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What to do if I am a victim of Police Corruption or Misconduct ?

  • DID YOU KNOW THAT in 2010 there were 4,861 unique reports of police misconduct that involved 6,613 sworn law enforcement officers and 6,826 alleged victims 6,613 – Number of sworn law enforcement officers involved (354 were agency leaders such as chiefs or sheriffs)
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Core Concept Videos: Use in the classroom and as an alternative assessment

Another quick post on my use of Core Concept videos that I use both as a teaching aid and as a successful alternative assignment in my courses.   1,109 more words

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Innovative DIY Ways to Create an Organic & Even Indoor Vegetable Garden

Story at-a-glance

  • Thirty-six percent of U.S. households grow their own food
  • Items you already have at home — from milk jugs to pantyhose — can help you create the perfect vegetable garden…
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Thinking Visually: Assessment via Infographic

I thought I’d tap out a quick blog post on an alternative form of assessment that

a) my students seemed to really enjoy (this was an option for their first assignment and about 90% chose to do this over the other two options) 849 more words

Innovative Ideas

A Quiet April End

In the stillness of the dark night light

watched You sleep

with folded arms

so peacefully 

a fiery mind filled with ideas

gave my mind tranquillity.

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Your Daily Health Plan - Do These 5 Simple Things To Improve Your Health Today

You can make small, healthier choices every day that get you closer to your goal. I’ve found that focusing on five small items each day has made a significant change in my health – even on busy days – and made me more focused, more alert and more content.   760 more words

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