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Young Love, and Feeling Worthy

Put her on a pedestal,
Make her something far better
than you think you are.
Expect her to complete you,
Correct your flaws,
Make you perfect. 139 more words


Giving Up


Self-love is a necessity in this superficial world. I decided to write this to try and visualise how life would turn out if one neglected themselves, past professional satisfaction, for too long. 846 more words

Original Fiction

168 Guys - Guy #12

Gandalf at a Tupperware party…

Picture yourself a private pool in a remote garden, late at night, filled with six guys, two of which are couples that start making out. 113 more words

talking to my counselor...

There’s a blog on here called¬†https://journeytostrengthblog.wordpress.com/, which you should check out if you haven’t. Even though I’m not the best at reading blogs, this one’s my favorite. 195 more words

Thoughts And Rants

Insecurities and Negativety

Lets just get this clear everyone has insecurities it could  be the hottest person alive or a celebrity. Truth is no one is perfect we all just want to fit in somehow because we want to feel good about ourselves and maybe even want others to feel that way about us too. 466 more words


Where you are

You are with purpose.

Often the process

Makes us ponder

It’s validity.

Let’s not turn a comma

Into a question mark

Lean in; 16 more words