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Pesticides are linked to childhood cancers and lower IQ ... no, wait!

The Dr. Doom of Bees, Dr. Chengsheng (Alex) Lu, is at it again. In his quest to aid environmentalists in ridding the planet of pesticides so insects can rid the Earth of humans the green’s behalf via his activist science, last week a manuscript in which Lu is the primary author… 573 more words



The Vendy’s Katy Nicholson documents the reality of the bumble bees bleak future

The humble bumble is beginning to decline. In fact, since 1940 two types of bees have become extinct in the United Kingdom. 598 more words


Rachel Carson was wrong about DDT

Yale University’s environmental publication Yale Environment 360 has published an opinion piece by Richard Conniff in which he defends Rachel Carson’s conclusions related to the pesticide DDT. 402 more words


Is Roundup pesticide really safe?

The Hindu out of India has reported that a new study has been published in the journal Toxicology Reports authored by two scientists from Department of Molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru Medhamurthy Rudraiah and Aparamita Pandey. 307 more words


Pesticides in Organic Produce

I saw a recent posting in the “Raising Butterflies and Moths for Conservation” page on Facebook and a woman who was raising Black Swallowtails had run out of food and bought some “organic”parsley. 129 more words


Impact of insecticides on the cognitive development in children

Pyrethroid insecticides are widely used in agriculture, veterinary (anti-parasitics) and in homes like in mosquito products, lice shampoo etc. Their mode of action involves blocking neurotransmission in insects, leading to paralysis. 510 more words


Rolling Stone and media get it wrong on UK pesticide study

An ominous sounding news story published in the media about neonicotinoid pesticides. Rolling Stone weighed on the study’s findings stating that a new study published in… 814 more words