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What is the truth?

A couple months ago I wrote about not knowing where to begin and needing to fix things in my life. I keep thinking about how truth is the way and Jesus is the way and the truth and the life, and I believe this with my whole heart…so…I need to go back to His word to help me. 270 more words


Philosophy? Philosopher? (Part One)

What is philosophy? In turn, what is a philosopher?

In the simplest way of answering this question; philosophy is derived from the Greek words philo… 1,595 more words


Inquiries For Milestones Ahead [1]

Have I done something significant?

A question haunted my currently 18-year old self tonight. I just finished reading a post on how someone(quite) famous has made big decisions when he was on my age,and look what he had reached. 422 more words


When to Inquire

Like many writers, I’ve sent stories, articles and poems out to magazines and anthologies – then heard nothing. The response time posted on the publisher’s website has long since passed, and I wonder do I query them about the status of my submission or just wait. 405 more words

Whimsical Words

The Best Advice On Using Facebook For Marketing

Does reaching millions of people with a marketing campaign sound exciting? Do you know that Facebook can help you with that? Facebook is one of the most popular forms of social media, with millions and millions of people who use it every day. 9 more words


Plaguing Inquiries

Am I more than the skin on my bones
And the voice in my head?
More than the streams of blood flowing through
my veins and into my aorta, 114 more words


Peter's Defense of the Existence of God and Truth

Dear friends,

I thought I should send you guys a summary of Peter’s points in a clear form because they are so amazing. Answering the question for the church, “why is Scriptures the Truth?” and “How do we know Jesus is God and that He is powerful and is coming back?” 1,580 more words