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Teratology is a form of inquiry that can grind away at your mental equanimity. While there are enclaves in film, literature, and moral philosophy/psychology that grapple with the idea of human monstrosity, they are treated as esoteric and unrelated to their tradition, perhaps even the whole of humanity, at large. 357 more words


It’s been a crazy, busy time of the year. The days are shorter and the weather cooler and lately wetter. The winter blues have well and truly set in. 388 more words

The ‘vicious circle of decline’: How is congestion affecting the Welsh bus sector?

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Bus companies in Welsh cities are struggling with congestion chaos that lengthens journey times and pinches passenger numbers, according to… 1,019 more words


I, The People

“Aunt,” Amalia asked, “why are we so ignorant?”

Beatrice paused in her work and looked at her niece.

“Well, now,” she said, “that is a rather unexpected question. 415 more words

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Fun and Engaging Learning with QR Codes in the Classroom

I’ve been using QR code in my PD sessions for new teachers, and I have been wondering a lot about how can teachers use QR code in the classroom for teaching and learning. 569 more words


Do as I DO...

I once went to an Inquiry Based Learning conference and attended several lectures about how good teachers employ IBL to teach mathematics. (We learned about IBL through its antithesis….)  IBL is certainly not a process of presenting algorithms.   357 more words