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Day 56

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all. Honestly, I’m having trouble how to start the topic for I feel uncomfortable opening up about this one. 1,061 more words

Daily Logs

One of My Muslim Friend on Facebook

I have a Muslim friend in my facebook friend list. We are friends on fb because we were in same college. Well we have made no exchange of any activities on fb except for accepting the friend request. 561 more words

Truth Of Life


She feels insecure and uncertain
its been days
its been weeks
no contact
she doesn’t need that person
she needs the security they give to her.


5 Common Mistakes That Make Any Relationship Fail Too Soon

1. Acting Insecure And Clinging

Becoming worried and insecure that the person you’re dating is going to take off, stop loving you or start pulling away emotionally will cause them to take off, stop loving you and pull away. 681 more words

Everyone should have friends like mine 

I have some of the very best friends a girl can ask for. I’ve been feeling insecure and my weight for the past few days and trying to find an outfit to wear to the concert didn’t help. 232 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Mean Girls.

I made friends with absolute bullies. They bully other housemates and are just mean. Now I’m part of the bully ‘clique’ but I take no part. 95 more words

mengucap alhamdulillah dengan cara ala-ala

“ngehek ngehek ciiin”. sumpret, ini kalimat pertama bukan gue yang nulis. temen gue men, mas gustha namanya. udah om-om berumur sih hyakk. males ngehapus aja sih.

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