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Held In Scorn On Instagram!

A brand new Instagram account was just created so that we can more easily share our album progress with you all.

Instagram makes our content more easily accessible to more people and with the amount of content we have in store, it seemed like the correct platform. 53 more words

Held In Scorn

Listen To Held In Scorn!

Reverbnation and Youtube are currently the only place to listen to our lo-fi tracks for the upcoming release of our debut album. As we finish up all the details and mastering of our work, please head on over to either source (or click either player below!) to hear what will be a defining moment in independent Melodic Death Metal!

Held In Scorn

Just Wait

Jeremiah 42:7   (KJV)   7 And it came to pass after ten days, that the word of the Lord came unto Jeremiah.

God is under no obligation to respond to us right away. 133 more words


T-Shirt Printing Deal Finalized!

Aside from the usual, “Will this be on vinyl/cassette?” inquiries, one of the many questions I get asked about Held In Scorn is…”Are you having any other merch aside from the album?”And that answer is now a definite yes! 89 more words

Held In Scorn

Contact Means for Reviews, Interviews, and Licensing Inquiries

Hello readers!

Lately I have been receiving numerous requests for review copies and interviews through direct messages on Twitter and private messages on Facebook. While I am very happy to provide review copies and interview requests, I must ask that this is done in a professional manner. 63 more words

Website & Social Media Updates

My time

Ever since I was born

Have I longed for you

Longing and waiting

For you to come.

Ever since I could see

Have I sought for you… 80 more words


Tentative Release Date - DELAYED

Just a quick update:

Due to a few very much foreseen circumstances, the re-release of the self-titled Held In Scorn album will be delayed. Issues with the original masters has arose and a work around is in order. 83 more words

Held In Scorn