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Psychological Disorder Principal Reason Why Bullies Exists

PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER PRINCIPAL REASON why a person becomes a bully, is our Self-Publishing Services topic for today.

Behavioral Scientists, Medical Doctors and Mental Health… 849 more words


Within Ambiguity and Perversion

Dear _____,

There are moments within the pervasive silence – when black fetid tar congeals within my throat and I choke on the crimson heat of my own blood – that I question your design and purpose. 77 more words

Psychological Construct


Spirit lives in the bowels and brains of humanity in spite of its insanity.

Ever Forward

Mental Asylum: Institute of the Year Again!

Go directly to your nearest Chic Chic Mental Asylum and check yourself in for a nice break from reality today!

Head injury getting you down? Brain fever giving you nightmares? 523 more words


Insanity: Chapter Forty-Five


Chapter Forty-Five


“No! Let me go! Let me go!” Arisa screamed at the top of her

Fang set her down from his shoulder. 3,452 more words


Book Review - The Doom That Came to Dunwich by Richard A. Lupoff

It’s been a while since I devoured some Lovecraft; sad times indeed. But when I saw this collection of HP-inspired stories I just had to get involved. 1,139 more words

Book Review