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Interlude - A Woman Named Helen

Are you proud of yourself? Was your life worthwhile?
Helen looked at herself in the mirror and wondered. The woman staring back at her was old. 391 more words


The Point of a Pointless Situation

As I was sipping on my fourth cup of coffee of the day, this reoccurring thought surfaced my mind for the third time this week: what was the point. 268 more words


Sky, falling

I remember the scratch of the wall at my back and my cheek when I woke up. The cool soft of its solid made me smile. 212 more words

Green Mouse Ice Cream!


Ghosts wander aimlessly.
Alas, they whisper thoughts
as callous as their haunting.
I cry and scream and scratch
my insides,
though outside the surface remains calm. 31 more words

Creative Writing

So I was writing my latest article and realized that I often write about vague stuff, the underlying meanings of which, most of the time even I find difficult to get :P So, here it is that I’ll be posting all of that weirdness, in the category “ 11 more words