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Imagining a Different Perspective

The other day I was driving through the English countryside when a pulled up to the back of two Volvos.

The Volvo in front was almost new and still glistening silver. 760 more words


Why Every Biopharma Lab Should Have a 3D Printer (and a Laser Cutter Too)

This article first appeared in the Timmerman Report.

If there’s something most drug development people can agree upon today it’s that the industry needs more valuable new products. 817 more words


First civilian jetpack gives humans the power of flight

Most of us have dreamed about flying. Now company JetPack Aviation is making those dreams reality. They’ve designed “the only true JetPack,” the JB10, and it packs a powerful punch. 19 more words


23andMe, the FDA and the Case of Easing Medical Innovation

This led to debate over whether the ban was as much an assault on First Amendment rights as on medical innovation. The right to share information, … … 35 more words


Custom Innovation uses 3D to cut costs of premium garment delivery

Australian 3D printing outfit Custom Innovation Co has closed a $3 million raise in a bid to scale-up global operations, as it leverages scanning … … 41 more words