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Everyday Invalidations Connect The Dots

Mostly there is a lot of moving parts with people and places and things-read companies.  They are complex beasts for the most part that have a lot going on under the surface.   118 more words

One-Line Wednesday – Are You In or Are You En?

“Enquiring minds need to know™”

I had to look that up because I’m never sure if its “enquiring” or “inquiring” – Well, it turns out it’s Enquiring (but it probably should be inquiring) and it turns out its Trademarked. 438 more words


Removing excess formatting from an Excel spreadsheet

Sometimes when working with Excel, you may end up with a spreadsheet that has an excessive amount of formatting. That formatting can come with a cost, such as large file sizes and long wait times to launch the spreadsheet. 249 more words


the stolen minute

what if we are all

travelers set ahead

one minute

in time


Newspaper Culture 1-3

Why hello, it has been a while!

So, I am of course no longer enjoying my adventures on my year abroad but I have started the new and slightly more scary adventure of finding a graduate job. 252 more words


Can we change the world through effective communication?

I think we could change the world if we could just truly listen to each other and strive to understand where others are coming from. 381 more words