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Inscription of Johann Georg Blessing (1572-1653)

Description: Inscription of Johann Georg Blessing: “… ex bibliotheca M. Ioannis Georgii Blessing Goeppingensis Ao: Dni: 1597.”

Heading: Blessing, Johann Georg, 1572-1653

Classmark: A52.6/B75

Source: 18 more words

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Inscription of Wiblingen Monastery

Description: Inscription of Wiblingen Monastery: “Monasterij Wiblingensis”

Heading: Kloster Wiblingen

Classmark: A52.6/Ec5 01

Source: Eck, Johann. Quintae partis Iohannis Eckii in Lutherum et alios. Tomus tertius homiliarum de Sanctis, 1534

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Inscription of Roger Reynoldes [?]

Description: Manuscript inscription of Roger Reynoldes [?]: “Ex dono … Rog Reynoldes A 1581”

Heading: Reynoldes, Roger, active 1581

Classmark: A60.1/B46

Source: De Bèze, Théodore. Lex Dei moralis, ceremonialis, et politica, 1577

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I am a Pagan — A Rare Papyrus from A.D. 250

I have frequently heard and read about how there were “tests” to see if people were Christians or not.  Usually the tests consisted of invoking the gods and offering a prayer and wine to the image of the Emperor (see… 325 more words


Inscription of James Boswell

Description: Inscription of James Boswell: “James Boswell Edinburgh 1781”

Heading: Boswell, James, 1740-1795

Classmark: A68.2/K32 (1640)

Source: Thomas a Kempis. De imitatione Christi libri IV, 1640

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Inscription of Joseph Mould

Description: Inscription of Joseph Mould: “Jos: Mould His Book sep: ye 10th 1734”

Heading: Mould, Joseph, active 1794

Classmark: A88.3c/M84B

Source: Baddeley, Richard. The life of Dr. 6 more words

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Manuscript inscription of J. William Seales

Description: Manuscript inscription of J. William Seales:”J. William Seales Brompton Cemetery 1873″

Heading: Seales, William J., active 19th century

Classmark: A85.0/M36

Source: Gardiner, Stephen. A traictise declaryng and plainly prouyng, that the pretensed marriage of priestes, and professed persones, is no mariage, 1554

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