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Lawsuit Claims “All Natural” Insecticide Used On Organic Marijuana Is Anything But

We’ve come a long way from complaints that the weed you bought in the school parking lot was cut with oregano that fall on deaf ears (because really, you should know better): now that there’s a burgeoning legal marijuana industry in some states, consumer complaints and grievances can be aired in court. 302 more words

IPM and Organic Moving Forward Together

This article is from Northeastern IPM Insights

by Chris Gonzales and Steve Young, Northeastern IPM Center

As a discipline, agriculture has a need for resources to support research, education, Extension, and technology transfer. 453 more words


Golden Ringed Death

We live on a small creek (crick, stream,,,?) surrounded on our side by a swampy area with areas of standing water, yet we rarely have a bloom of mosquitoes to come close to what some suburban areas have. 305 more words

Nature Photography

Mosquito Spraying - Butterflies and Bugs

Aphids love the milkweed that I plant. Since I grow lots of milkweed, I get lots of aphids. Up until approximately June 22nd, I have had a biblical plague of aphids on my milkweed plants.   425 more words


Q BioType Whiteflies, Biological Insecticides, Subcontracting.

Q BioType Whiteflies, Biological Insecticides, Subcontracting Matt Frye @MateoFrye Urban Entomologist at NYS IPM Program, Cornell University Alabama Professional Services Irondale, Alabama Adam Hall up in Panama City Beach asks a question about subcontracting and franchising Hand Pruners to trim off shrubs and hedges with proper sterilization Internal links for SEO are just as important as external links and back-linking Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else a book by: Geoff Colvin Turf Magazine Tweet Fighting For Growth: 2016 Lawn Care Industry Outlook Events Biocontrol in the Landscape, Does it really work? 53 more words

6 Ways natural essential oil insecticides control pests

6 Ways natural essential oil insecticides control pests When you think of how insecticides work you think killing the pest and for most synthetic pesticides that would be true, we will discuss 6 ways natural essential oil insecticides control pests. 33 more words

The Real Honey Hunt

While pondering on what I would actually write on here today I came across a very interesting ‘article’ on Buycott about Honey.  I have to confess I’m a bit of a lazy armchair activist however using buying power to create some change is one thing I’m more than able to do! 1,000 more words