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Silence is still

Getting everything I wanted was the best and worst thing to ever happen to me. I felt insane the majority of the time it was happening. 153 more words

Settings To Spark the Imagination #36

  • abandoned railroad tracks
  • Valley of the Cats
  • Mutatetown
  • Playground For the Demented
  • Cat Heaven Island
  • Isle of the Wizards
  • Dimension Wazikawa

Settings To Spark the Imagination #35

  • Stanford Road
  • Dragonskull Hills
  • Valley of the Outcast
  • Hall of Unholy Dread
  • Tunnels Within the Catacombs
  • Shackled City of the Insane
  • abandoned funeral home

Control Freak

Control freak: (n) a person having a strong need for control over people or situations.

I have devised five questions I periodically ask myself, to make sure I haven’t gone completely nuts. 153 more words

C Words

The Insanity of the Human Condition

“In no way can I deny the insanity of the human condition. And yet, because there’s so much insanity, so much unconsciousness, it’s possible that there’s also the other side of it. 210 more words

Middle Ground

Museum For the Murdered

I walked into a room full of heads

Within a dark corridor

The rooms were painted red

Disembodied voices of those alive, or dead

Scrawled on the wall were letters so small… 42 more words