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The God Who Breaks Me

Hallelujah and Amen.

I praise you and I stand in agreement with your will.

A few months ago (what seemed like a lifetime ago) I stepped foot on Kids Across America kamp for the first time ever. 574 more words

I Will Never Get Asked To Homecoming Or Prom.

As your reading the title your probably getting ready to swarm me with talks of self-esteem, however, I don’t make that statement based on low self-esteem. 838 more words

Student Tips/ Stories

Be right back; I'm out being a hoe.

Never had ‘Johntez’ felt more alive than he did at that time. “This is incredible!” he exclaimed under his breath.

Or so he convinced himself. 1,125 more words

Mental Wellness

Rejecting Sin

Today’s post is going to be a bit different, simply because I feel as though God wants me to talk about something that many of us have buried deep inside of us. 2,327 more words


Cloudy with a chance of grumbling

I have been working around the Hubby’s work schedule this week. His schedule is anything but Monday – Friday, 8 – 5, so I can blame him for this week’s delay.  520 more words


loose ends

The house has been empty and quiet this week with Miss L spending time with her dad & his fam, so I’ve been a bit at loose ends. 524 more words


Mourning another version of yourself

PSA: This thing is all over the place and sufficiently vague, because I just needed to get some stuff out. Tread carefully.

It’s easy to dream about a future. 590 more words

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