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In an unguarded moment

Find me in an unguarded moment,
Find me when I’m me.
Talk to me when I’m sober and silent,
And you’ll love me for being me. 155 more words

Yesterdays BS sucks.

Yesterdays BS is making me feel uncomfortable. Fiancé doesn’t agree with the outcome. Sister doesn’t agree with the outcome. The pharmacist didn’t agree with it either. 243 more words


Be Fearless

I can’t sleep. So I decided to write something, anything. I like to keep it short, though. My posts aren’t the longest, I just feel like I don’t need a lot of words to make you understand what I mean or what I feel. 199 more words


Dear Diary - May 2015

Lately I have been a bit up and down.  Late in 2013 I was messaged by a karate instructor I had trained with and my goodness did I not just think he was the bees knees!  1,036 more words

Health And Fitness

Day 8 - all the feels 

today was a day of a lot of feelings. Mostly anger, annoyance and a bit of sadness. Well let’s get it all out there

1. People who are ALWAYS sharing quotes and motivational message all day everyday got me vomiting everywhere! 484 more words


Challenge accepted!

Arrogant person could be really irritating.

But guess what?

She is the most insecure person.

She will brag about the school where she graduated or where she is currently studying, because no one says “Hey, you’re intelligent!” Her facebook timeline is full of selfies because no one says “Hey, you’re beautiful!” She would usually boast about her accomplishments and would runt how unfair life is, because others seem to get the credits, because no one says, “Hey, you’re good enough!” 31 more words


Am I Chubby?


But for some reason I feel insecure… like all the time. Do all women have this problem??

My doctor says I’m healthy. When i’m alone in my bathroom, before my shower, looking at my body, I’m very comfortable in my own skin. 219 more words