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Think Small to Think Big: How Large Companies Can Innovate Like a Startup

When you think about disruptive innovation, you might envision a team of developers huddled around laptops in a pizza-laden, dimly lit garage. Or maybe a vibrant, passionate group of young professionals marking up the walls and windows of their tiny corner of a busy co-working space. 879 more words

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How We Are Taking a Lean Startup Approach to our Grown-up Business

A lean startup methodology enables entrepreneurs to efficiently build a company by searching for product and/or market fit rather than blindly trying to execute.  I find it helps mature companies too — and thought the perspectives of Stanford Professor Steve Blank, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Ben Horowitz and Y Combinator’s Sam Altman might resonate with bankers, fintech companies and other small business CEOs that are thinking about how to adapt their businesses to new challenges and opportunities.  704 more words


The 5 Corners of Technological Innovation in Financial Services

To grasp what the future of banking holds, look no further than the five areas of focus for Wells Fargo.  Last week, the best performing large bank in the United States… 314 more words


Lean Business - Best Practices Event

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Welcome to the inaugural Innovators Guild Event.

An event designed to bring together people from diverse backgrounds to discuss best practices around implementing innovation strategies in their organizations. 281 more words

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"Big Innovation Now"? A parallel reading exercise

On the Go is your weekly innovation inspired by elsewhere.


Sometimes “elsewhere” is not very far. Today, it’s just next door. Because of the critical economic, technological, social, cultural and systemic impact of Big Data, it is important to understand what mechanics lay behind, and actually, also beyond. 628 more words


Secret weapon of intrapreneurial innovators: Startup strategy

Forbes discusses startup strategies and suggests four potential outcomes to focus on:

Startup strategy is no longer just applicable to the new tech company; it’s a secret weapon for innovators and 

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