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Thoughts On Sanity, Order, And Chaos

• I have found truth in the abyss of chaos

• Sanity is order, while insanity is disorder

• Sanity is birthed from logic

• Insanity is birthed from chaos… 228 more words

Videos Of The Time #26...

Brucie here…

Here are crucial videos for you to watch if you care about your safety in the very near future!!!

If you are still waiting for a Corona Virus Vaccine, perhaps these videos will give you something to think about before complying! 698 more words

Across the Threshold of Sanity

“I told you not to trigger my PTSD!” John shouted as he lunged at his girlfriend, Teresa. “I’m going to murder you!”

“Please don’t kill me,” Teresa gasped, as he tightened his hands around her throat. 299 more words

Scary Poems/stories

Signs Of The Time #75...

Brucie here…

The motorhome is parked at Rosie’s sister’s house in Kettle Falls, Washington.

Rosie doesn’t get to be with her sister very much in person, so she was really glad to be here. 555 more words

Plagues in perspective

THERE WAS A global pandemic in 1957-58, an H2N2 virus. The estimated death toll was 1.1 million. I was 13-14 years old, and I do not remember it. 231 more words


Dr. Hatchet

Dr. Hatchet grinned as he sharpened his axe blade. He hummed as he wiped the bloodstains clean from his office.

“Next patient!” Dr. Hatchet called out, as he entered the waiting room. 63 more words

Scary Poems/stories


the armies of nations move forward
the women with their babies —
The Light of my last night from
a window with my wife blinks out… 68 more words