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The nice girl who doesn't swear.

I’m a nice girl who doesn’t swear.

So crack my head open

And pour the contents

Onto a frying pan,

Hear the squawk and sizzle… 187 more words

Insanity In EMIs

Internet Insanity!

I think most of us can relate.


 I visited my cousins in Russia

One summer vacation day,

And my conclusions during my stay

Turned out to be more than I could say. 149 more words


A Leash for my Sanity

If I could confront

my sanity with a look

and a leash to boot

I’d have my life pulled

from the pages of a book… 52 more words

MADication (poem)

(I wrote this under the influence of Zolpidem and angry.. good combination, apparently. enjoy)
no Truxal? more like the fuck’s all it can be when it enters your bloodstream… 89 more words

From The Hospital

Fire Ants Create Horrifying Towers With Their Own Bodies

Fire ants have the ability to form tower-like structures through trial and error.


Insane Eddie's Fun Facts About Life!

Here is a crazy fact about life…It’s full of people!

Since your life most likely consists of interactions with these people, how you treat them and how they treat you are pretty damn important. 346 more words

Life Advice