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The Call To Muster

Good morning! I apologize for the hiatus — My life has been busy negotiating the mess that is college, summer jobs, religious obligations, and four younger brothers, as well as a surge of productivity with respect to Dungeons and Dragons, but I am back with the Emperor and his agents (for the time being). 357 more words


Inquisition visits Dryilian outpost (Part 1)

A muffled rumble, a slight vibration in the deck plating—these were the first signs of activity that the dimly lit corridors of Outpost DY732-A had experienced in months. 1,071 more words

Battle Report (Narrative)

Inqusition visits Dryilian outpost (Part 2)

It was on Level IX, Section 2-B, a corridor intersection only 100 meters from the outpost’s generator chamber, when enemy contact was made.

With a multi-scanner in hand, Brother Nadael was at the forefront of the squad. 1,243 more words

Battle Report (Narrative)

Inquisition visits Dryilian outpost (Part 3)

“Let’s move it, people,” Drusus yelled, targeting a xeno’s head and blowing away a sizable chunk of the metallic skull.

The xeno attack had come quickly. 1,255 more words

Battle Report (Narrative)

Nobody expects the 8th Edition Inquisition!

As anyone I know will tell you, should you be so inclined, I am a bit of an Inquisition fanboy. Personally I blame the Inquisition War book & the Eisenhorn / Ravenor series. 1,562 more words

Warhammer 40k

Inner Circle Wrap-up

Inner Circle has come and gone now.  Wow, the last couple of months have flown by and I am glad the event is over now.  The pace I was maintaining was not sustainable for too much longer and it is good to have some rest.  1,589 more words

Games Workshop

2500 Point list

Following the release of 8th edition and with a pretty hectic gaming schedule in the next few weeks I’ve been busy reworking my army lists. 993 more words