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Revisiting the Big Lie of 911

Excellent investigative journalism by Christopher Bollyn with irrefutable evidence… which is why nobody espousing the official narrative wants to talk about it!

The truth shall set you free.


Inside Job

The only thing we truly control in this world is our thoughts, yet almost daily many of us relinquish that control to others. It’s usually never a conscious thought, but it happens nonetheless. 777 more words

Nobody Raises His Own Reputation By Lowering Others

We are going to meet many different kinds of people in the program. They come from all economic and social strata. Politically we are a diverse group. 197 more words

Econ Mom visits a doctor

I was feeling a bit breathless and wound up. From a variety of friends, I got only one response. “I think you’re working too hard. You need to relax.” And from the one quack in my life, Hubby, I got a variety of responses ranging from “It could be the pollen count” and “OMG, is it asthma?” and “You are working too hard” to “You need to talk less” and “You definitely need to argue less.” Hmmmm. 791 more words

Random Mad Thoughts

5D Love Report: Final Blood Moon: Anchoring Unity Creation ~ Sept. 25, 2015

Happy belated equinox dear people of HEART!

We may have merely survived another season of ascension, but the one that follows promises to be unlike ANY other…in the history of everness. 1,292 more words

The Notorious Banned FOX 9/11 News Footage Linking Israeli Mossad

This FOX news report was aired then immediately blacklisted and removed from the Fox archives right after 9/11. Therefore, a lot of people still have never seen this information and it is a must see for understanding the first step in the process of unfolding this false flag operation.