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  1. what is put in, taken in, or operated on by any process or system.

In the last year I’ve really come into myself. 653 more words


One Of The Mechanical Keyboard Community's Most Beloved Boards Is Back

(Source: kotaku.com)

This is the WhiteFox, a custom 60 percent keyboard created by Matteo ”Matt30″ Spinelli. A couple of years back this board was offered as a DIY kit on… 366 more words


Darn Technology!

I have a brand new laptop (and I have been using it for not even two months) and today, it gives me grief! It is a good and renown make… it should not have behaved the way it did! 77 more words

Daily Grievance And Fun

Singapore still top in Asia on Global Innovation Index

(Source: www.sgsme.sg)

Singapore retained its No.1 spot for innovation among Asian nations on the annual Global Innovation Index (GII).

Globally, however, it slipped one notch to seventh place, despite gains in innovation output and innovation efficiency – two indicators where it lagged behind before. 451 more words

Money Matters

CI and FVR baby steps

Today I post a long intro about why I’m uncomfortable with the term CI and about my experience trying out FVR, but before that I want to share a few pictures of the beautiful organization that some parent and student volunteers did. 622 more words

Acquisition of Comparison Constructions as a Function of Input

Does input frequency influence the order of acquisition of comparison constructions – specifically the regular, comparative, and superlative forms – of size adjectives? Do children hear regular forms most frequently in their input, followed by comparatives, and lastly superlatives? 11 more words


Literacy Strategies

Even though it’s the end of the school year, it’s worth noting literacy strategies that are new to me and that I’d like to use next school year. 276 more words