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1. She may be the most beautiful, richest, most famous and most intelligent woman in the world yet still feels like the most insecure person she could ever be. 387 more words



As a person, I have a lot of insecurities… Maybe as a lady, too.

Maybe a lot of my friends think that I don’t have any insecurity issues in life, but the truth is it was natural for me to be insecure in a lot of things ever since I was a child. 206 more words


Your Java version is insecure

I have recently been assigned an issue to investigate, detailing that a version of Java we are wanting to rollout to the estate is throwing up the following dialog box (below). 485 more words


Why we need to learn to love who we are if we are ever going to like who we become .

Listen to ‘I’m every woman’ too many times and this is what happens.

The Lord bless Whitney may she rest in peace and the indomitable Chaka Kahn. 976 more words


Where I Learned I Was A Three

“Hold on. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate yourself? Not in terms of looks, but on how you see yourself as a person.” 2,374 more words

Must Be A Shade of Green - 2/18/15

You’re gross, and mean,

and, I’ve consented to none of it

by saying hello, just this once.

Never have I ever seen a grown man so… 11 more words

Your body after pregnancy

‘Your body after pregnancy will never be the same’, is very true to some extent. Women are different some women do not show much signs they were ever pregnant. 230 more words

Plant Based Diet