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Losing my sanity

Truly I promise I don’t want to die But I’m done fucking around not gonna lie

I’m losing my mind slightly more than insane

Trying to catch hold of the mess that’s my brain… 178 more words

Insanity of Humans

Insanity of a person truly can’t go this beyond.So while browsing some random videos a few days back got on to this video named”Puthiya Niyamam 2016 hot scene” the video really pissed me off, for those who don’t know what Puthiya Niyamam is, It is a Malayalam language movie which talked about women who gets raped in her building terrace by a group of druggist, and the consequences after this incident. 300 more words


What The H💋ll Am I Doing Here

I have a headache and want to vomit. My thoughts are no good and evil begins to run through my veins. Burning. My insides burn with the urge to throw a tantrum and rampage through the city. 129 more words

Mental Illness

Story Idea #26 "Chaos Becomes You"

Madness is the last resort of a desperate mind.

Yes, it’s another asylum/mental facility with a serial killer twist, sue me. Sometimes my story ideas are radically different, which is best exemplified by looking at the last 4 story ideas. 602 more words


Send It Into The Weekend: No Look Double Backflip Into A Tiny Pool

Screw height! This guy’s margin for error is way higher and he greases the landing like he’s done it a 100 times before.

*Video courtesy of Outside Television

Cliff Jumping