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Insanity: Chapter Thirty


Chapter Thirty

~Voice Of The Unheard~

“Come on, come on! This way!”

“Move it people! Get into

“Keep it down! Their coming
through the front!” 2,409 more words


the madness of desire

.….you should stop being so carnal, and learn to say no to men.  ~  Adelaja


animal anxiety ardour

benefits bitch bitterness

carnal courtesan covet… 89 more words

Personal Style

The gift of laughter

Downtown today, I managed to find a copy of the Sunday Times, which sparked off one of those conversations between Mrs s and I. About a particular kind of laughter. 1,105 more words


Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare fits in the medieval time period we’re covering this year in homeschooling. This was the play Mr. Curiosity chose to read. I read it along with him. 454 more words

Book Review

Our Collective Madness Continues to be Given Free Rein

In my personal life I am dealing with a family situation in which internal “disarray” is blossoming into something much worse. Furthermore, the one who is embodying this “disarray” has solicited the help of a niece to join her in a,”folie a deux” relationship in which this insanity is likely to blossom. 277 more words

Mental Illness

Spring/Summer Writing Challenge Day #10

Write a story using the words: darts, ducks, deranged, eggs, elephants, envelopes, and elevators in the genre of comedy-horror.


And Then The Flood Came

            574 hours. 574 hours since I last saw my neighbors, my teachers behind their desks, my friends on their bikes. 574 hours since I saw the grocery shop, my school, the town. 2,828 more words