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My insecurities

•fear of missing out and how people view me because of it (it’s not that deep)😂I’m just a little too nosey so I hate missing out on things. 413 more words


Back to Reality and Anxiety

So these past two weeks I have been mainly living in a van and traveling with my boyfriend and traveling around Southwest USA. During our trip, my anxiety and depression were pretty low. 475 more words


Dating Expectations (The Learning Curve)

For those well versed in dating apps and the modern dating world, you probably are familiar with how much expectations can mess with a date. I went on many first dates but second dates were few and far in between. 285 more words


My Crazy Childhood

I was born the third child of seven in a middle class family. My mother got sick shortly after I was born so I was passed around various family members for four years along with my older brother and sister until she was well enough to come and be our mother again. 1,041 more words


Sand Paper Moments

A discouraging day is it? Yeah, there are some of those, when everything that can go wrong does and when it’s all said and done, it’s all said and done and you can’t change it or make it different but you can shake it off, move on and make a difference. 253 more words



Naturally I’ve got insecurities. To be fair I don’t know why I said naturally, like I’m assuming it’s normal to be insecure sometimes. I don’t think it is normal to be insecure, I think we have been moulded that way to think it’s okay because society makes us insecure. 508 more words


Carpeted Stairs

Istanbul—think of it as a colour. Think of it as
a word to say when you don’t know what to say.

Imagine every human is a two-dimensional shape, and… 152 more words