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if you can’t see your beauty
wear it

all last week
I felt ugly
until Friday
when I wore makeup

maybe it helps
to get “dolled up” 20 more words


Kim Kardashian's Paris Robbery, Likely An 'Inside Job'.

Kim Kardashian and hubby Kanye West suffered the worst celebrity robbery of the decade after losing over $10 million to Paris raiders in police uniforms and ski masks. 347 more words


Kim K's Paris robbery - Police say it smells like an inside job

Paris cops believe Kim Kardashian’s robbery could be an inside job. Read the TMZ report below…

Sources involved in the case tell us … police and the Kardashian family don’t believe it was a coincidence that Kim was bodyguard-less at the time the robbers showed up and somehow made their way into her apartment … they think the robbers were tipped off it was the right time to strike. 199 more words


Kim Kardashian robbed in Paris France

while i can’t stand no Kim Kardashian or that overrated no talented family of hers

and i don’t think much of Kayne west as a Artist, still i would never wish nothing bad on anybody. 105 more words


Deplorable Facebook Jews and Freemasons Censors 9/11 Inside Job Article


The official 9/11 story is clearly a lie. Anybody who questions the official narrative has been labeled a conspiracy theorist etc.. but it is painfully obvious that there are serious questions about what really happened that day. 257 more words

Daily News

Reports Conclude Israel Helped Plan 9/11 Attacks on America

Prior to 9/11, FOX News was well known for aggressive investigative news reporting. But following 9/11 America was ordered into a fascist security lock-down where all networks and print media increasingly fell under the authoritarian censor of… 931 more words



I want to start off by giving my respect to those who lost their loved ones in this horrendous tragedy.

Now, a few days ago I saw an interesting post on Instagram which showed a picture of 3 African-Americans being lynched on one side and on the other side a picture of the twin towers. 342 more words