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ISTE asks...what do you need to effectively integrate tech in your school?

ISTE has established itself as the go-to place for all things tech-related, and its guidance on leveraging technology for learning is as robust as its many other resources.   632 more words


Relationships: 6 ways to encourage innovation through connections

As I’ve made the switch from a focus on students to a focus on teachers this year, I’ve been reminded that there are a lot of similarities between teaching students and teaching teachers. 212 more words


Dream School 1.0: a draft vision

For a moment, I’ve pretended that my dream school exists.  I pored over photos to find glimpses of it in my own school, in schools I’ve visited, and in the activities my children participate in.   229 more words


Cannonball! Risk is integral to an innovator's mindset

The amazing George Couros has offered up inspiration for this blog post by asking us to consider one of the elements of the Innovator’s Mindset, and I’d like to talk about… 506 more words


Education 10.0?

If you started a school from scratch, what would you see as necessary, and what would you take out from what we currently do?  Thanks to the inspiration from… 568 more words


5 Reasons I Love Unschooling (and some resources to learn what it is)

***Transforming Education Series: Unschooling***

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          One of the most interesting developments in the home school movement has been the growth of “unschooling,” a concept and practice that follows the interests and development of the child. 107 more words

Bold edventures in empathy: using technology to promote global understanding

When I first encountered Skype over ten years ago, I thought about its practical uses on a micro-level: I could reach out to my grandmother in Florida, my colleague in Texas, or my college buddy in Chicago.   497 more words