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Wild bee decline threatens US crop production

Following Obama’s call for pollinator assessment, first-ever national bee map shows much farmland at risk 1,202 more words


How to assess spray coverage in vegetable crops

From sprayers101.com. By Jason Deveau, OMAFRA.

Sprayer operators recognize the importance of matching their sprayer settings to the crop to optimize efficacy. For example, spraying a protective fungicide in field tomato should require a different approach from spraying a locally systemic insecticide in staked peppers. 726 more words

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Aerial Spraying is Not an Effective Strategy for Controlling Zika

By Dr. Mercola | Mercola.com

As you may recall, the Zika virus made big headlines back in January and February when the Brazilian government blamed Zika-carrying mosquitoes for an uptick in reports of microcephaly, 2,940 more words


Environmentalists reel against Miami Beach spraying for Zika mosquitoes

Friday morning Miami Beach started spraying with the Naled insecticide in order to eradicate mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus. According to NBC News, spraying was delayed due to concerns raised by local residents who also protested outside City Hall. 206 more words


The Dangers of DEET & How You Can Safely Repel Mosquitoes Instead

Source: Mercola.com
Dr. Mercola
September 8, 2016

No one likes getting bitten by mosquitoes. They’re a nuisance and their bites can be itchy and extremely irritating–enough to ruin any outdoor barbecue or picnic. 613 more words


Beepocalypse: MILLIONS of Bees Killed Spraying Us Like Bugs for Zika

No bees, no food. The elite would love for us to have to rely on them and their GMO crap in order to eat…~TS… 45 more words