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An Open Letter to Ben: Lies People Tell

Have you ever…embellished a story? Have you ever told a lie? Did you know that if you make up things about someone who is dead, that it is actually quite offensive to their people? 352 more words

The living curse .

Darkness screeching against the sky,
the moon ashamed,
extinguishing its shine,
the night walked in.
Not alone,
but along came the monsters of thoughts.
Eating souls, 84 more words


Friday Fantasy ~ Black Friday - #poetry

Drawing you in

Taunting, Teasing

Until you are spent

Daunting, Ceasing

No sense can be made

Hanging, Grasping

She swallows you whole

Haranguing, Gasping

Her darkness descends… 29 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Voices: The Unusual Case of Eliza James--Part Three

Author’s Note:  This is the third installment of Eliza’s story.  Hope you will thumb back and read the prior to posts to catch up.

“You have to go,” said her mother. 648 more words

A Strange Place To Talk Of Love

There was this woman sitting beside me with unkempt hair of a sable shade; and she seemed curious, curious enough to ask me why I was there. 3,038 more words


​His dormancy was a judgement call

That they made but

It doesn’t account for, at all,

The light in his eyes when he starts playing. 146 more words