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Quicksilver the Golem

“This is all I got from my grandfather?!” Lenny shouted, “A stupid stick? My sister Nancy got his whole estate, and all I got is a useless twig? 516 more words

My Writing


I can’t assume this isn’t what falling into insanity feels like.
Memories amiss, blanket gaps in my revolving life show.
Yet something exists, just beyond the wall I’ve come to know. 38 more words

Word Prompt

A journey into pain

I hope that putting all of this that I have inside into words will help me to set me free from this black monster that is draining my energy. 192 more words


Can insanity bring on creativity ?.

I certainly think so since many of the things I have created or written have been done while on the edge of a mental breakdown. 35 more words


Falling and The Beast

A short bit today. It has been an abysmally hot weekend, and working at the hot computer has not been altogether keen. Expect a larger post next week :)  462 more words

Some Things You Just DON'T Joke About.

Is there ANY reason to expect that David could exercise even a minimum amount of decency? How DARE that degenerate scumbag make jokes about Dad’s death? 27 more words


Tasteless - classless bitch

Kathy Griffin unleashes profanity-laced tirade at Melania Trump: ‘Fuck you, Melanie’

ROLLS ROYCE                                           RUSTED OUT BEAT UP 63 CHEVY


I really never like to insult anyone’s appearance; BUTT in this case I will make an exception. 215 more words