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As of late, meaning the past week, I am feeling very triggered. I can’t let anyone touch me. I react if I am told what to do. 381 more words

Random Writing

Deeper, deeper.

Now that the light introduction is out of the way, let us delve deeper in to the abyss of my mind.

If you believe that psychopaths have no friends, you are wrong. 579 more words


She is Amazing

I sat down just to think
about everything and
nothing in particular
yet how to do that
without exposing my
innermost feelings

to a person who means… 292 more words

Gio $hyne - "Insane" [Prod. Christian Yoon]

By: Shamus Hill 

Following a nine-month-long hiatus from releasing music, Gio $hyne returns to the Graduation Music pages today with his latest track “Insane”, which features production at the hands of Christian Yoon. 275 more words


What In The Hell Russia?

Mother Russia once again not only proves she is bad ass, but down right crazy!

Let us talk about games shows. Dancing with the Stars…Нет (no). 66 more words

Giant Tree Trunk Carving Looks Insane

In this amazing behind-the-scenes progress video, we see a giant tree trunk carving underway somewhere in China. Unfortunately I was unable to find much supplemental information. 32 more words

Last Night Was Insane!

A drunk man comes to the door & tried to get in. My husband yelled through the door, “You are drunk & you don’t live here.” The drunk insisted he did live here & made no effort to leave. 190 more words