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Tribal Call

This is a call out to my tribe,
To all those who get the vibe,
To the ones who understand,
Of our place on this sacred land, 134 more words


In Sane

Tempestuous delights do but slightly stain

The blissful innocence of ‘ere my brain;

Their wicked dischords do echo, refrain,

Rebound, vibrate, merge into melodious chain. 103 more words


Game Over For Kim Jong-Un T-shirt

Kim Jong-Un is a deranged communist leader of North Korea, desperately in need of a thorough mental health evaluation – and a prison cell. This… 33 more words


Fantasy World

Today I don’t feel real.. I feel like I’m outside myself, almost as if it’s an out of body experience. Then this got me thinking, because that’s what I do when I don’t know what else to do. 66 more words

The Definitive Gun Reform Proposal

This proposal is going to satisfy the most passionate gun owners as well as the most staunch anti-gun advocates, I promise. Do me a favor and read the whole proposal before you form an opinion, regardless of whether or not you agree with me. 735 more words

Social Issues


I love reading other peoples blogs, it helps me to believe that my problems are similar to a lot of other peoples, this helps me stay sane. Thank you


Bad Words: The Windows Registry

Featured Image from http://www.nikalsystems.co.uk/cleaning-up-and-optimising-a-microsoft-windows-xp-computer/

“Thems fightin’ words…”

The next time you hear someone utter “Windows Registry”, just stay calm.  Sit back and watch for you will see an entire team relieve their coffee mugs while slowly turning to start at “he who dare speak of such things”: staring with the heat of a million suns as if to purge this individual’s own Windows Registry Soul to the point the individual just has to be replaced. 78 more words