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Sonnet of trepidation

I am riveted by a frenzy of words

Madness clutter, echoes of ghosts

This provocation of stirring cruelty

Oppressive noise booming in my psyche

Burdened by sleep deprivation… 231 more words


Someone is Talking to You

Last week a co-worker confided in me he got a DUI.  He took an opportunity to pull me aside, knowing I am open with my recovery, stating, “Mike, I don’t believe in the 12-Step program but I can’t continue to live like this .  488 more words

The Master

I’m not the hero I used to be

but I’ve mastered the art of


© Kait King, 2015

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Retreat or Resist? Seneca and Plutarch Disagree on Peace of Mind

How do we maintain equanimity in the midst of chaos? It is probably not at all coincidental that I keep turning to authors from the Roman Imperial period for answers…. 395 more words


The End of the Cosmos

I was sitting in a dark room,
Only walls and no light inside.
O who was with me, Nyarlathotep?
When the Universe was falling apart? 81 more words

The Fear of Pain

Dark clouds upon my mind,
Time standing still in fright.
They would come to beat me up,
And Ramses did call the cops.

In Ramses’ hidden place I crawled, 72 more words

One night stand - A Poem

One night stand – A Poem

Sweet perfume in a cheap hotel room with a view,
The night embraced them in its sweet cool breeze. 75 more words