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It's a lose-lose situation

So, let me get this straight.

Option 1: I let you sleep on the couch. You wake up in the middle of the night, mad at me, because I didn’t wake you up. 139 more words

PA Teen Sets World Record For Solving Rubik's Cube (VIDEO)

Collin Burns, you are my hero. Every time I have seen a Rubik’s cube around, I don’t even bother picking it up. Why embarrass myself in front of strangers? 93 more words



“Sit back, relax, forget the past.” That’s what they always say to do. If you have no past to remember, how could you build a future? 120 more words


Three men jump impossibly high during insane box jump showdown

The men in the video above took turns jumping impossibly high in a box jumping jump off to the delight of the internet recently. All three were impressive, but none more than the littlest of the group, who we will call ‘tiny.’ 17 more words


I Hate You

I’ve made the executive decision to start hating you.


Well, it’s a hell of a lot healthier than liking you.

Hating you will be great for my health. 70 more words


GRADUATE SCHOOL: noun, North American. A division of a university offering advanced programs beyond the bachelor's degree.

The real definition should be, “where sadists go to further punish themselves, and eventually suffer from a nervous breakdown or completely lose their ability to relate with anyone else due to the bitterness they have accrued throughout their time in school.” 436 more words

Grad School