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Quality input leads to quality output

You want to have more quality ideas, actions or thoughts? First check your input, what is it?

After you’ve fixed the input, it’s rather easy to start applying to wisdom: discuss and write about it. 162 more words

IF you are awesome read this, ELSE go away.

I created an awesome program that uses the function IF and the function ELSE. It can be used to determine if one input is bigger than other. 108 more words


Screw things up until you get it right

So  I was trying to use the topics :

  • Basic types and their use
  • Basic user output (print)

and then this happened:

I was totally screwing things up cause i didn’t know i had to write the constants using the EXACTLY same characters that i put first including capital letters. 8 more words

life by number

If we were having coffee, I’d probably invite someone else along. That’s the mood I’m in today, though that particular characteristic is my second worst socializing trait. 445 more words

My Name Is Ra.

"I just realised you can 3D Touch the Call Button."

A new revolutionary product, the one that shapes the whole category and market, often comes with a new user interface paradigm. It used to be a transition in PCs to bitmapped image and mouse as input, as opposed to command line and keyboard. 384 more words