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Saying Jumah Mubarak is an Innovation in Islam

Saying Jumah Mubarak is an Innovation in Islam.

Praise be to Allah

Open this link and read what is in it. After reading, please proceed to read which follows here. 1,706 more words

Organic art and architecture- a natural innovation

Organic is a household word these days, thanks to the recent upsurge in the sale of Organic products and their availability in almost all the grocery shops. 923 more words


An Inspiration For Millions – Niraj Goel

An Indian entrepreneur born and raised in the state of Punjab, India Niraj Goel is the epitome of inspiration. He proudly wears the badge of being a Cottonian considering he completed his schooling from prestigious and internationally popular Bishop Cotton School in Shimla. 180 more words


Teaching: The Revolving Door Profession

To open this week’s commentary, I find it necessary to sound the alarm:

Roughly half a million U.S. teachers either move or leave the profession each year—attrition that costs the United States up to $2.2 billion annually, according to a July 2014 report from the Alliance for Excellent Education. 672 more words

What makes certain expats innovative?

I was at the Harvard Business School’s Digital Initiative summit earlier today, and decided to attend a talk about creating innovation within large organizations. I’ve always worked in large news organizations, but often on innovative or non-mainstream projects. 1,484 more words


Varer og udstyr kommer ud af "magisk skab"

Efter næsten to års udvikling blev et “magiske skab” fra Intelligent Hospitalslogistik åbnet ved en workshop i Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation i Odense. 323 more words


Products and equipment delivered through a "magic cabinet"

After nearly two years of development, Intelligent Hospital Logistic’s “magic cabinet” was the subject at a workshop at Health Innovation center of Southern Denmark in Odense.  342 more words