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Feeling Insecure Part 1

As you might tell by the title, I do feel that why. It all began when I moved to a new town. People here were different than the people I was used to. 305 more words

Body Image

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Apparently. And this beholder is not feeling particularly beautiful and to be honest I never have. I have never stood back and looked at myself in the mirror and thought ‘you look good’. 551 more words


Somewhere in this journey,
trust began to falter.
Falter under the pressure of change.
Change that has happened before
The same pattern that I’ve seen before. 180 more words



Hmm, this is a really random totaly off topic post but I felt I should really admit it even if anonymously (sort of). I’ve always found it really hard with people, if you invite me to something with a large group of people in going to say no make up some lame excuse and sit at home alone the majority of the time!! 630 more words


Rasa Setahun Kemarin

Setahun kemarin, aku masih menyukainya. Saat harapan masih mengayuh dan gerumulan perasaan yang kusimpan mencandu imaji. 365 hari yang lalu aku masih bermain dengan perasaanku sendiri hingga punggunya dapat kuraih.12 bulan kemarin bukanlah hal mudah untuk menghindari rasa sakit yang menyenangkan ini. 489 more words


KeOSz - Insecure

You may remember an interview we ran late last year with Slovakian producer & graphic designer, KeOSz.

If you don’t remember/haven’t seen it yet, however, then let me quickly surmise: incredible producer who cares not for what’s “in”. 68 more words



Unpretty is a great song by the group TLC, for anyone that has been told by anyone else they are not good looking. However, the only one that can make you feel less than deserving is yourself. 14 more words