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How to Monetize a Mobile App Using In-App Surveys| By |Andreas Vourkos

Money makes the world go round and this could not be truer in the mobile app world. Every day, app developers seek more efficient ways to monetize their apps. 1,511 more words


The Coolest Construction Projects of 2015

At our school, we know how awesome construction can be. Check out some of the coolest construction projects of 2015 from Construction Junkie below!

Inflatable Bubble Building… 189 more words


The Ever-Changing Software Biz and How to Adapt| By |Sarah Beth Jones

If you’re in the marketing world (or just in the world), you’re most likely familiar with the changing nature of the software industry, at least generally. 825 more words


5 Best Practices for Designing Manufacturing Dashboards| By |Mark Lockwood

In today’s competitive global marketplace, manufacturers face a daunting challenge: ensuring production moves seamlessly within integrated supply chains while improving compliance and minimizing costs. To do so, plant managers need a complete view of operations, inventory and resource allocation – and that’s exactly what business intelligence dashboards deliver. 975 more words


What is Innovation and Why is it so Hard?

While the EU talks a good talk about innovation, most regulation seems to stifle the innovative spirit with a precautionary penance. Does Europe understand what innovation is?

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Finovate Spring 2016 - Day 2 Highlights

The second day of Finovate Spring 2016 provided over 30 presentations on a range of perspectives across digital on-boarding, roboadvice, data analysis and security.  As with day 1, a common theme seemed evident:  a combination of digital self service + human interaction + artificial intelligence. 546 more words


OMG...SPEM 2.0 needs an eternal upgrade - SPEM 3D.0: Storytelling Process Engineering Meta Models

What’s happening? 3D modelling and printing is taking us by storm and we’re still stuck on two dimensional process engineering models => 2008!!!!!!!!

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