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Insecurity And Physical/Emotional Digestion

if I were more beautiful,
maybe you would see me,
and I hate to sound petty and simple,
and I hate to be unempowered,
but I can’t deny that I think about throwing up my lunch… 216 more words


Karen lay awake but exhausted in the dark of the night that would very soon give way to dawn.  Another sleepless night given over to imagination running wild in the fields of possibility that lay open in her tortured mind.  629 more words



Pernah gak sih, ngerasa sepi padahal punya banyak temen?

Atau, pernah gak kepikiran kalo sebenernya temen-temen kamu tuh terpaksa bergaul sama kamu?
Bisa karena kasian atau takut kamu marah. 274 more words


Weekend Wrinkle: Hello, Mona!

Welcome to the launch of Weekend Wrinkle. Each Friday, Weekend Wrinkle will offer tidbits of advice, look at ideas about the writing process, or give writers a little something to ponder over the weekend. 177 more words


Precarious work is everywhere 

I’ve just finished reading Isabell Lorey’s State of Insecurity: the Government of the Precarious – a theory heavy but thought provoking book on capitalism and the politics of work. 456 more words

The light bulb went off

So the light bulb went off while surfing Pinterest last night, which I tried to quit because it is such a time sucker, but i just had to have a hit.   350 more words


Wikipedia Poem, No. 58

“an investigation a piston someone investigating
the dark corners and brown plottings”

         The court doing made his 
soul wicked behavior 
met in the courtroom  Both had 
    tear to draw on 
         joined the child 
preparing to take plot orders
 in Syria
     only living men 
	who had 
  an investigation 
          a piston someone investigating  
          the dark corners 
      and brown plottings We 
          wicked his visa
had similar work and 
    mass execution 

  to the country
     into clouds