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Ah The Summer

The hint of herbicides of pesticides of fungicides is in the air The use of germicides of vermicides of insecticides is on the rise There seems to be more genocide more suicides more homicides everywhere I don’t know which thrills me the most I can’t quite decide


Even if you don't like honey, Bee informed.

Did you know?

One out of three meals eaten by us humans is made possible by honey bees.

Honey bees are the insects which pollinate and spread the healthy well being of almost all fruits, vegetables and crops.   510 more words


Rachel Carson

“The question is whether any civilization can wage relentless war on life without destroying itself and without losing the right to be called civilized.”



The "Beepocalypse" is over: U.S. and Canadian honeybee populations surge

During May of 2013, Time Magazine reported about the Beepocalypse where honeybee populations had gone down dramatically for unknown reasons. It was later determined that bees as a whole were being negatively affected by neonicotinoid pesticides in which the Europe Union and Ontario, Canada and (most recently) the US EPA took steps to restrict if not outright ban their use. 282 more words


UK temporarily lifts ban on "neonic" pesticides

The government of Great Britain has announced that in some areas of the country it will be briefly legal for neonicotinoid pesticides to be used. According to BBC, the decision comes after British farmers made a second plea for relief due to the ban affecting their canola crop yields. 446 more words


Spelling More Trouble for The Bees

Spelling more trouble for bees everywhere, the government of the United Kingdom has temporarily lifted the ban on a Neocotinoid pesticide that has proven to be directly linked to their sharp decline in recent years. 89 more words