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'Fast solutions for a brighter future - rapid prototyping entrepreneurship' by Tom Chi (TED Talk)

Funding. Organizing. Designing. Negotiating. One may think these must necessarily take weeks, months or even years for a person with a need or a dream. Tom Chi amply proves that rapid prototyping may be the key to true innovation for those who most in need of it.



Art, creation and innovation- Is it all in the brain?

A lot of creative people believe innovation to be an in-born trait embedded in the DNA, which, on proper nurturing and availability of conducive environment, prosper into artistic excellence. 579 more words


Innovation Orientation

Imagine the following scenario. You work for a company that is a hotbed of change. A culture of innovation is all pervasive. Managers have complete faith in their creative and talent people. 835 more words


Samsung announces Gear VR Innovator Edition goggles for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Last year, Samsung introduced the Gear VR (virtual reality) goggles (shown below) for the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge. Now the South Korean tech giant has unveiled the GEAR VR Innovator Edition optimised for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. 117 more words

For the Stories (for Billie Holiday's Pain)

I want you to give a shit.
I want you to make me give a shit.
Hell, if you can give me the shits,
I’ll even take that. 116 more words

Creative Writing

An Entrepreneur’s journey to Heaven and hell- Eliciting business Enlightenment

What are the key assets of an entrepreneur? It depends on the goal that one has set in or, the vision that is envisaged (the prefix successful is worth millions!!). 1,266 more words


You Choose your.. #81

We are all afforded the opportunity to make our lives as we believe it should be.

So what’s stopping you?