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What makes us appealing?

I may know you as a CEO, an extreme sportsman/woman, and a gourmet cook. Yes. All three.  And you may know me as a businesswoman, a singer, and a holistic health professional. 193 more words


Quote #116

Life is a game of defence and attack; defence is weakness, attack is motive.



do you hear rumors

circulating around us?

don’t listen to them

This is day 21 of July’s Daily Word Inspiration – Challenge


Taking Care of the Inner Child

The past month or so has been pretty rocky for me. The progress I’m so used to making just hasn’t been there. I’m filled with an overwhelming sense of stagnation in pretty much every area of my life. 1,007 more words

Six Months to Live

We all waste time. Some of us more, some of us less, I certainly know I do, but what do we do about it? One of the classic questions is “what would you do if you had a week to live?” 230 more words