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The Endless Cycle of Life

I don’t know if I’m in one of those sort-of-depressed-but-not-really moods, but I just can’t get it off my mind how our lives are just these endless cycles of repeated patterns, every day, every week, every month, every year, ever decade, ever century, every millenium… 340 more words


Woman Gives Birth To Seventeen Babies At Once! Insane!

Everyone was in shock after a woman had the world record for having seventeen babies at once in more than 29 hours of labor in the Indianapolis Memorial Hospital. 26 more words

This Couple Was Featured In The Kiss Cam But The Woman Slapped Him Instead, What He Did To Him Was Insane!

The ‘Kiss Cam’ has been a part of any ball game. It is a part of the show where the cameras feature the people such as those who looks like a couple. 27 more words

Sam Smith Flaunts INSANE Weight Loss on Instagram!

Sam Smith has been a household name in the US for a couple years now, and like most celebrities, he’s been the subject of near-constant rumors about his appearance and personal life. 19 more words

(VIDEO) INSANE! Watch the curve on this goal

Scored in Master league, 3rd season, Leeds vs. Arsenal, Superstar. Scorer is Engelaar (OPR 72).

Pes 2016

Alex Jones & Cirque du Soleil

This guy has never been ANYTHING but theater and circuses in the past and he will NEVER be anything but theater and circuses in the future.   73 more words