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Abstract Input System in Unity

Right now I am creating a game. For this game I wanted to create a good input system. The thing is I didn’t know where to start. 1,197 more words


Composite functions

Composite functions have another function inside(f(g(x)))Treat x as g(x) when calculating them.


Your Experience With Resumes Please!

Hello reader! I have a request to make of you; if you would be so kind as to help me out. The team of Employment Counsellors I am part of is in the process of re-examining the topic of resumes. 886 more words

Job Search Advice

RISE Center and Texas Centers for Independent Living Ask For Your Input On the Independent Living Needs in Texas

RISE Center and Texas centers for independent living ask for your input on the independent living needs in Texas!

Please join us for a virtual listening session at RISE Center, 755 S. 146 more words


Why I Don't Want My Grammar Corrected: A Krashen-Inspired Experiment

I’ve been thinking a lot about something I read in Stephen Krashen’s book, Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition. If you’re learning languages, you hear all the time about how you need to have your writing corrected, you need to have your speech corrected, lest you fall into bad habits or never learn proper grammar. 1,201 more words




입출력 장치가 cpu와 통신하기 위해 필요한 기능 – 명데상주

  1. 명령어 해석
  2. 데이터 교환
  3. 상태 보고
  4. 주소 인식

상세 설명

  1. 명령어 해석
    cpu로부터 받은 명령어를 해석하고 제어버스상으로 신호를 보냄 (READ SECTOR, WRITE SECTOR, SEEK 트랙번호, SCAN 레코드 ID 등)

  2. 데이터 교환
    cpu와 입출력 모듈간의 데이터 교환은 데이터 버스를 통해 이루어짐

  3. 상태 보고
    주변 장치의 상태를 확인하여 보고 (BUSY, READY, 장애상태 보고신호등)

  4. 주소 인식
    자신이 제어하는 주변 장치의 주소를 알고 있어야 함

In addition to transparency, consumers seek input in GMO labeling: study | Food Dive

Consumers consider a company’s decision more positively about GMO labeling when they feel the company engaged with them and valued their input, according to a new study from Cornell University researchers. 81 more words