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Please Watch This. It's truly an awesome speech

Justin Timberlake’s Innovator Award Acceptance Speech


Small is the new big - Greg Furman

What’s on the horizon for The Luxury Marketing Council?

As our history shows, we like to stay ahead of the game – and keep innovating. So we’ve decided to set a new trend for the industry: small is the new big. 244 more words

Founder Luxury Marketing Council

Balancing my business life with my artistic life - Greg Furman

You’re a great believer in the new way of working.

Indeed. Network organisations like ours – with the right types of smart people – are extremely efficient and the way of the future. 174 more words

Founder Luxury Marketing Council

Innovator and Business Thought Leader - Meeting Greg Furman

From working-class Jersey kid to founder and chairman of the Luxury Marketing Council, Greg Furman is the ultimate non-corporate ‘people’s person’. 231 more words

Founder Luxury Marketing Council

Inspiring luxury brands to work together - Greg Furman

How did The Luxury Marketing Council begin?

21 years ago, when I left Bergdorf Goodman to start my own consulting firm, I noticed that all the different ‘silos’ in luxury brands – jewellery, fashion, hotels and so forth – weren’t talking to each other. 231 more words

Founder Luxury Marketing Council

Changemaker bring together different types of people and ideas to create innovations

An innovator provides the customers with products and services that are more valuable than the other alternatives. In other words, the combination must be “better” than other solutions (in the customer’s point of view), in terms of benefit versus cost. 365 more words

Warren Buffett and his mantras of success- An innovator, entrepreneur and business guru

I have discussed in my earlier posts about some special innate capabilities in innovators. Matter of debate is whether these capabilities are ingrained in their DNAs, or, have been acquired through hard work, perseverance, education and a drive from within to create a blue ocean for themselves and for the society. 892 more words

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