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Mental Health

I have been neglecting this blog for a while, but now I actually need this as a lifeline. I need to write down how I feel as part of my “self therapy”.   872 more words



I don’t know which is a bigger knock to my pride:
The beaches in Bali covered in gorgeous South American beauties with bodies toned from yoga and surfing, and tanned from the sun. 527 more words

Spiritual Growth

What’s the secret to self confidence? (I have no idea!)

You know, there’s always something I’ve wondered about self confidence. How is it that some people are full of it and others barely scrape enough to get out of the house? 306 more words

Enjoying the joy!

So today I was thinking, I haven’t written in my blog in a couple of days.  How can I be a writer if I don’t write?     376 more words

Insecurity of getting older

OK so I feel very scared blogging this but it needs to be put out there. I am sure a lot of women can relate. I think this has insecurity has been created in us by some (not all) men and society who tell us constantly that our worth is tied in with our looks and youth. 415 more words


An Identity Crisis Pt. 1

Is anyone really as confident as they seem?

Or if we are honest, do we all struggle with insecurity to some degree?

Most of the time I come across very confident…bold, outgoing, friendly, enthusiastic…sometimes I even fool myself. 720 more words

God Ponderings