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The glorious day (Isa 11:10-11:10)

“On that day,

The root of Jesse,

Shall stand

As a signal

To the peoples.

The nations shall inquire of him.

His dwelling shall be glorious.” 42 more words

Did Christ Redeem Israel? (907 Words Medium)

Tradition tends to paint a picture of the huge triumph of Christ at the resurrection, but the triumph went unnoticed, even by those who considered themselves Israel. 893 more words

Foolish Traditions

Chilcot May have saved Corbyn and stopped Brexit by Thanos Kalamidas

The say that when it comes to bad news they have the tendency to come all together and for Britain July 6th was another day with more bad news. 263 more words


Apprentice/ Craftsman/ Master (854 Words Medium)

There is something significant about the old-school method of progress: Apprentice/ Craftsman/ Master. We rarely hear these terms in our technological world, but it’s principle is worthwhile, for both those being progressed, and especially for those doing the progressing (parents). 821 more words


Inquire Of God

1 Kings 22:7-8
“And Jehoshaphat said, ‘Is there not still a prophet of the Lord here, that we may inquire of Him?’

So the king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, ‘There is still one man, Micaiah the son of Imlah, by whom we may inquire of the Lord; but I hate him, because he does not prophesy good concerning me, but evil.’  318 more words


Summer Scholars

Summer – a time of creative castle building in the sand, soaked swimsuits dripping on the clothesline, and flashing fireflies escaping an open net. But summer is also an opportune time to learn. 541 more words


Filler or Dipper?

As an elementary teacher, I feel it is necessary for me to “build up” my students so they are confident learners. However, I think it is also necessary for my students to build up each other. 327 more words