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Ants on the move

Whether it’s spring house cleaning or just colonizing new territory, the ants in my back yard are on the move.  After laying waste to large patches of lawn last summer… 363 more words

Wildlife Photography

#30DaysWild - Day 19 - Life (and death) among the buttercups

While wandering through a meadow I spotted a cluster of buttercups. I stopped to take a closer look and found a microcosm of life among the petals, with each flower having its own story to tell.

British Wildlife

WordPress (Pexels)...Why do You Have So Many Pictures Of Bugs Mating?!

Seriously! What’s up WordPress?! Why do you have so many pictures of bugs mating in your ‘free photos’ area?

If you have a WordPress account, go to the ‘free photos’ area and type in ‘bugs’.   488 more words


Writing Prompt: And the Cockroaches Shall Inherit the Earth

I ride the bus to school. The bus driver, and I notice the abandoned cars, boarded up buildings, and lack of people. I find a bunch of papers torn out of a lost translation of the bible about the last plague. 8 more words


Defenders of Wildlife News Release VOTE MAKES FOUR NATIVE BUMBLE BEE SPECIES CANDIDATES FOR LISTING UNDER CALIFORNIA ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT The California Fish and Game Commission has voted to begin the listing process for four native species of bumble bees as endangered, in an attempt to ensure their survival in the state.

17 more words

Byker Butterflies

Byker is a deprived area of East Newcastle. It’s main shopping street, Shields Road, was voted worst shopping street in England by some retail organization. However, because it is untidy and neglected, Byker Link is relatively good for invertebrates. 312 more words

Staying cool

Today has been a day to stay inside, where it’s cooler – and to allow my body to recover from yesterday a bit more.

Which means I’m feeling decidedly unproductive. 274 more words