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Jay Ellis Talks Role In ‘Like Cotton Twines’ & The Importance Of Fighting For Freedom

Like Cotton Twines, a new film premiering today on Urban Movie Channel (UMC), tells the harrowing story of Tuigi (Ophelia Dzidzornu), a young girl who is forced into slavery as a consequence of her father’s crime. 1,728 more words

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Insecure about your body?


I am sure that we have all had a moment where we looked at ourselves in the mirror and wished that something was different about our body. 942 more words

To The Ones Who Overthink

You’re lying in bed. The room is dark and your eyes are shut tight, but it doesn’t stop your mind from wandering still. You start to think about the past, the present, the future. 206 more words


Jameson 40% alcohol for young women at home, all alone.




my teeth

Everyone has insecurities, they’re like a childhood rag or teddy. You can’t ever seem to get the strength to get rid of them, even if you feel as though you have grown too much to continue to hold them tightly to your chest. 1,358 more words


Episode 8: Magical Mystery Ride.

  Exactly one year ago,  I took an uncomfortable Frontier flight to Los Angeles, California for a beyond overdue vacation. 

During that time, I was living in… 626 more words


Insecure Beauty 

You stare in the mirror

But cannot see

The radiance staring

Back at thee
Your beautiful curves

Defy your gaze

You don’t understand

All this praise… 31 more words