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Happiness- The verb. Not your average adjective.

7:00 am- 7:45 am: Wake up, get dressed (good hair day today), eat my two frozen waffles with yogurt, pack my lunch, grab my work and clothes for the gym later and I’m out of the door on time. 712 more words


The Attack of the 'Lasts'

I remember the first day of high school senior year like it was yesterday. We painted our cars, ‘reserved’ our parking spots with chalk, came up with lame nicknames for our Senior shirts (who let me put Lizzie on the back?) and then flooded the nearest Chick-Fil-A cause, well, we ruled the school. 581 more words


Bye Felicia, Hello Beyonce

Here’s the thing- each year passes and we all get older, but how often can we say that with each year we come out a better person? 590 more words


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Josie Long: Cara Josephine Review

Back in 2012, I saw Josie perform ‘The Future is Another Place’ in Whitstable. It was full of anger; it was political, it was polemical, and it conjured an energy in the room that was 50% exhaustion from stomach cramps and 50% exhilaration from stumbling across a stand-up act who actually felt passionately committed to a cause. 358 more words


Stop taxing essentials at Essentials. Period.

In many ancient cultures, it was common practice for women to come together during their periods, or their ‘moon time’, to sit down in ‘moon huts’ or ‘red tents’ in order to share stories and build an active female community. 769 more words


Psychology between money’s existence and why as humans we give it importance

It is kind of hard to put something into google without really knowing what you want to know. What I have established as my two questions are; the psychology between owing someone something… why as humans do we need to be paid back? 759 more words