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Inscriptions of 24/04/15

He looked at her,

her eyes longingly gazed into his

His eyes traced the words as they rolled off her tongue

and spilled into the night air… 6 more words

Inscriptions of 23/04/15

He showed her the world

She showed him some place beyond this world

– Tee

Inscriptions from a Family Cemetery

Our darling

We loved this tender little one
and would have wished her stay
but let our Father’s will be done.
She shines in endless day… 318 more words


Inscriptions of 13/04/15

“There are plenty more fish in the sea” 

– Unknown

But these waters are shark infested

– Tee

Inscriptions of 09/04/15

He wasn’t aware

when it permeated the surface

Or when it decided to latch onto a part of his soul

Each passing m o m e n t, 6 more words

inter alia: Why the fu*lalalala* are we CREATING lacunae?

Lacunae.  Bane to the existence of anyone who studies the ancient world (or any other world that involves the reading of “elderly” manuscripts and inscriptions.) 1,000 more words

Mystery Monday: Marriage and Mythology

Today, a Mystery Monday guest post from Rayna Andrews, who works for the Gotham Book Mart Project at Penn Libraries. The Gotham Book Mart was a famous New York City bookstore from 1920-2007, and when it closed the thousands of books in its inventory came to Penn, where catalogers have been finding treasures great and small among the books.  346 more words