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An Obscene Use of $400 Million by Dr. Walter Kimbrough

Inside Higher Ed today published a new article in which Dr. Walter Kimbrough challenged and question the recent $400 million gift to Harvard University and what this wealthy gift means to wealthy universities. 35 more words

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The Invisible Learners Taking MOOCs

By George Veletsianos

“Anyone, anywhere, at any point in time will be able to take advantage of high quality education.”

That could be a tagline from just about any enthusiast or provider of open online courses (often called MOOCs). 318 more words

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Alumni Relations and Social Media

Since my group is seeking to strengthen the relationship between Marist and their alumni, I have been doing a lot of research on ways in which other colleges or universities do so. 219 more words

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ASU = edX's 'Cleaner'

By John Warner

Thanks to Inside Higher Ed reporter Carl Straumsheim, we now know that the edX/Arizona State contract for the pending “Global Freshman Academy” initiative, through which ASU intends to MOOC-ify a year’s worth of general education credits, contains another interesting little tidbit. 301 more words

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ASU / edX GFA Partnership

By Joshua Kim

Comments on the IHE stories about the ASU/edX partnership appear to be running strongly to the critical. I’d like to make a start at enumerating our IHE community’s concerns, and to then offer some counterarguments. 380 more words

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What Problem Are ASU and EdX Solving?

By Matt Reed

Maybe it’s me. But I’m just not grasping the ASU/edX MOOCs-for-credit thing.

According to Carl Straumsheim’s piece in IHE, a student who enrolls in one (or more) from a specific set of MOOCs offered through edX will have the option of paying a $45 fee for identity verification, followed by a $200 per credit fee to Arizona State, to have the MOOC performance translated into academic credit by and for ASU. 218 more words

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To MOOC or Not to MOOC?

By Venkat Viswanathan

That is the question. Except it wasn’t really a question for me. I decided to teach a MOOC even before I taught my first college course. 332 more words

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