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Xenos tide

March 28th saw yet another return to Warhammer World in Nottingham, UK. Once again, the might of the Imperium faced down a dangerous alliance of Tau, Orks, and sinister Necrons. 165 more words

Games Workshop

Dragon Age Inquisition- First Impression

Right, so even though this game has been on the market since before Christmas, I have only now gotten a hold of it. I a couple of days I will do a full review, ya now, once I get a chance to play through 40-50 hours or it. 379 more words


Project stalled, reboot engaged------

So, not much has happened on this project in a long time, mainly due to real life commitments, but also due to expanding into other games. 74 more words

Games Workshop

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon DLC

Well…shit, this was a surprise. A good one!

After quite a few playthroughs of Dragon Age Inquistion, I was beginning to get bored of collecting shards.

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"Turn the Kitchen Light Off!"

March 28th 2015 is the 500th birth anniversary of St. Teresa of Avila, co-founder of the discalced (sandal-wearing) Carmelites.  Carmelites have a reputation for being contemplative mystics, and she was no exception.   165 more words

03/28/15 5:26pm

This afternoon when I went to the grocery store (as I’ve posted in my last tweet) the childish surveilling death machine continues. Someone even flipped a hand gesture as I thought to myself “These people don’t care. 195 more words

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The Chalice and the Blade

Our History, Our Future, San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1995.

Riane Eisler revealed in this fascinating book that we were stuck in some kind of neurotic scientism by upholding the age-old dichotomy of matriarchal-patriarchal when we describe evolutionary changes, and that in reality we are dealing with a… 1,082 more words

Science And Sytems Theory