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Dead Space Mouse Fix

What is this?

This fix makes Dead Space use raw mouse input without any additional smoothing or acceleration. It works with VSync and high frame rates and is easy to install without having to fiddle around with FPS limiters or config files. 830 more words

Game Fixes

GST: An Inevitability

GST or Goods and Services Tax is a reality in India now. Why I say “is a reality” is because its implementation is now a foregone conclusion. 1,545 more words


Overcoming TLE in Competitive Programming

The main problem with TLE (Time Limit exceeded) is that it does not allow you to know whether your algorithm gives a correct answer or not. 192 more words

Computer Science

CSS updated more, and added Highlighting loader

4pm: Spent some time updating the checkboxes. It is not that simple. Followed the steps from this guide. They are now looking good and in theme with the rest of the extension. 345 more words

My first step to become an English teacher: CELTA course.

Hi there,

I’ve created this blog to register my evolution as an English teacher. I want this blog to be my diary, so in the near future I can recognize my flaws and be proud to see I have improved my skills.  274 more words


Gearing up

I am so excited to announce that this weekend I will be joining my wonderful LAS cohort on a service project to Detroit on Friday and Saturday! 424 more words


Hello everyone. 

Ok, so in each box, i was thinking on sharing a recipe card. So, I need to stock up on recipes! That’s where YOU come in. 110 more words