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With no hand to grasp for help

I don’t get it,

Perfect people don’t exist

So why do we expect it?

No one is perfect… 30 more words


Surely Insecure

This is me. The real me. No make-up, messy hair, no dressy clothes (mainly because I’m too lazy to look for some), just me. I usually don’t like to post pictures of myself looking like something from the ending of a horror movie, but that’s what I want to talk about. 913 more words


3/25/17 @ 11:30PM

Beauty is only skin deep

But why is it we only care about outward appearances first than the contents of a character?

Why must we judge a book first by its cover? 53 more words


Why Now?

Ok, SOOO…a parent’s nosy friend is over…the other parent went to the store, & with the nosy friend sitting right there, the parent says something about me going for a walk with them, which was fine, BUT then says something about their doctor saying something about me, & asks if I knew about it. 1,584 more words

The older I get...

There’s this phenomenon that has been occurring the older I get (keep in mind I’m still on 25) and I’m curious as to if ANYONE else is having this happen to them. 292 more words

Friday Night Vibes: The "Drake Just Gets Us" Edition


Truth be told; we all love Drizzy.  

Following the Saturday, March, 18 release of his highly anticipated, More Life playlist; Drake’s name has been at the tip of everyone’s lips. 371 more words


run and hide

Sometimes I think that I’m completely normal person. I’m a happy person right? What do I have to be upset about? Yeah I’m happy. Then something happens and all of the thoughts that make me think otherwise start swirling through my brain. 303 more words