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Validation of the Self - You're Doing It Wrong.

In today’s world of ‘everything right now!’ along with selfies, YOLO and “Love me the way I am,” I noticed something pretty interesting from a Facebook Post by a popular women’s page. 564 more words

Random Thoughts

Still Working Through It

I feel that I am over the part where I miss the relationship and have any hope or desire of wanting to get back together. HOWEVER, now I am dealing with a completely different aspect of post-breakup issues. 676 more words

Refuse the Shrink Wrap!

How many of us find that the older we get the more our lives seem to become smaller, as our comfort zone reduces in size until we become a walking add for a new product that could be titled, ‘Shrink Wrap Your Life For Greater Comfort, Security and Protection.’ In this scenario we find ourselves continually judging, complaining and ultimately rejecting any thoughts or ideas that are different from our own life experiences. 582 more words


Hello, my name is Insecure.

My fears of not being good enough are fed daily with the reassurance of in-adequateness. No matter what I do, how successful or happy, there is a line of negative self talk ready to pop my imaginary bubble. 160 more words


Positive Body Image and Confidence|Bridierose

Hello Everyone!

Before i get on to this blog post I wanted to apologise once again for the complete lack of posting. I say this pretty much every time I post but as I’m well and truly on my summer holidays and I haven’t posted a thing. 1,092 more words


Transference or plain stupid

My son had been ill over the weekend. A slight fever, nothing major but his cough got increasingly worse, so by Sunday night his breathing became difficult. 858 more words

Everything that is hidden must be found

So the other week I went to France with my school and it was amazing! I shared a room with my best friend Wiki (code names again sorry) (she’s super smart I’m mean oops). 333 more words