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This is Surreal

And it is surreal. A simphony of emotions, an orchestra of feelings, an implosion of challenges and an explosion of sweetness. It is surreal, unbelievable and weirdly insane to think that a tsunami of changes could come against a place where I thought that it was maybe impossible. 892 more words


How Pelicans Survive Their Death-Defying Dives

Brown pelicans hit the water at breakneck speed when they catch fish. Performing such dangerous plunges requires technique, equipment, and 30 million years of practice.


A Modern Romance Story

Let’s just get out of the typical old-school ways of romance, let’s just stop running around in the valleys, let’s just stop stabbing trees for nothing, let’s just not start singing lullabies while driving @30 mph on a lonely road. 858 more words

Partially Mine


The pictures will shift within clarity

The clinging hands will leave breaths

In a times calamity

The crowded streets will spotlight

Whoes the lonely

The bouncing echoes will scream… 24 more words


3 million!! this is getting insane! i love you guys! thanks for joining me on th...

3 million!! this is getting insane! 😱i love you guys! thanks for joining me on this insane roller coaster ride ❤️️❤️️ love you #subskrivers

Source… 8 more words

Link Rolling

When Crazy Enters The Room

Yesterday I encountered the vilest women of my life. There I was sitting by the beach with a friend deep in conversation when she made herself reality by she strutting in a rather eccentric manner down the boardwalk. 452 more words


Ponderings - Sliver Of Sanity

Why do we tirelessly pursue that which we have a passion for? Because we have to. In a world of so much disorder, so much confusion, they are often the only things that make sense of it all. 21 more words