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Sporadic Uprisings In The Rwenzori Region

Originally posted for The Organization for World Peace at http://theowp.org/sporadic-uprisings-in-the-rwenzori-region/

Kasese is a district in the western region of Uganda bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 532 more words

learning to believe

I wish I wasn’t so anxious and insecure. My feelings of anxiety and insecurity come out of nowhere. It’s so peculiar and embarrassing. I second-guess everything. 183 more words

writings!: ode to kyra


brown hair in the sun shines red-gold flute playing witch notes rising higher meets the sun

too smart for her own good

too insecure to feel good… 101 more words


Dad Insecurity

Here I was, having a great day and feeling like I was a pretty dang good dad. Then Jason Momoa, of Game of Thrones and Aquaman fame, decided to drop a short film (Carhartt ad) detailing his desire to be a good father and being a force for good in the lives of his children. 504 more words


A DIFFERENT TAKE ON BEAUTY (From Ugly Duckling To Confused Swan)

I was born in 1973, born five minutes after me was my fraternal twin sister. There is a picture of us only a few weeks old where it appears she is trying to punch me in the face. 874 more words


Emotional tension

Often, we find, here and there, siblings who are diseased by emotional maladjustments.
They barely walk. They crawl. They do not dialogue. They worship the complaint and the lamentation. 399 more words



I won’t murder my humanity

To run from the tortures of life and Love

I will embrace the pains and fall down on my knees… 192 more words