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An Endless Summer, Sabyasachi

An Endless Summer

The heartland of India wears cheent. In other words, printed cotton. ….  I find cheent everywhere. Amongst gypsies and prostitutes, the common man on the road, the young and the old. 131 more words


Don't Forget The Second World You're Living In

Nothing is ever at right timing on this blog! But what is right timing? It leads us very nicely on to my post of today. 219 more words


How Many LIKES Does It Take to Get...


…someone to actually respond to something I write and/or request?

I doubt any owl or turtle can help solve this one.

But, I am dying to know what good it does to LIKE a request post and never follow up with input.  124 more words

Need input, Stephanie!

Nick and I have talked about doing a little show at our house for a while. And right now, I’m working up a set list of my original songs. 141 more words


You Hate Me? | Poem

Hello Internet!

Sorry for the lateness in post, usually there’d be one up by now. Recently I have just been more human, talking less interest in blogging and more in art and my progression of things (school and all). 166 more words


Swallowing the Elephant (Part 1)

“Years ago while interning in the rendering group at Pixar, I learned an important lesson: “interesting” things almost always come to light when a software system is given input with significantly different characteristics than it’s seen before.

35 more words