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Researchers stop water wars with science and engineering

A report by the UN has stated that water will become so scare by 2050 that there is a possibility that many conflicts or wars may be fought over water sources. 366 more words


The Origins of Drinks

When I applied for this digital residency, I had to propose a project that aimed to be creative, innovative, community-minded and fulfil the brief of the people reading: I came up with Friends with Drinks. 774 more words

Farm-to-Car Research by Ford Motor Co.

Plant-based plastics and the circular economy are both concepts that we like but have not seen enough of since their introduction into the discourse of sustainability and the collective fight against climate change. 709 more words


The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur

As entrepreneurs exactly who are we? What makes us tick? Is there some sort of DNA gene that we can point to? I’ve thought a lot about some of the exceptional entrepreneurs I’ve known over the past four decades and have identified some of their traits and tendencies that stand out. 734 more words


GraffitiSoup - Morning Coffee

Anyone for Coffee?

For anyone confused about the importance of coffee you need only to consider the trading markets and the products that have been ever-present, coffee is the second most traded commodity on the planet after oil. 179 more words


The Future Of News (part 3)

In this new supersaturated digital universe of infinite free digital duplication, copies are so ubiquitous, so cheap, free in fact, that the only things truly valuable are those that cannot be copied. 1,292 more words


Eliminate your Non-value Added Work

Step 6 of the 10 steps to business process improvement involves applying a series of improvement techniques to a company’s existing business processes. One of the techniques, value added, requires you to examine the steps included in a business process and eliminate any step that does not add value to the customer. 296 more words