktail. Disruption is a game of  “when”, not “if”. It’s not a question of which organization has the most cash, but which one has the most courage.   516 more words

Disruptive Innovation

An Innovative Journey Making a Difference

Innovation is a journey; it does not magically happen. It’s often a hard, less travelled road too.

The journey is always the interesting story. What did I learn on the way and how did I change? 66 more words


How to Innovate in the Consumer Goods Industry

Every industry has its peculiarities when it comes to innovation. Developing a new aircraft requires a different approach than a new consumer good (Ulrich & Eppinger, 2012, p.20). 658 more words


Always Ask "Should We" Not "Could We"

Desirability, Viability, Feasibility; the core tenets of Design Thinking, and oh, how the order matters!

Every day, I work with engineers who are itching to build solutions to solve the problems they see. 662 more words


Investing in Innovation Is NOT About Ideas

My previous post introduced the Understand Statement: a tightly compact way to explain why your organization should do what you’re proposing it should. However, in many companies, the support often times goes to the most dynamic presenter with what sounds like a very compelling idea. 301 more words


The Best Way to Move From Understand to Ideation

My previous post was about the A.R.T. of Understanding.  In this post, we’ll explore an effective way to move from the Understand Stage of the innovation process to the Ideation Stage. 242 more words