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Never apologize for being insecure in love. We are all insecure about our loved ones. And if love needs to be maintained, reassurances have to be given (again and again.) I don’t believe in detached love. 330 more words


Weight a minute!

No no I know how to spell wait, I just thought it would be funny and a good way to show what this post is actually going to be about. 723 more words


Some years ago I had the privilege of writing a book entitled The Coming Glory of the Church and the Next Wave of God. In it I describe a revival that will sweep the earth with unprecedented power and glory. 1,175 more words


Where is it?, Poetry by Celine

Genre: Love, Insecurity, Self-Worth

Where is it?
by Celine

I promised her the world

but merely gave her a branch of a tree

Told her of places, we wished to take… 81 more words


Today is not my day, the 28th of May.

I need to be asked if I am doing okay. If someone from my family does ask me that, I’d tell them yes. But to you guys, I confess-No. 398 more words


I hate New Beginnings, Like Really Hate Them

I have a bit of a rant today, and I know that it has been a very long time since you’ve heard from me. Do you want to know why? 1,676 more words


Just a reminder – husband went on his first date last Thursday. I was a wreck half the time. Not all of the time. You can read about in the previous post. 795 more words