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Optics - What do you see?

Traditionally, I’ve not brought fancy cameras, binoculars, monoculars, or other optical enhancements on my outdoor excursions.  Most of the pictures you see on the blog are taken with my cell phone camera, which, while impressive for being cell phone pictures, are of markedly lower quality than what can be attained with a true, independent camera.  269 more words



As they may know, input is an information entered in a computer system such as user id, password, mouse click etc. So in this discussion we are going to elaborate about the TPS (Transaction Processing System) that are involving input of Trivago since the system is one example of transaction processing system, TPS. 93 more words


Programs are written to solve end user’s problem. To do this you need to get some information from user, at that time input ( ) function is used. 71 more words


We are Collaborating!

Great news! Arushi, Cheryl and I decided to collaborate together. With the collaboration, we get to combine our interest and make our project more refined to use our different skill set. 253 more words


Speculative Species - Design for the Sixth Extinction​

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg’s Design for the Sixth Extinction is questioning about the biodiversity of the future and the possible extinction caused by humans. This is a speculative design project, focusing on how might scientists and designers utilize biosynthesis to create species to remedy the imminent extinction. 247 more words


Nature Makes You Feel Humble

When you compress the formation of the earth and lives into 24 hours, human beings appeared at the last 20 seconds. Compare to the evolution, we are just a tiny part of nature, and there are lots of creatures ahead of us that develop their way of surviving. 224 more words


Components of a Healing Prayer

  1. Adoration to the Healer:  Lord, every good and perfect gift comes from you.
  2. Revelation from the Healer:  Lord, open our eyes to the causes and contributing factors involved in this illness.
  3. 260 more words