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Strange Currencies

Out of the ashes he breathes

Awakening from a centuries-long sleep

Teller of tales, weaver of dreams

Paid by the ancients in strange currencies

Of colors beyond the prismatic frequencies… 39 more words


Am I Ending or Becoming?

I’m dissatisfied with expectations.
Can’t I be better? Can’t I embrace being worse?
An’ I’m hypnotized by salutations:
Others say good bye and cut their cables– 139 more words


My Fault

I measure his love by the ferocity of trembles as his body enters mine. I quantify his desire by the hunger in his eyes that was once ever present.  75 more words


Pant, run, pant

Don’t look back,

Run, don’t stop!

My breath is running out,

Just go! Don’t stop!

I don’t think I’ll last,

Slow, slow, stop…

39 more words

The Wooden Box

“Don’t be startled. I know it’s not everyday that a voice comes from a wooden box. I get that. Just think what a novelty this fine piece of craftsmanship will be at your parties. 1,072 more words

Flash Fiction

Textile Services

Eight years ago when I went to Disney with the family, I took a four hour walking tour called Keys to the Kingdom. I was able to see a lot of behind the scenes at Disney and it was just fantastic. 430 more words


Role-Playing Quests/Writing Prompts #22

A young wizard is tempted by evil forces, and communes with a demon. He is slowly going mad from casting an evil spell. Help the apprentice wizard obtain the ingredients to break the hex, before he goes insane. 8 more words