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They arrived as the symbol of dolefulness

Partner of theĀ forlorn

You left me with nothing except tears

Don`t remember when I learned to hide them… 52 more words



(normal tempo)

Waking up to the
Morning sun
As It is any another day
Getting dressed as always
Sayin’ hey to y’all

But that one little moment, 335 more words


Shadows Drift Over the Moon

Fingers graze the rail,

toes are slipping down the trail,

you are innocently laying in bed,

unaware of bizarre that sits in your head.

you’re crazy and don’t know it, 98 more words

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Chris Coutanche

Chris Coutanche, McKenzie Friend, one of the most shady and frightening characters operating as a McKenzie Friend. He has a long standing feud with Ivan Young (also a McKenzie Friend) over territory. 450 more words

Guys Girlfriend Gets Mad And Shoves 12 Screws In His Junk When He Passed Out!

Passing out drunk can be terrifying sometimes. Then you have that friend that draws something on your face with a sharpie. We all hate that person. 37 more words