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The pros and cons of organic food.

In case this post is seized upon and deliberately misquoted by lobbyists for pesticide-soaked, conventional food produce, let me state at the outset that I’m a big fan of organic food. 650 more words



A girl that I work with was bitten by a black widow while working a few days ago.  Not a huge deal since it is SoCal where black widows, among other spider species, are common.  179 more words

Organic Living

Do You Drink LaCroix Sparkling Water? (LINK)

LaCroix Lawsuit Alleges Water Contains Ingredient Used In Cockroach Insecticide

“PHILADELPHIA (CBS Local) – A class action lawsuit has been filed against the parent company of the popular  70 more words

Moral Reads

Me and the Bee – An Environmental Love Story

Me and the Bee – An Environmental Love Story

By Kelly Dean

I’m one of those people who are too oblivious to tell when I’m being served a lesson. 2,807 more words


Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD): A problem for Ontario grapes?

SWD has been a challenge for berry growers in Ontario for several years.  In 2017, when the population increased earlier than normal, it caused losses in cherry crops.  760 more words


#Autism and #DDT: What one million #pregnancies can — and can’t — reveal (Nature, excerpt)

NEWS  / 16 AUGUST 2018

Autism and DDT: What one million pregnancies can — and can’t — reveal

by Sara Reardon

Mothers with high levels of the pesticide DDT in their blood during pregnancy are more likely to bear children who develop autism, according to a study of blood samples from more than one million pregnant women in Finland.

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I kill flies

Since the original release of this article (May 29, 2016), the multinational Bayer officially took over Monsanto. Therefore, I decided to update this article.

Continuously looking for a good balance between natural life in and with the 21st century, I like to use both traditional methods and modern techniques. 92 more words

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