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Behemoth @ Amager Bio, Copenhagen 29.12016 & Trådgär'n, Gothenburg 30.1.2016

This is a first for me.  I’ve never before written about two separate gigs in the same review.  But it kind of makes sense though, as I was at the first two stops of the same tour, seeing the same bands two nights in a row.  888 more words

What's the best character to play in Dragon Age?

Having completed my second run through, this time as a human (I know, I know, why pick the boring one that I am every day anyway!? 302 more words

WIP: Inq28 - Sort Of

Good day all,

The next painted model for the warband will be up next weekend, along with his short story. He’s basically done but I need to give him a bit more work. 190 more words


Pierre Lemaitre - Alex #PierreLemaitre #Alex #Noir

Questo è un noir coi controcazzi, mi è veramente piaciuto uno sbrego, è bastardo e pure pulp il giusto, anche se non è di quelli in cui tutti i protagonisti, investigatori compresi, vivono nell’abisso insieme ai carnefici. 175 more words

Letteratura Gialla-noir-thriller-mystery

Inquisimunda: Redacted - In the Beginning

Evening all,

I finished the Night Lord esque scout earlier in the week. He’s the first of a squad, the models are all assembled but this one is the only painted one for now. 628 more words


Witch Burning and Women's Oppression

Caliban and the Witch

by Silvia Federici

AK Press (2004)

Free PDF download Caliban and the Witch

Book Review

Caliban and the Witch*discusses the critical role witch burning played in the enclosure movement that drove our ancestors from the commons. 405 more words