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Stone wall [autistic poetry]

This piece of autistic poetry was inspired by a combination of how I feel in crowded spaces and the song “Teller” by Throwing Muses (link to album cover-only video) (Throwing Muses and their lead singer Kristin Hersh rock my world! 184 more words


Little Things that we don't Notice

When I lost her, I lost my home and sense of safety.” – Maiko Newell

Humans are born with the built in mechanism that is responsible for not noticing specific things. 475 more words


While growing up I was never really the person who would be interested in makeup whatsoever. In middle school were the golden days of the internet for me. 862 more words


Permission slip

Dear self,

Please excuse yourself from perfectionism today. You have my full permission to be fearless, write from the heart, and to be productive in a way that is indifferent to the evaluation and criticism of yourself or others. 61 more words


Ravings Eight: Hourglass

A corseted swim wear? Is there such a thing?
Anything to reshape my bulky figure.
And of course, I have to hide the “bulk”.
Any corset to suck me in at my waist to create that coveted hourglass figure… 22 more words


When it is so in your face you don't know what to do

Always be kind to yourself, and be extra kind, loving and pampering to yourself when you feel bad. No matter what has happened or how in your face the unwanted experiences might be – the best thing you can choose to do is to show yourself MORE LOVE. 65 more words