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Holding my own Hand

Pretend it’s Yours

Sing myself a Lullaby

Pretend I learned it from my Mother

Write a Letter to Myself

Pretend it’s for a Friend… 18 more words

A Strange Place To Talk Of Love

There was this woman sitting beside me with unkempt hair of a sable shade; and she seemed curious, curious enough to ask me why I was there. 3,038 more words

The Hollow One [AKA The Darker Path] (2015, dir. Nathan Hendrickson)

A mother’s secret identity may be mixed up with an ancient artefact. Oddball SF/horror that tries to do zombie movie, family secret flick, and an existentialist SF movie all in one. 15 more words

Eamonn's Reviews

Mayhem (2017, dir. Joe Lynch)

When a viral outbreak locks down a high rise office full of angry lawyers and heightens there inherent mania, blood, violence and madness ensues. Full of vim and vigour, and reminiscent of early Raimi, this is a thoroughly enjoyable pleasure.


VIDEO: Mic & Tamara’s insane rock crawling Zook!

For episode 5 of Born This Way Offroaders presented by Nulon, we meet Mic & Tamara Glover who have created JIGSAW, an absolutely insane rock crawling Zook. 33 more words

Pip is the insane lovechild of a Nintendo Switch and a Raspberry Pi (and I want one)

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Pip, from Glasgow’s Curious Chip, is a novel take on teaching kids to code. For starters, much like the Nintendo Switch, it works when you’re out and about, and when you’re sat at a desk. 781 more words


Face on the wall

Our talks on evolution are driving me insane.

Just like the thoughts from the acid that are tearing up my brain.

I knew that you would love it, 177 more words