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Improving Stem Cell Transplants: There's Hope

Umbilical cord blood holds a lot of promise. It contains a very unique and powerful stem cell population: young, malleable stem cells with the potential to regenerate our entire blood system. 733 more words


The Right Employees for Innovation

Dr. Min Basadur has studied corporate innovation since his days at Procter and Gamble. He has identified eight different innovation profiles that tell where in the innovation cycle an individual is likely to perform best. 262 more words

Word demons: The difference between inquiry, enquiry, insure & ensure

Do you know the difference between enquiry and inquiry or ensure and insure, and when to use each word? These ‘word demons’ often cause confusion so in this post I will clarify their meanings and provide examples for when to use each word appropriately. 672 more words

Word Demons

"They did not inquire of the Lord"

Have you ever been fooled by appearances? The Israelites were certainly fooled by the Gibeonites. God had asked Israel not to spare any nation that was within Canaan, nor make peace treaties. 234 more words


Love Others

Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy~Thomas Merton

Seeds Of Wisdom

???  Ask God  ???

For the past several months the LORD has been speaking to me about the need to ask His input and opinion before making any decisions or doing anything. 387 more words