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Dear Nameless-Society,

You have observed us for quite some time, I am aware, just as you are aware of a darkness that has sprung from the human soul. 450 more words


Glass Mask

Dear Nameless-Society,

Why do you hide us so? Behind glass masks we quake with fear, hoping and praying for the pellucid mask we wear will not break. 247 more words



Dear Nameless-Society,

I write to you not because I am curious as to the gears behind your smug smile and haughty air, but the way in which you caress the heartbeat of numerous living organisms and manipulate fate as if it were a mere marionette. 6 more words


Socrates and the Query Letter

Query letters are tough. I mean, I have a hard enough time with my elevator speech: how the heck am I supposed to condense down everything I need to say into like four paragraphs?   912 more words

On Writing

Marketers: Your Sales Team Needs Leads, Not Inquiries

As we all know, marketing and sales teams do not always see eye to eye. This was brought home to me during a great conversation I had with several sales leaders during recent travel. 1,108 more words


Day 22: What is Family?

Sometimes you cry from all the laughing. Sometimes you laugh to hold back the tears.

Hugs and “I’ll pray for you” co-mingle with the towering elephant in the room. 22 more words


General Questions

Fellow Clashers,

Please submit all inquiries here.