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A Weekend of Emotional Cracks

In the drudgery of the sadness, there are now some cracks of joy, laughter, a brief smile, a joyful memory of my dad and aunt. There is a slight brightening in the days when we celebrated my mom’s, father in law’s and niece’s birthday. 223 more words

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Swing at the Strikes

Baseball is 90% physical, the other half is mental”

~ Yogi Berra

My father once told me that life was like a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs. 680 more words


The Gray Life

Grief is boring. The colors around me are dimmer. I am slower. Often distracted. Unconcerned with loved ones needs and wants. Just making through the day in a daze. 183 more words

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A Part of Me

I sit here, looking at this blank screen, and for a while, my mind and the screen have blankness in common. Finally, the fingers move to talk about the blankness which makes no sense because it’s hard to come up with words. 265 more words

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The Cacophony of Silence

I wake up each day this past week to the realization that my mom’s little sister, my little brother and sister’s mom, and “Masi” to so many of us has passed. 443 more words

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Your attitude determines everything about you. It determines how you feel about certain things. How you look at things in every day life. The saying “glass half full or glass half empty” is a true representation on a reflection of your attitude. 216 more words

A Rough Day

Yesterday was not an easy day. It’s been over 8 months since Papa has been going, yet it still feels so raw. Mostly because I haven’t allowed myself to process my grief. 216 more words

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