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The Pure Genius of Aimee Mann's "Can't You Tell"

When I first heard Aimee Mann discuss this song with Jacob Weissberg on Slate’s “Trumpcast” I found it charmingly insightful. But her hypothesis on Trump’s inner narrative rings even truer in light of yesterday’s AHCA defeat…particularly the last verse: 66 more words


Angular2 Component Interactions with @Input() @Output() and events

Components are the core of Angular2. It is important and interesting to understand how components interact. I will try to explain the components’ interaction here. 443 more words


QOTD 03.17.2017

“A story once went the rounds of Israel to the effect that Ben-Gurion described me as ‘the only man’ in his cabinet. What amused me about is that he (or whoever invented the story) thought that this was the greatest compliment that could be paid to a woman. 42 more words


Building Forms in Vue.js: Creating An Input Box Component

One of the first things most of us want to do when we hear about components is build form elements. This makes sense, because they feature a lot of repetitive markup that needs to be reused site wide, which is exactly what components are designed for. 760 more words

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a keyboard is an input device which is used to enter letters , numbers and symbols. Most english letters use QWERTY the six letters at the top of the keyboard. 22 more words