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Simple Ways To Be More Organized Right Now

Want to be more organized tomorrow? You can make it happen today. Right now.  Spend a little bit of time tonight – maybe 30 minutes – and you can have a simpler, less stressful day tomorrow.   498 more words

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Why we're OK with spending more on food | 100 days of Real Food

We stopped shopping sales.  We’re buying more local, organic, fresh food than ever before. We’re trying new things (well, the kids aren’t fully on board with that one yet).   736 more words

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New app - Sidekix enables urban walkers to navigate according to shops...

Sidekix enables urban walkers to navigate according to shops, galleries, restaurants, nightlife, and even their footwear.

Originally, navigation apps were used to help get people from A to B the quickest way possible. 158 more words

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Ideas for Digital Marketing & Social Media ? ... David Vane

I have not been here for a while (other projects took priority) but now I am back! So what has been happening and what is the forecast for this year for social media and… 117 more words

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Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone | Why It's Good To Be A Little Bit Terrified

Here’s what I’ve realized about myself lately. I’m sitting in my comfort zone and I’m pretty comfy there.  Nice and comfortable. And in the zone. 627 more words

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Using Snap Chat

I havent seen many articles on organizations using Snap Chat. Wanted to pass this along.

Its given me ideas on how I might use this media source for projects I am thinking of. 9 more words

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Revolutionize What You're Eating Right Now| 100 days of real food

Here’s what I’ve learned about healthy eating:   You can always do just a little bit better.

What I noticed about my family’s healthy eating – we were slacking.   631 more words

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