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A Slam Short of the Homer Cycle

Given that there have been so few 4 home-run games, the odds of hitting for the Home-Run Cycle in a game are pretty slim. In fact, it’s something that has never happened in a major league baseball game, making it perhaps the rarest feat in the game. 84 more words

Seattle Mariners


Let’s all take a (quick) moment to appreciate this nifty record box from ttl (Turntable Lab). Ahh. Glorious.


Protector for Life

Good records (and to a certain extent, the bad ones too) need comfortable, protective, and in this case, relatively dapper sleeves. Pfantone, it appears, deals more in the preamp world these days, but back in the day, they were successful manufacturers of long wear, no tear, poly record sleeves. 32 more words


The Exciting Way to Enjoy the Music You Want

Full color insert from RCA Records, circa: 1970-ish. Stereo 8 cartridge tapes were all the rave (and still are in some corners), so it’s good to see the LP / 8-track love split on this beautiful insert… and with an illustrated stereo 8 catalog for only a quarter, how could anyone go wrong?