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Motivating Faculty to Teach Online

By Marie Norman

Online education continues to grow (though the breakneck pace seems to have slowed a bit of late) and an increasing number of college and university students… 267 more words

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Are MOOCs Working for Us? (Part 2)

By Kristen Eshleman

This post is the second in a four-part series on MOOC research at Davidson College. We began with “why,” laying out the rationale for leading with a qualitative and residentially focused study. 406 more words

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Tales from a MOOC, Part 1

By Lee Skallerup Bessette

I’m currently taking a MOOC through Canvas on Blended Learning. I’ve been sitting on this particular piece for a while about my previous experience taking MOOCs. 267 more words


The Voodoo That MOOCs Do

By Ryan Craig

Young people often have a very different perspective. Consider that one of the most viewed, highest revenue producing channels on YouTube is DisneyCollectorBR. 231 more words

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Learning From MOOCs

By Marie Norman

I’ve been working recently with a faculty member who is turning his thermodynamics course into a massive open online course, or MOOC. Working on this project, I’ve noticed that MOOCs have distinctive features that can help instructors avoid certain instructional pitfalls while simultaneously steering them in the direction of others. 278 more words

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Translating MOOCs

By Stella Li

In May 2014, former HarvardX research fellow Sergiy Nesterko created an interactive map that showed learner registrants hailing from 195 countries—and, yet, the majority of them came from English-speaking ones. 365 more words

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2015 Survey of Chief Academic Officers

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