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Broken window

I watched as the sun rays settled down upon the sprinkling of dust over this conniving and ancient city of stone

As sawdust reigned down on the streets of unwelcome chants and red stained walls and the kingdom of farce… 303 more words


The Chuckle and Chortle Collection Week Two

Welcome to the second week of my new feature, the chuckle and Chortle collection. Since it seems a lot of people didn’t see last week’s post I’ll leave a link… 453 more words


Swirling Inner Turmoil

Quick work boredom and depression and anxiety buildup release.

Enjoy this brief journey.

Sleepless nights on cliff edges hanging while pitching lies and listening to the remorseful heartache panging. 40 more words


Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, II

My head is pretty screwed up right now.  I don’t feel like using.  Well, I guess that’s not entirely true.  I guess my urges are just relatively low right now and I am fairly certain my chances of picking up right now are low. 218 more words


Method to the madness

I was looking for some particular decorative tiles today. I got to thinking that maybe I had put them in one of the basement storage compartments of the magic bus, so I waded through the muck from last night’s rain and… 278 more words


lost in the shadows of the bipolar perspectives: part II.

and it pains me

my precious love

to know

that while you

one day will roam freely… 80 more words


unstoppable insanity

is the equality before the law a myth?

why should we accept a legislation which creates a special privileges for certain groups of people based on their ethnic or religious origin? 24 more words