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I Made a Mistake

Last night, I came home from work and that is when it happened.

I make it a point to never look too closely in the mirror. 362 more words

From The Mouths Of Babes

So I’m sitting here in the quiet of the evening wondering what my next step will be.
Tonight my Son, The Boy, completely yanked on my heart strings and crumbled my strongly built (or so I thought) “Wall Of Self Protection And Loathing” in one totally beautiful and loving sentence. 907 more words

Part II - Why Mothers Mother Differently

My previous post on this topic offered some flowery descriptions about why we mother differently. It’s definitely because God created us uniquely. Just as orchids are regal and wildflowers are untamed, so also some moms are poised and others are more animated. 343 more words

Mothering Trials

Have You Felt Invisible?

Have you ever felt invisible?

Even though you were in a room with people who knew you?

I remember a little girl in kindergarten. One day, during recess, she went to the edge of the playground and sat with her back to her peers. 342 more words


The Clock-Watcher's Punch In The Gut

Last Monday, as I taught my graduate seminar on The Nature of Law, one of the students in attendance turned to look at the clock: we still had some forty-five minutes to go in a two-hour meeting. 504 more words

Teaching Philosophy

My Country is More Important than Yours

We Kenyans need to stop scapegoating Somali refugees. You know the phrase “blaming the victim”? It’s often used when rape victims are blamed for wearing “revealing” clothes, being out late at night, meeting the wrong people, partaking in alcohol, etc. 383 more words


In Security

Being engaged has given me a sense of security that I was not expecting. I felt secure in my relationship already. We had talked about the future many times together, and I felt positive and confident about us as a team. 1,049 more words