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Stand Up!

I recently got a word from God that was actually really hard to hear. He commanded me to “Stand up!” and leave insecurity behind. That it was time to walk in my identity and no longer question my value. 948 more words

Faith And Life


Never had I been called beautiful. Ever since I had become conscious of my looks and of how others saw me as, I had never thought of myself as beautiful. 240 more words


#1336 - Burger Time

TheWife is the go-to person for family gathering food preparation. She makes amazing food, but always worries it isn’t great.

Sketch A Day

And People Wonder Why I Am The Way I Am...

My folks haven’t seen my hair since I had it colored until today.

My sister had seen it and cast her vote. Not in the positive. 324 more words

The negative experiences you have been through can all be of great value to you!

You can choose to let what happened be the reason you break down or you can choose to let what happened inspire you to now improve your thinking and find your inner strenght. 36 more words

How To Allow

To All Depths

Follow me To All Depths, my journey to accept each emotion that makes me a full being. Look out for bi-weekly developments, each grazing a depth of the human experience.

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Poem: Insecure Lobster


We have no


You might think you’re a crab

Or thick-shelled lobster

Or some indomitable pachyderm

With sandpaper skin

But that soft-flesh

Can always be pried out… 85 more words