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Moving Elephants

I have been in this sector for quite a while. I took the challenge of moving abroad to understand the meaning of “change”. How to be more creative in solving today’s problem. 454 more words


The Target is your way of knowing everything about Jignesh Shah

So, I came across this book written by Jignesh Shah while looking up the stands for some other book. And for a person like me, who is not really a follower of news, did not know much about this man and his works. 214 more words


unleash your superhero. a storytelling challenge.

How ordinary people turn into heroes and superheroes through crowdsourcing and open innovation

“Unleash Your Superhero” is the latest HeroX challenge, a popular crowdsourcing and crowdfunding fusion platform. 911 more words


Start-Up India

Entrepreneurship has been a major practice for centuries in India.Traders traveled across the sea and continents to sell or buy commodities.Even in today’s day and age alot of Indians have gone abroad to start their own business, big or small. 208 more words

What Is An Artist

As The Batignolles Group used to meet at the Cafe Guerbois to discuss art, politics, and life, I have the pleasure of having impromptu discussions with my resident artist and musician son. 354 more words


Cindy Haddix

How many years have you been in tech?

24 years

Tell me about your background. What were your early years like?

I grew up in a very rural area of Kentucky, and I always aspired to be a leader in business operations. 909 more words

New Products: What Distinguishes the Winners?

(This article is a throwback that was originally published in 1990 by Robert G. Cooper in Research-Technology Management (RTM). This article was the winner of the 1991… 2,947 more words