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(Modern) Deck Spotlight - Esper "Jund"

After a conversation over how well Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy would hold it’s pricetag after rotation, I began to think of it’s modern implications.  We have seen him in droves in standard, but, at this point, Jace’s only appearance in Modern is in the updated Grixis Control deck.  983 more words


Book review: The Lady Agnès Mystery vol 1 - I love France #169

Play French Bingo!


The Lady Agnès Mystery vol 1:
Book 1. The Season of the Beast
Book 2. The Breath of the Rose

Author: … 1,284 more words


Charity Commissions

Calling all fans of video games, film, books, and comics!

We’ve saved the world in video games and witnessed our favorite characters save their world. Now let’s help save our own! 39 more words



I got a problem. Muslims and Christians. Anyone getting nervous yet from those two sentences? Wondering where I am heading with it?

You see Muslims and Christians have something in common. 227 more words


Nearly Unlimited Saves for Dragon Age Inquisition PC Version

This little tutorial is made using Windows 7.  It may vary for Windows 8 or 10.  It will definitely be different on a Mac.
This assumes you’re using the PC version of the game and won’t work with a console. 247 more words

Dragon Age

Prophecy not fully Understood until near Fulfillment

It is not in accordance with God’s providential dealings to suppose that the epoch of the occurrence of events should be known for a long period previous to their fulfillment: for such knowledge is not needed by those who live in earlier periods of the world’s history. 435 more words

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