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Innovation is a Team Sport

Innovation is a team sport. I do not believe that you can innovate on your own. Behind every successful product, service or breakthrough is a team. 568 more words


Aligning Your Crowd & Goals Gives Innovation Success

People are busy. Organisations are busy. There simply isn’t time for activities that waste time.

Everything that a company focuses on must have a purpose, and innovation initiatives are no different — they have to drive value or they’re nothing but pleasant distractions. 519 more words


The Four Key Capacities to Successfully Engage Employees in the Innovation Process

In this IM Channel One webinar authors Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant share research from their latest book, When Millennials Take Over: Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business, which identifies the four key capacities that must be developed inside organizations in order to successfully engage employees in the innovation process. 66 more words


Innovation requires customer understanding

I have led many innovation projects over the last 17 years and I have come to understand that a large number of new product development projects go south because of poor definition and/or lack of… 369 more words


My Experience as an Innovator in Africa: Micro Modular Solutions

My name is Hasan Darwish, originally from Syria, I landed in South Africa 8 years ago. Back then I had no idea I would be participating in creating solutions for its rural communities. 1,251 more words


Managing Complex Change Visual

Innovation brings about change, and often that change is complex. Here’s a useful diagram that outlines what the key pieces are to success, and what happens when one of those pieces is missing. 15 more words


Five Crowdsourcing Success Factors

If you are tapping into a crowd to find answers to a specific problem, i.e., crowdsourcing, here’s five key success factors that you need to be mindful of. 151 more words