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Focus on the Learner


The session I observed was designed to prepare trainees for Assignment 3 on the CELTA course. For this assignment trainees need to conduct a needs analysis for one of their students. 391 more words


Pseudocode #1

Hello, it’s Eagles, the only one who writes here. In this post I’m gonna explain the stuff I learned in my college classes, it might give future programmers insight on what you will learn in class during your early years, and also help me remember all these stuff without opening up my notebook. 701 more words


How to use emoji on Chrome OS

(Source: 9to5google.com)

If you’re like me, you’ve gone to tweet something or send someone a message but can’t easily include an emoji from your… 348 more words


Beginning with AWS CloudFormation - Part 2

In this post we are going to build on the previous template and add the ability to take input and produce output.  Sometimes you want to strictly define inputs in your template, but sometimes you want the ability for people to give their own values instead of writing tons of very specific templates for unique workflows.  1,625 more words

Input-, output-impedance and impedance matching

Impedances. You come across this property in various technical fields. Some examples are acoustics, optics, electrical circuits, to name a few.

Impedance is what the word says: the act to impede something. 1,096 more words

Studio Jammin (Spotify Playlist)

If you want to know what time spent in my studio sounds like – click on the snap shot below to tune in with me this week! 13 more words

Sixth Week – Following P5. js Tutorial

In the sixth week about P5.js learning. I have followed the Tutorial on Youtube Channel, Which made by Daniel Shiffman.

This week the videos covered from 8.1 – 8.16  which about the Html and Dom on p5.js. 394 more words

P5.js Basic