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Toxic Best Friend

Dear toxic ex-best friend of mine,

Don’t act like things are ok between us. You’re selfish, ignorant, jealous and pathetic. You constantly make excuses for the little things that don’t need them. 407 more words

Ashling: My Blogs

Finding myself

I have wanted to make this article for a really long time but since this topic is very hard I was really lazy to do it but there you go! 629 more words


Certainties in Insecurities

As a 26 year old, anxious, new mother – there is not much that I am certain of these days. Everything is a second guess or an insecurity. 1,213 more words

Do You Have Difficulty Making Decisions?

A day is made up of hundreds of small decisions – I’ll wear this; I’ll buy this; I’ll have this for lunch; I’ll go here at 3’oclock; I’ll respond to this e-mail; I’ll delete this one. 496 more words



I’m tired of stumbling across insecure people who caption #ugly. I feel like they are casting out nets to fish for sympathy, reassurance and compliments. If you don’t think you’re perfect the way you are, who will? 166 more words


Ellie Vs. A Shirt. No, Seriously. A Shirt.

Dear lovely readers,

I have discovered that Missouri does not believe in Spring. We had 50 degree weather for the longest time, I left for a week to California, then I come back and it’s all high 80’s and JJ Abrams directed thunderstorms. 1,498 more words

What of death and beyond.

Have you ever had the feeling of someone was going to leave you?
Going to a faraway place, where you won’t be able to reach them again. 579 more words