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Kichu cholochitrer gondho,
Kichu inscriptions bondhi,
Ami muktahhore jukto,
Aar juktakhorrer Sondhi.

Apon Kobita

Inscriptions of 13/05/15

He never understood how she flew…

With a past so daunting and heavy

she flew weightlessly

like a feather to a light breeze

Her gaping wounds, 34 more words

Inscriptions of 11/05/15

It is not you’re perfect smile that cast away all doubts

Nor your infectious laugh,

your heart, so pure, so full of love

It wasn’t even your spontaneity, which found me on endless journeys… 19 more words

Wore the Wall Out

The 70th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day, and a small reminder of the immeasurable debt owed to so many in a blurry snapshot with some writing on the back. 142 more words

1940s Photos

Epona: Divine Horse

We are used to the idea that the Celts took up Roman gods and equated them with their own. (Or that the invading Romans renamed them.) However, the process could just as easily go the other way. 1,334 more words


Thought of the Day - 27/04/15

“There are two kinds of love. The kind that starts off big and slowly wears away, that seems you can never use it up and then one day is finished.

39 more words

Inscriptions of 24/04/15

He looked at her,

her eyes longingly gazed into his

His eyes traced the words as they rolled off her tongue

and spilled into the night air… 6 more words