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Going Back in Time

The last book I reviewed, The Mark of the Plague, was set in the mid 17th century. As a lover of historical fiction, it was a delight to read a book set in a time period that rarely appears in kid lit. 357 more words

Historical Fiction

Inquisitorial Henchmen 1

Some of you may know, but I have a serious obsession with collecting 40k Inquisition models. They just hit that grimdark / obscure vibe that I love, and a great many of them are also lovely models. 96 more words


By Kesare Sauvage

BYSS – Dark Lord Destius was pleased to report that all was well in Imperial facilities in the Dromund System, having inspected the world earlier in the week. 726 more words


Inquisition: la torture

Inquisition : la torture

Grüß Gott !

Les tribunaux ecclésiastiques, pendant l’Inquisition, utilisent la torture à contre-coeur. Et ne mutilent ni ne tuent.

Jeansevillia.com / Inquisition / L’histoire contre la légende / Combattre l’hérésie cathare / Internet: … 1,311 more words

Cullen Stanton Rutherford 

I am in the mood for some Cully-Wully today.

I can see this happening to me. It hasn’t, but I have dreamed of him often enough. 109 more words

Dragon Age

THE PAPACY: Inception to Inquisitions End


Pope Leo IX (b. 1002, d. 1054) was an unscrupulous adventurer who spent his pontificate touring Europe with a quota of armed knights and left the world worse than he found it. 5,787 more words


Shadow Giller: Yiddish For Pirates by Gary Barwin

Gary Barwin’s imagination knocked my socks off. History and adventure come together in this remarkable tale full of word play and wit, all told by a 500-year-old Yiddish-speaking parrot. 960 more words

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