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I Hate Myself

Just ate and threw up again. I want to give up. I need to just start sleeping my life away. The more time I’m not awake, the less opportunity I have to self-destruct. 195 more words

Mental Illness

Immigrating Children

I did warn you politics would come up. The issue I feel led to talk about today isn’t a political one, though many are viewing/treating it as such. 254 more words



I went to a gig last night, of a musician I particularly love. Music is very important in my life. This musician entered my life in a moment of deep despair and confusion. 318 more words



Through a lethargic hole
insanity may creep-
There seems no defense
against the process of our minds
until complete serenity

-M. Taggart


It appears likely that the Ninja Seals have lost their minds today

It appears likely that the Ninja Seals have lost their minds today…
I guess it’s ok to let off some steam after a rough week! 15 more words


Fright - Day 139

What a beautiful day… and a marvelous night

so suddenly turned to a nausea filled fright.

A celebration of local foods and music,

ten dollars gets you in and the food… well you choose it. 190 more words

Ugh. I'm sorry.

Last night I nearly gave up everything. I nearly stopped fighting. I wanted to stop so much but I knew it wasn’t right. I was so conflicted. 478 more words