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Lighting Your Fire - #2

Here’s the reality. We all have a FIRE within us. It longs to burn. It longs to be awaken.

It screams -> Light me up you dumb idiot.     570 more words

How is reading in a second language different?

Second language readers may be encountering different genres they are unfamiliar with in their first language. Alternatively, they may be reading a genre which is familiar from their first language, but which organizes information in different ways.

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A Conversation With Myself (or Can We Get Some Feedback?)

Me: We have a problem.

Myself: What kind of problem? Are we out of keyboard strokes?

Me: What? Never mind. We’re going to need to change our blog posts. 868 more words


To the many recent followers of my blog... and to all my readers, thank you!

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My Design: MMAI bodygraph


drawing by Janice Sandeen -Body Prayer – Bhakti, cc2000

grandmother tree cc2015 Janice Sandeen… 438 more words


4k HDMI Splitter Review

This has done exactly what I needed. Great and simple design. Looks good pretty much everywhere you put it. works as advertised without any problem. It is built with really good quality which is mostly steel. 66 more words


Thursday Question #2

So, it’s Thursday again, and I’m curious to know,

Who is your favourite author that no one seems to have heard of?

For me I’m a big fan of Jasper Fforde, Drew Hayes, and Jonathan L. 9 more words



We need your help, we would like to ask YOU to VOTE FOR the charity you would like to be named the recipient of the 10% proceeds from sales of our Cheese of the Month program for 2018. 196 more words

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