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The Center of the Cyclone

I am frequently exploring levels of insanity. For the most, it comes in the night waking me up, some inner part is frantic with fear. I go to the Inner Garden where I meet my inner child/children, for now there is a 15-year old who seems to carry the most of it. 401 more words



“Just do this one thing for me. That’s ALL I’m asking for, it’s not that hard!”

She sat in silence, the music of the mournful. Her fingers tapped to the rhythm on the table, the distasteful look of such a listener on her face. 1,095 more words


Everything hurts and I’m dying (I’m so extra) ...

This morning I ran an easy 3-miler. It will be the last time I run until race day. You would think this “easy” run would, in fact, be EASY. 136 more words

Life's Little Lessons

[satire] CRY WOLF: Teacher Trying to Actually Teach During Last Period on a Friday Clearly Delusional

Cry Wolf satirical news.

(COVINGTON, La.) A teacher who was actually trying to teach her class during the last period of school on a Friday is clearly delusional, according to multiple concerned sources. 425 more words

Cry Wolf Satirical News


I stand across from traffic lights,
holding my paper bags,
Its green-
Walking to cross the road
See stranger faces,
Respond with an awkward smile, 64 more words



Misty visions twirling

Swirling through my head

Vivid other realities

Fill my heart with dread

Darkest thoughts growing

Filling out behind my eyes

Vivid other realities… 42 more words


Boiling Paint

Have you ever seen hot paint? Like a bin or bucket of heated paint? It makes me think of what magma must be like. It’s sort of like this: 128 more words