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Does the Maker Movement Hold the Key to Economic Growth?

The power of this movement is its ability to draw production back into cities. This can have profound economic and social benefits.

A man builds a 3D printer at a makerspace. 627 more words


In-Depth: Cirdan - Moving Pathologists From Analyse to Visualise

Dr Hugh Cormican from Cirdan Labs joins Kehlan to talk about their company and their recent investment of £3.5m.

Hugh talks about how the company developed and how they plan to revolutionise pathology, organ and tissue examination, in labs around the world. 39 more words


Leveling up the Marketing for Internet Services Providers| By |Barbara McKinney

In this day and age, very few people don’t know what an ISP is. It seems almost everyone has access to the Internet, and in one way or another has dealings with Internet Service Providers (ISPs). 808 more words


4 Ways The Cloud Is Impacting Your Customers – And They Don’t Even Know It| By |Shelly Dutton

Few buzzwords have changed the mindset of entire industries and societies like “customer experience.” Whether you call it the “buying journey,” customer journey,” or any other creative term, the customer experience is putting the customer in charge. 653 more words


6 Workouts To Strengthen Your Mobile Strategy| By |Silvio Porcellana

Ok marketers, the year’s in full swing so it’s time to get your mobile strategy in shape.

In 2015, mobile traffic for the first time exceeded that of desktop ( 1,230 more words


TransferWise:Innovative and Fair

Disruption, intentional or accidental, is the very essence that simultaneously causes great discomfort while at the same time extraordinary opportunity.

TransferWise is an innovative on-line financial transaction platform that is taking hold. 522 more words

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