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Tila Tequila Goes INSANE on Twitter: Obese People Deserve to Die! I Have a Giant Penis!

Tila Tequila might be insane. We don’t mean she’s a little quirky, or a bit eccentric. We mean she’s the type of mom to put a Hitler mustache on her baby, post the pic on Instagram, and then wonder why everyone’s so upset. 11 more words

My memories from you

The scent of your skin
contrasts with the putrid smell coming from your mouth
every word wasted
echoes and crack your makeup, which most resembles porcelain doll… 171 more words


Just one of those days...

I like to consider myself a ‘work-in-progress.’ That means hopefully I’m always trying to improve myself so that I can be the best possible version of ‘me.’ It’s funny how even though I know this, I still thought I had nearly fixed or at least faced, the majority of things I feared most in my 20s. 329 more words


sad garden city

the perpetual state of affairs
that i find myself in has taken
a turn for the worse
in that i no longer find
myself secluded or deranged… 94 more words


Sanity or Life

She clings to sanity rather than her dear life. For what is life with sanity dead?

The Gypsy


Insane Pictures That Will Make You Fear Spiders Above All Else

On the off chance that you are frightened of arachnids, I am not going to instruct you to quit doing that, in light of the fact that bugs are truth be told unsafe animals. 14 more words


Can ICW become the number 2 world wrestling promotion?

(I originally wrote this article for sltdwrestling.com so be sure to check them out!)

For those of you who do not know, ICW stands for Insane Championship Wrestling! 397 more words