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Whenever I hear charm, I think of a little figure on a bracelet.
This isn’t what I’m talking about today though.

In magic or witchcraft, a charm is/are magical words, phrases, chants, incantations, or prayers when verbal. 358 more words

Jaina Epigraphs of Nagamangala Taluk, Mandya

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Nagamangala talukina jaina shansanagalu -Jaina Epigraphs of Nagamangala Taluk, Mandya

Author:  C. S. Aparna

Place: Nagamangala, Mandya, Devarahalli, Kasalagere, Yalladahalli, Kambadahalli, Hattana, Alisandra, Belluru, Muthsandra, Elekoppa, Bogadi,  Dadaga, Kelagere, Bindiganavile, Sukudare… 262 more words


Treasures from al-Andalus - the type designer's perspective on Arabic calligraphy

Art can be read, and studied, from different perspectives and with different purposes. Arabic calligraphy is no exception to the rule.
Such is the case of Therry Fétiveau and his Batutah typeface. 962 more words


I Saved the Republic! Augustus, Res Gestae, 1-2

Augustus composed (or had composed?) his public accomplishments before his death and they were published on his mausoleum and temples soon thereafter. We have Latin and Greek versions from  the Temple to Rome and Augustus in Ancyra (Modern Turkey). 275 more words


A Stone Talking to Itself

pis: tiú:
íív: kúrú:
púiiu: baíteís:
aadiieís: ahfineís:

Who are you?
I am a stone.
Baitis Aadiis Afinis’s.

(Oscan inscription on stone. Altilia, Italy. c.

367 more words

Inscriptions of 04/07/15

It hit him

A shock to his system

Ice in his veins

They were pieces that never fit

Hammering at the gaps

Destroying the puzzle



Panini Authentic, Johnny Manziel Team Up for Public Signing at Aggieland Outfitters

Next Sunday, Aggies legend and Panini Authentic-exclusive athlete Johnny Manziel will return to Aggieland for his first public autograph signing since being drafted by the… 363 more words

Panini America