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Every locket tells a story, and Origami Owl is giving your story a deeper meaning with their inscriptions.Now, you’re able to add sentimental value to your O2 accessories with inscribed plates and locket bases. 129 more words


Chitradurga - Hidimbapattana

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Chitradurga – Hidimbapattana Ondu tippani -Chitradurga – Hidimbapattana

Author:  Dr. A. Sundar

Place: Chitradurga, Uchhangi Durga, Hulegondi, Isamudra, Jatinga Rameshwara, Bannikoppa, Hagaratagi, Chandravalli, Kudutini… 171 more words


Yoga in Magala inscriptions

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Magalada shasanadalli yoga -Yoga in Magala inscription of 1209 AD

Author:  Harihara Srinivasa Rao

Place: Magala, Hirehadagali, Bellary… 1,343 more words


The other word in the new "Eshbaal" inscription - suggested interpretations

The new “Ishba’al, son of Beda” inscription from our Khirbet Qeiyafa excavation is now reported on major news agencies and internet media. I cannot count the number of Facebook posts noting the find. 249 more words

Biblical Archaeology

The Vanquished Boeotians: Little Piggies or Stubborn Trees?

The Athenians defeated the Boeotians in 507 BCE after over a decade of an alliance with the Plataeans (also Boeotians). This was the beginning of over a century of trouble between the two cities, marked by Theban submission to Persia in 479 BCE. 211 more words


Nagattara's Record from Dodda Begur

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Doddabegurina Nagattarana Shasana -Nagattara’s Record from Dodda Begur

Author:  Dr. Devarakonda Reddy

Place: Beguru, Bengaluru

This inscription, found while clearing the foundation of the famous Begur temple is deciphered by Dr. 98 more words


Wonderful things are underway!

There is A LOT going on at Origami Owl!

In{script}ions are here!  A fabulous way to write your own story in your own words.  You can inscribe a nickname, a favourite hashtag, honour a beloved pet, mark the day you married your love, the birth of your child{ren}, celebrate a graduation or retirement.   262 more words