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4 Signs Your IT Director Isn’t A Superhero| By |Kyle Cebull

Managed Services Providers love to blame things on the IT Director. Even we are a little guilty of this. They tell you he’s in over his head, that he’s responsible for the loss of your organization’s data, that he’s not spending the time he needs on things – but what’s the reality? 895 more words


Done Wishin?

Lay in the bottom of pools, ponds, fountains, wishing wells everywhere, are copious amounts of coins that represent peoples heart felt hopes and dreams. Coins that say to life, “hey life cut me some slack, give me a break, throw me a line.” 473 more words

Another Day Someday

what the hell is entrepreneurship anyway?

Had to get last semester’s books out for this one.

An entrepreneur is anyone that identifies a need in the market and subsequently uses this knowledge to take action and exploit this need. 309 more words


What's Your iPhone DNA?

It seems that the major IT league players just cannot get enough of our personal data. The next in line is our own DNA. Your iPhone will have an unprecedented capability of storing your DNA data before you know it. 179 more words

Where's Your Cyber-Poodle?

Here is a bad and disturbing news for all of you pet lovers. By 2050, we are very likely to hit the magical and the apocalyptic number of almost ten billion peoples on our planet. 183 more words