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Save the West Nile Virus!

Do not spray for mosquitos!  Do not patronize Monsanto!  Do what the Beige Family is doing:  Save the West Nile Virus for future generations!

Banning Neonicotinoid Pesticides Increases Pesticide Use

Some interesting insights out of New Zealand. The vice president of the country’s farming association, Colin Hurst, is quoted as saying if neonicotinoid pesticides are banned, it will result in even more sprayed pesticide use. 132 more words


“Bee” responsible with pesticide sprays

Horticultural crops cannot be produced commercially without the use of pesticides to manage the impacts of insects and pathogens. Growers recognize the importance of pollinators and in some cases, rely on bees for pollination. 1,287 more words

EU ban on bee-killing insecticides

The world’s most widely used group of insecticides will be banned from all fields within the next six months by the European Union. The use of neonicotinoids will be prevented in any manner with the aim of protecting important insect pollinators such as honeybees which are known to be vital for global crop pollination. 396 more words


From Europe: Bee harming insecticide now banned!

In a widely popular decision among environmental groups and scientists, the EU voted last week to ban all outdoor use of one of the world’s most popular insecticide-“neonics” or neonicotinoids. 888 more words


Glyphosate: A Hidden Villain?

This video gives the background about the man behind Glyphosate, why he is winning some of the highest honors in science despite environmentalist chemophobia about his invention, and why farmers use pesticides.


Ignore the Scare-Mongering About Pesticides

Every year Earth Day brings out a variety of termites and this year is no different. Lo and behold the so-called Environmental Working Group publishes its fourteenth annual… 436 more words