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Differences Between \input and \include Tags of Latex

\input{filename} append all commands defined in filename into the target file. This is equivalent to manually typing all the commands from filename right into the current file where the… 38 more words


Correct Design of HTML5 Wizards and Form Inputs and Buttons

I have been trying a lot of different designs for form inputs but simply nothing seemed “to “work” visually… Finally searching for different design alternatives I ended up recommending the following. 1,000 more words


Q&A: Mixing audio inputs

Q Do I need to buy an external audio mixer to merge separate audio inputs on my Mac?

A Provided that your Mac recognises these are separate audio devices, you can create an ‘aggregate’ audio input (or output) device from combined multiple inputs (or outputs), using AudioMIDI Setup (in /Applications/Utilities). 97 more words


IF Coke or Pepsi would have been Agri input product in india...

Ye dil Mange more..

Thanda Matlab coca cola..

Toofani Thanda

am sure most of us can easily identify by the tag/punch line that which product it is.. 738 more words

Axure RP - Better Input Styling Tutorial

A common issue I run into when I’m trying to create high fidelity prototypes is dealing with form styling.  Users expect crisp and intuitive interactions when dealing with forms, and it’s important to oblige, given how boring they are, and the risk of having the user bounce.   544 more words


Høstens første Inputsamling!

Velkommen til høstens første Inputsamling førstkommende onsdag kl 19.00. Enten du er ny student, eller har vært i byen i mange år er du hjertelig velkommen. 132 more words


FlatSpinner: Low-resource numeric spinner control

In the last few months I had been working on developing a controller for a DC-brushed motor.

One of the requirements was controlling the behavior of the motor via smartphone, and one of the things I wanted to give the user is an ability to set a delay before the motor starts running, so the user would be able to decide whether to start the motor immediately, after 1 seconds, 2 seconds and so on. 402 more words