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5 Reasons I Love Unschooling (and some resources to learn what it is)

***Transforming Education Series: Unschooling***

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          One of the most interesting developments in the home school movement has been the growth of “unschooling,” a concept and practice that follows the interests and development of the child. 107 more words

Bold edventures in empathy: using technology to promote global understanding

When I first encountered Skype over ten years ago, I thought about its practical uses on a micro-level: I could reach out to my grandmother in Florida, my colleague in Texas, or my college buddy in Chicago.   497 more words


Global Games:Breakout EDU & The Hero's Journey

Every hero’s journey begins with a call to adventure, and we answered it with a Breakout game.  My teaching partner, Whitney, and I cannonballed a long-distance, multi-place game that took our students through a bold “edventure” of their own.   1,192 more words


Teach Green: Lesson Plan to Create an Illustrated Nature Journal

Illustrated Nature Journals for Kids


Whether writing for scientific purposes or personal satisfaction or to convey personal experiences in the natural world to others, what better place to start a nature journal than on the Huntington Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks. 2,552 more words

Environmental Education

Gone Home: Reading a game in English class

In a word, creepy.  That’s what it was.  It was my first thought as I ventured into the unknown territory of The Fullbright Company’s award-winning game, … 1,031 more words


Game on! Personalized learning, meet your new bestie.

So I am training for another half marathon, and beating myself up about not running enough, but when I do run, it’s in some incredibly sweet places: up the side of Mt. 801 more words



Maybe that’s coming on a little strong.  Let me explain.  I recently returned from SoCal with a team of amazing educators and admin from Lamoille Union… 1,020 more words