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What is wrong with mental health service

1. Out-of-Area Mental Health Placements

For some time, I have wanted to write a series of blogs focusing on my experiences of adult inpatient services from the perspective of a parent/carer – in my case, a parent of a child with severe mental health issues, which has meant my daughter has spent 15 of the last 20 months in a number of different psychiatric inpatient units, in various parts of the country.  1,443 more words

Mental Health

Here I am sitting here being watched...

today is the 13/08/2019 and I’m sitting here being watched against my own will to keep me safe what has my life come to for all this to happen. 200 more words

memoirs of a psych ward

I wake up, my hazy brain unable to comprehend how I have ended up here. The nurse doggedly insists that I get out of bed, as the sunlight searing through the barred windows taunts me. 1,502 more words


Inpatient again...

Well it’s been a very hard few weeks with my mental health lets start off with how I’ve been feeling and how it all started. 1,514 more words

Cape Coast to Accra

This morning, I woke up bright and early to complete my last shift at the teaching hospital. I only worked for half the day today since I had to leave to Accra in the early afternoon. 372 more words

Last Day in Cape Coast

Today was my last full day in Cape Coast. The hospital was very busy today. I was once again with Dr. Armah. He was in the hospital overnight and was there until the afternoon today. 425 more words

Introducing Me!

Well hello there my lovely, welcome to my blog! My names Megan, I’m 19 years old; born March 4th. This will be a blog of my mental health journey through recovery and (hopefully) onto a semi-normal life. 1,552 more words