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Unidentified inscription

Description: Unidentified inscription: “Robert …[?]”

Classmark: C41.1/EP4E

Source: Epicurus’s morals, 1670

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Signature of Cardinal Angelo Massarelli

Description: Signature of Card. Angelo Massarelli Bp. of Telese Secretary & Registrar of the Council and of two notaries

Heading: Massarelli, Angelo, -1566

Classmark: A42.2/T72… 14 more words

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Inscription of Ben Jonson, poet & playwright

Description: Inscription of playwright and poet, Ben Jonson: “Su[m] Ben Jonsonij”

Heading: Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637

Classmark: B96.1/Se4

Source: Selden, John. Marmora Arundelliana; siue Saxa Graecè incisa, 1628

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Inscription of William Henry Black

Description: Inscription of William Henry Black: “W. H. Black 1846”

Heading: Black, William Henry, 1808-1872

Classmark: B45.5/D54

Source: Dicey, Thomas. An historical account of Guernsey, 1751

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Þrír Vegir í Miklagarð (part one)

Halfdan: A Swedish Varangian via Kievan Rus, c. 990

Halfdan was not the first Halfdan to come to Miklagard. This he discovered shortly after his arrival from Kiev with Prince Vladimir’s other Rus. 825 more words

The Friday Mosque of Varamin

‘From a distance, it resembles a ruined abbey’

The Friday Mosque of Varamin is the last monument Byron includes in his account under the 10th October 1933… 623 more words


Inscriptions and doodles of the Turner and Barwick families

Description: Inscriptions and doodles of the Turner and Barwick families: “John Barwicke”, “Ed Turner”, “Peter Barwicke”, “John Lygon”

Classmark: C20.2c/SCH2L

Source: Scheibler, Christoph. Christophori Scheibleri Opus logicum, 1634

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