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Royal Invitation (839 Words Short)

An invitation is being sounded to us and to each nation. It is offered by servants of God, who come as all servants of God have come, out of obscurity (not through specified channels of office, rank and title), and through “an order.” The language used is specific, thus the invitation is only received by those who are the family of God, the… 782 more words


question of the day: What is the biggest breakthrew of your life?

A breakthrew is defined as a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development. We all have had them. The best kind of breakthrough are those that happen in school either with a child understanding a concept after hours of helping him/her or you as the student understanding a concept. 90 more words

Non-Confrontational but Competitive

The Men Who Built America!

  Emily Hong

I think I have something in common  with Carnegie and J.P Morgan. It might sound kind of as a contradiction, but I am both non-confrontational and competitive. 239 more words

Maturity Adds More! (1,000 words Med)

A snake sheds it’s skin for a new skin. The snake isn’t a different snake. It’s the same snake. It’s just that the dead skin is left behind. 960 more words

Light And Truth

Just A Little Bit

I would like to leave this day a little bit smarter than when I started it.


I am.

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