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Here I Am, Lord...but, do you REALLY need me?

At the Episcopal School of Dallas, we used to sing a hymn that had an impact on most of us, regardless of our faith or disbelief. 373 more words

5 Years Old

As a child, you didn’t want a bedtime, you wished you could eat anything you liked and you “forgot” to do your chores. At least that’s what many children do. 130 more words


Second day on Citalopram

I went to the doctor like I said. I was assigned citalopram, which I hunched sadly and another short working calming drug. I started with citalopram, this is my second day now. 159 more words

Insecurities about marriage

I’ve been in a weird place for a while. In my previous post I mentioned some of the things that have been bothering me lately. But I wanted to talk about some things that haunt me during the day and night, and that’s my insecurities. 1,918 more words



It hurt to say out loud and through tears, I blurted out “God, I just feel so unremarkable. Mediocre. Forgettable.”

Save me the compliments, that isn’t why I share. 1,250 more words


Why I Love Life Drawings...

… because unlike photography, which is where your body is shown as it appears through the camera, whereas life drawings depict your body through the perception of the artist (and since there’s no expectation for you to be a sexy model in life drawing, there’s no motivation for an artist to render flattering images of you):


Insecurity and Personal Growth

Happy Saturday everyone!

This post is a more personal one. Some of you may relate to this, others may not. With so many big changes recently happening in my life, thoughts of insecurity and fear of the unknown have often come to my mind. 1,332 more words