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An inside job

Happiness cannot be found outside of ourselves, e.g. in fame, sex, money, children, houses, high office or anything else. Happiness is an inside job. It’s the recognition of our innermost self. Of love.

Keith Ashford

Loyalty Deserves Respect

Respect your well being enough to move on when the time is right.  Don’t let your loyalty become abused.  Be strong enough to let go and let god take over.  33 more words

Let Winter Begin!

I’m a summer person.  I like part of fall and much of spring, but this time of year is tough for me.

See, I’m a Southerner by birth.  410 more words

Life Experience


A Sad Story

She told me she never liked school, despised her university studies and hated her job. She was counting down the days until her retirement. 791 more words


An Inside Job

My happiness should not depend on what others say and do;

They’re not there to fix me, nor to make my dreams come true.

I should not rely on affirmations to fill this hole inside, 43 more words