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Carrot Weevil Control Update

Carrot weevil remains the most important insect pest to many Ontario carrot growers, and the amount of damage seems to be increasing in recent years. Carrot weevil females overwinter in the soil and plant debris and lay their eggs in cavities in the crown of the carrots. 724 more words

Pest Management

Preventing Yield Loss from Flea Beetles

Flea beetles are a common crop pest of crucifers in Ontario and overwinter as adults near the soil surface in debris and stubble from the previous crop. 599 more words

Pest Management

UK paper purports crop pesticide scare, conspiracy theory

You can always count on the UK Guardian to be a sturdy proponent of Left wing bias and a recent article the paper published on pesticides demonstrates this. 555 more words


Bugs Away

The whole basis of today’s beautifully written piece is bugs, insects, pests, errm another word for these, uuumm creepy crawlies, yuh those things, that’s what I’m getting onto here today. 651 more words


exposure to antibiotics and insecticides could cause metabolic and behavioral disorders

Epidemiological studies have revealed that early-life antibiotic exposure can increase the risk of developing immune and metabolic diseases, and rodent studies have shown that administration of high doses of antibiotics has long-term effects on brain neurochemistry and behaviour. 228 more words


The junk science behind Oregon's neonic pesticide ban

Oregon’s legislature is considering a bill, SB 929, that will restrict use of neonicotinoid pesticides. This comes with recent propaganda the press has gobbled up from the so-called Natural Resources Defense Council alleging… 368 more words


Ahimsa (A closer look at non-violence)

Ahimsa -अहिंसा- Non-violence. Don’t hurt anyone or anything.

Really don’t hurt anything? What if I kill a plant?  What about when I’m trying to get out of the train and no one wants to make room for me and I push through anyway using my purse as a shield? 537 more words