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Wednesday Vignette

“Ever seen a leaf – a leaf from a tree?”
“I saw one recently – a yellow one, a little green, wilted at the edges.

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Next Training Exercise: "Know Your Veggies"

RECRUITS!  The last one to reach the top has to do 100 laps around this thing, whatever it is.


Specks of Spiders

This tale was originally published by Loret T. Setters on July 3, 2015 at the defunct national blog beautifulwildlifegardencom.

Do you wipe webs off your plant leaves?  688 more words


Lacey Leaves

Unfortunately, some bugs have been having too many snacks on my mixed salad leaves.  I thought it best to plant my next crop in a different container, which I have covered with a thin fleece in the hope of deterring these particular bugs from striking again.

Best wishes! :)

My Gardening Diary

He Wanted a Quiet Day in Nature

This place really bugs me.

Our region is being invaded by the periodic cicadas this summer.  For 17 years the nymphs live underground, and then they emerge by the billions, shed their exoskeletons, mate and die. 7 more words