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I can not trust myself.

I thought a blog would help.  A place where I could put my thoughts into written form.  Maybe then I could analyze them or make some sense out of it all.   6 more words

Soul Thirst

There she is
A demon displayed as a fulfilled wish.
Little did he know
That she’d be chewing on his veins
Making him stupendously insane. 20 more words


5 Insane Celebrity Health Trends (You Won’t Believe #3)

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Browsing celebrity health trends, you may come across a few insane ones. Celebrities mainly do things to increase their marketability in their craft. 601 more words


If I cut  myself
Will that make me better?
A puff of smoke in the air.
A liquid to excite me.
Sound to make me feel. 34 more words


114. Pope Romanus 897

A virtuous man that was elected in the midst of political chaos,very little is remembered about Pope Romanus. Besides having an awesome Pope name,he was the nephew of Pope Marinus I and was the Cardinal of St. 83 more words

"Hi Stranger" is the Weirdest Claymation Video Ever

“You’re so hard on yourself, but you are wonderful and worthy of being loved.”


Kawan tanpa syarat


Aku dengan ma berborak pasal pasangan ideal, nak cari macam mana. Ye laa acah umur dah masuk stok-stok nak kena ada ‘kawan’ kekeke. Padahal suka je sensorang lagi dari berdua sebab aku jenis tak berkomitmen sangat dengan strangers. 393 more words

Insane !