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Inscriptions of 30/08/15

She rescued him

But, he needed saving



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Navigating Newton's Novels: Exhibiting the Value of Personal Libraries

Personal libraries of famous people and scholars have long been revered for their wealth of insight into the lives of their collectors. We can analyse the content of a library by subject area in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses, track the signatures and dedications inscribed under the covers to map social circles or simply examine the books for signs of use – weakened spines, marginalia and notes or pamphlets pressed inside as bookmarks can be tell-tale signs of how treasured or useful a book may have been to its owner.  495 more words

A 2500-Year-Old Tribute to a Lost Friend

ego vhontei ersiniioi 

vineti karis vivoi oliialekve murtuvoi atisteit

I (am a grave) for Fonts Ersinios

(He was) Vinetos’s friend. He (Vinetos?) sets (me) up for (him), whether alive or dead. 

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The Senate Loved Augustus for His Virtue, Clemency, Justice and Piety. Truly.

Yesterday we posted a bit from Ovid’s Tristia where he appears to be a little less than sincere in his lament from exile. Today, here’s a bit from the man who allegedly exiled him–Augustus Caesar–which I do wish were a little more ironic. 242 more words