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There are a few stories relating to David’s ability to seek God and to hear from Him during critical junctures in his life.  He never was in doubt of success, yet he made sure to inquire of God and from others before moving forward. 209 more words

The Power of Knowledge

Throughout watching the film, “Pleasantville,” the audience can analyze its overall purpose in various manners. The simplistic black and white portrayal of the town alone can spark a dozen interpretation of what it represents metaphorically. 477 more words

Inquire~by Ravindranath Kunnath


The signs of soul
If you fail
These wheels are ready to rotate

All the celestical bodies

Seen or beyond vision
But those wheels for us… 186 more words



I’m loosing my grip, or I’m coping, I can’t figure out if there is a difference. All I know is I am putting up walls and becoming guarded because my heart can’t do anymore, if I force myself to stay open I will be a wreck all the time. 357 more words

On My Fork...

Shalom Family!

We all love to eat, and as we continue to be obedient to Yah’s laws in staying away from unclean foods, beware of certain ingredients that hide the underlying ingredient: Pork. 147 more words


Her Faith Made Her Whole... (924 Words)

Concerning faith, correct belief, directing action, producing power, and becoming unshaken, …Mom asked about the woman in the crowd, who touched Christ’s hem, and Her Faith Made Her Whole… 941 more words

Foolish Traditions

Hypocrisy and Guile (843 Words)

There are two attributes we are instructed to avoid: Hypocrisy and Guile. Exercising faith requires action to align with belief, otherwise it is Hypocrisy… 976 more words

Foolish Traditions