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Photo of the Day: Bee-ootiful

The winds picked up well before the blizzard hit, and the pool noodle bumpers I’d made for the main gate were being blown away. On my way in and out, I grabbed them and quickly tossed them into the van. 84 more words

Photo Of The Day

Butterfly, October 22, 2019

Taken with my Samsung cell phone, September 25, 2019


Question Mark in October

When they keep their wings closed, some butterflies match their surroundings so well that they are almost invisible. Question Mark butterflies (Polygonia interrogationis) look like dead leaves and at this time of the year there are plenty of fallen leaves littering the landscape. 128 more words


Insect Profile: Asian Tiger Mosquito

Aedes albopictus

There are several ways to identify Asian Tiger mosquitos: black and white flecked bodies with a stripe down the back, the unusual habit of feeding during daylight hours, and until relatively recently, a tropical and subtropical distribution within Southeast Asia. 207 more words


Stranger Things: Katydid

Katydids are one of summer’s most ubiquitous creatures, yet we rarely see them. We sure hear them, though.

That beautiful (to my ears anyway) sound you hear all evening and night during warm weather is a katydid, which rubs its wings together to make its namesake sound. 124 more words

Stranger Things

The Insects are Coming!

The other day, we had a delivery scheduled at our home. A young man was directing the driver as he backed into our driveway when suddenly he yelled, “Stop!” He pointed up, and low and behold, there was a nest of bald-faced hornets hanging from a branch in the maple tree by our drive, about twelve feet from the ground. 576 more words

On Life

Bald-Faced Washing

Bald-faced Hornet licking the stonework. Getting salts and minerals?
Also, licking forelegs to groom antennae. Like a cat!
The grooming wasp was spotted Saturday in the sun. 13 more words