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BFFs, Heartbreaks and silence.

They say if a friendship lasts for more than 7 years, it is likely to last a lifetime.
Well, friendship that lasts a lifetime is bound to have its own roller coaster rides. 385 more words

#anger Management


I feel empty, but I could explode at any second. I am a balloon, not filled with air, but filled with pressure, hatred, jealousy, and many insecurities. 153 more words


Boko Haram attack caps week of bloodshed in Nigeria

At least five worshippers were killed in Sunday’s attack as they were entering the church in Potiskum in the north-east of the country.

The Islamist extremists of Boko Haram have carried out a six-year campaign of violence in Nigeria’s northeast. 201 more words


Is security an illusion?

Textbooks are considered to be one of the ‘safest’ things in the world. But the irony here is that most of the stuff in the textbooks is about people who didn’t really follow any tried and test formulas! 540 more words


Miniature Freckle [Color By Words]

This is my entry for the COLOR BY WORDS challenge by J.T. Carlton. The words I picked for this challenge are: miniature freckle. 362 more words


Sirs, Hoteps, & Uncle Tom Kinda Love

I looked at him with boredom

Because I saw right through him

And knew what philosophies he would project upon

My black female body

I was here for his needs only… 79 more words



It’s kind of a funny thing actually.

The older you get, the more secure you become.
But the times you need it the most, we tend to feel the most insecure. 65 more words