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Julio the Explorer

Stranded on a sandbar, Julio pointed to the rocks ahead of him and loudly declared, “I claim this land in the name of Philip the First, King of Portugal.” 197 more words

Short Story

Stay strong till you physically can't.

Every day, many of us strive to be the best us we can be. Sure we do it in many ways but the way i’m talking about right now is physically striving. 416 more words


Dancing with my insanity

For a long time, since i was a child, i have suffered and endured my best friend Anxiety. Been with me since i remember. OCD, impulsive thoughts, energy which comes from my self, makes my body dance as if i have been electrocuted. 631 more words


I am free with pain rather than feeling nothing in my life. I  connect with, feel and process emotions without shame. My pain is a part of me in my life as a scientist, theology student and physician. 247 more words

Strange Haiku

Raise Your Standards

I’ve never been one to settle- settling down, settling for less, settling for something I knew wasn’t right for me.

However, I’ve definitely lowered my standards- even if it was only temporary. 372 more words


Fewer Questions

It’s my nature as a scientist, to question data and even my observations. As I move into my ministry, I have fewer questions. My realization on my meditation this morning is that I started with not questioning my faith, my truths but now I rely on my observations more than ever; this coming with experience and age, I suppose. 419 more words

The Valley

Of acceptance and being yourself

As a part of my ongoing love for writing and venting my feelings, I begin my story. My stories are really simple, it’s about hardships and my denials. 703 more words