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My interpretation of "Digital Engineering" so far...

By Andrew Hanson

The latest hot topic in engineering seems to be “Digital Engineering”.  

You may be thinking digital engineering doesn’t affect me, initially this is what I thought when I started hearing terms such as COBie, Dynamo and Grasshopper being used around the office. 477 more words

Building Services Engineering

Können Long-Term Incentives von heute in Unternehmen von morgen funktionieren?

Geschwindigkeit, Agilität und Innovationsfähigkeit sind von besonderer Bedeutung, um in einem digitalen Wettbewerbsumfeld erfolgreich zu sein. Erfahren Sie welche Rolle die Vergütung des Managements dabei spielt. 404 more words

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The Interplay of Stress, Disruption, and Innovation

Abstract photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com

Innovation and disruption are words taking up a lot of ink right now, particularly in the legal industry where AI, NewLaw, compensation restructuring, and encroachment of the Big Four are coming fast and furious. 630 more words

Personal Resiliency

AER 2019: Delhi

Art Education Roundtable at Gallery 1AQ on 30th March 2019

AER 2019 has been envisioned to be a series of roundtables in different cities across India debating and deliberating over the crisis of arts education in India and to chart out newer directions in the project to redefine how art is disseminated in the Indian education system. 1,208 more words


Breeding Dolphin organisations instead of Sharks & Piranhas

Entrepreneurship, innovation, and disruption are terms that we think we understand and agree on what we mean when using them. Not so. Several thought leaders and influencers have highlighted this issue when arguing about technologies and or business models and whether they qualify as `disruptive` or `innovative`. 280 more words

Strategic Viewpoint

Why Voice is Changing How Developers Make Apps By Rana Gujral

Voice is a fundamental platform that all software developers must at least consider when building new apps. The growing presence of voice on mobile devices, desktops, home assistants, and appliances represents an accelerating shift away from graphical user interfaces for many key functions. 1,006 more words