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Deplorable Facebook Jews and Freemasons Censors 9/11 Inside Job Article


The official 9/11 story is clearly a lie. Anybody who questions the official narrative has been labeled a conspiracy theorist etc.. but it is painfully obvious that there are serious questions about what really happened that day. 257 more words

Daily News

Reports Conclude Israel Helped Plan 9/11 Attacks on America

Prior to 9/11, FOX News was well known for aggressive investigative news reporting. But following 9/11 America was ordered into a fascist security lock-down where all networks and print media increasingly fell under the authoritarian censor of… 931 more words



I want to start off by giving my respect to those who lost their loved ones in this horrendous tragedy.

Now, a few days ago I saw an interesting post on Instagram which showed a picture of 3 African-Americans being lynched on one side and on the other side a picture of the twin towers. 342 more words

Long-Term Unemployment: Some Economists Discourage the Unemployed, Ignore, and Add to, Pain of Unemployment

Overall, the notion of relying on wealthy Ph.D. economists to be the go-to figure on every social activity must end. Economics is a narrow field; noise expansion leads the profession to unacceptable error and failure. 319 more words


IPPE 2016: Video Assignment for Week 36

Dear IPPE 2016 students,

As I will be away from Wednesday to Friday this week (September 7-9) please watch the documentary movie Inside Job and then complete the following form (by Friday 9th September).