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Cause after all – who needs bees?

what will happen when they are all gone?
man thinks he’s so clever fooling nature
pesticides, insecticides yield more crops
it’s too bad that bees are insects too… 50 more words


Over the Counter Lice Shampoo Might Not Be Enough

It’s not something out of the ordinary to catch lice at school. Kids like to play, run and be together, which creates a great environment to catch lice. 499 more words

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Technology Just Might Give Us the Policy Tools to Save the Honeybee

Imagine if you can, viewing the world thru the eyes of a honeybee. Not only would it be utterly captivating, but it would be the first step in developing policies that would protect one of earth’s most valuable resources: the commercial honeybee. 1,176 more words

Directory of least-toxic pest products online

In the NC State IPM portal

The IPM Practitioner’s 2015 Directory of Least-Toxic Pest Control Products is now available online. This Directory lists more than 2,000 products such as baits, traps, pheromones, microbials, biocontrol agents, least toxic pesticides and other materials needed for IPM for insect, disease, weed and vertebrate control. 43 more words


Bee products

I’m not a fan of wasps, after a particularly nasty sting and reaction lasting weeks this summer, but bees rock!

As spotted on ‘Dave’ page, this amused me- 156 more words

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Got cabbage maggots? Invitation to brassica growers to collaborate in research

Article originally from HortMatters, Vol. 15, Issue No. 15, 15 July 2015

Did you know that a new research project on Cabbage Maggot in vegetable brassicas has just begun? 780 more words


You Wouldn't Do THIS, Would You..?

So Why Take a Risk With Your Health..?

Cancers, gut disorders, allergies, learning disabilities and fertility problems – just to name a few – are on the rise. 438 more words

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