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Non-Confrontational but Competitive

The Men Who Built America!

  Emily Hong

I think I have something in common  with Carnegie and J.P Morgan. It might sound kind of as a contradiction, but I am both non-confrontational and competitive. 239 more words

Maturity Adds More! (1,000 words Med)

A snake sheds it’s skin for a new skin. The snake isn’t a different snake. It’s the same snake. It’s just that the dead skin is left behind. 960 more words

Light And Truth

Just A Little Bit

I would like to leave this day a little bit smarter than when I started it.


I am.

Life Chatter

Graduating on a High Note

Publishing in Nature is an achievement for anyone, but it’s truly an exceptional achievement for an early career investigator. Our own Dr. Kristin Hope recently accomplished this exceptional achievement with her April 2016 publication, “Musashi-2 attenuates AHR signaling to expand human hematopoietic stem cells.” Following our… 758 more words

Stem Cell Research

History Repeats, But It Doesn't Have To (855 Words Med.)

We are susceptible to the exact same mistakes as faced by the early saints at the time of Joseph Smith, who claimed seeking to establish Zion. 848 more words


The glorious day (Isa 11:10-11:10)

“On that day,

The root of Jesse,

Shall stand

As a signal

To the peoples.

The nations shall inquire of him.

His dwelling shall be glorious.” 42 more words

Did Christ Redeem Israel? (907 Words Medium)

Tradition tends to paint a picture of the huge triumph of Christ at the resurrection, but the triumph went unnoticed, even by those who considered themselves Israel. 893 more words

Foolish Traditions