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“I became insane,

with long intervals

of horrible sanity.”

– Edgar Allan Poe

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So I’m watching a news program featuring a bunch of Trump supporters and one in particular stood out in my mind. The gentleman identified himself as gay (though not trans-gendered) and complimented Trump on not bothering with the issue of where he peed and was concentrating on more important issues. 568 more words


Preacher Glenn Strikes Again

This Glenn Beck is one sick son-of-a-bitch. He’s left reality and he ain’t comin’ back. He must be drinking again and pickled his brain.

Wow! What a piece of work he is. 157 more words


Has It Been Four Months Already? | Recap

How is it even possible that I’m already blogging for over four months? That doesn’t seem right to me. The day I published my first post seems like yesterday, though it’s been 122 days since then. 711 more words


Dreams Don’t Come True (And that is probably good)

There are a lot of weird things about the human experience. Sometimes you have to go out of your way to find the strange things in the world, but the strangest thing is something we all do every day: We dream. 387 more words