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The thing I love most about my job in higher education are the endless opportunities that allow for personal growth and success for not only myself, but for students as well. 293 more words


"When an artist produces a good piece, that work has mystery, an unsaid quality, it is alive"

Toshiko Takaezu’s expressionist ceramics evolved, by the end of her life, into closed, empty objects, evoking the mesmerizing possibility of keeping a piece of the world enclosed for ever ; the empty space reveals itself as separate and singular when surrounded by a solid cocoon of clay, sounds as sole witnesses of what’s at the core of those objects. 109 more words


Trước khi phát sóng thì Mino đã bị nói ra nói vào đủ thứ vớ vẩn mà tôi, người bị mắc chứng đơ và đéo quan tâm, đếch tài nào hiểu được. 1,057 more words

My Love For 12 Boys

#musictalk: That's why i love rap & hiphop!

Kadang, orang-orang suka stereotype sama yang suka lagu-lagu Korea. Contohnya ke aku. “ih, Korea mah boyband yang kayak banci itu kan?” “Ih males banget.” “Lagunya gitugitu aja ah, paling sama ngedance doang. 911 more words


More Than A TV Star - Innovator ft. Lee Hi

Some graduate from top universities and are busy making money
When they got acknowledged by their friends and parents
I thought to myself, what am I doing these days? 434 more words

Bill Gates: possibly one of the best innovators of all time

Since 1975, the world has never the same. Bill Gates cofounded Microsoft with Paul Allen on April 4th. These two built up their brand and soon became the world’s leading technology company. 463 more words