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A Polish ship, British children and caring Sydneysiders captured in concrete

The Polish passenger liner MV Batory seems an odd ship to be commemorated at Sydney’s North Head Quarantine Station, as it never moored there. Yet its presence is captured in concrete: ‘BRITISH EVACUEE / CHILDREN / ARRIVED 16TH OCTOBER / 1940. 726 more words


'Terrible' Places

Latin translation presents us with tempting cognates, but often enough these have changed so much in their transition into modern English that it would be unreasonable to employ them in a straightforward way.   439 more words


Sunday 6th December 1846

“Went to the church of St Mary Rotherhithe. Arrived there half past 10 o’clock; copied into scrapbook a curious inscription on church wall, Came through the Thames Tunnel homeward.

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Ann Fox

Sunday 29th November 1846

“Went to the church of St Mary Newington Butts; arrived there at 10 o’clock, saw a young couple married. Looked round the church and read monuments and commenced taking off one (a Latin inscription), but was interrupted by the pew opener, who told me come another day as service was about to commence.

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Ann Fox


I admire those forward-thinkers who hundreds of years ago left messages for future generations to read.

Wadi Rum – 2012


Nuggets of Singapore history, from inscriptions

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Telling stories of Singapore’s past, 1,300 Chinese inscriptions carved on stone and wooden tablets, some two centuries old, have been documented as part of a unique research project. 544 more words

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Cracking the Code

One of the hurdles cataloguers encounter in deciphering inscriptions in the Cardiff Rare Books Collection is the combination of languages which might appear, both in the actual text of inscriptions and in the names of people and places. 921 more words

Cardiff Rare Books Collection