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The Surprising Cure to Insecurity

Who are the cool kids in your life? Even as an adult, I bet you can think of one or two people you always wish would sit next to you, laugh at your jokes, and invite you to their parties. 492 more words


Our Deepest Fear Is That...

Hello hello.

Welcome to my blog!

It’s our motivational Saturday today, so, I’ll be sharing with you this quote that’s comes to mind when 329 more words

Walls of Defense

Old fears came by to visit last night. Out of the blue, with no prior notice.

It’s been about 5-6 months since our last encounter. Man, I haven’t missed these stupid irrational fears. 208 more words



He had a scar extending from one side of his heart to the other.

How the scar came to be is painfully etched in the abyss of his memories, sometimes resurfacing, no matter how hard he tries to leave his past behind. 426 more words



Right now, in this moment, as I sit on my laptop typing away in bed, I am 22 years old. Time really flies by. If I live long enough to be an old man, then years and years from now I will look back at this very blog post and reflect on the nostalgia of today. 48 more words

Dear Younger Me, Just Because

Dear Younger me,

Just because a man is good, kind, handsome, Godly, etc., and you are also a pretty darn good catch, doesn’t mean you’ll end up together. 68 more words

Here’s My Truth! Where’s Yours?

I haven’t always been encouraging or inspiring. I haven’t always been kind either. I was one of those individuals that required a certain amount of attention from others, instead of from myself. 516 more words