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About that blog description

It was always a joke, sort of a tongue in cheek ode to “I got a head with no screws in it” 2Pac gave back in “Hail Mary.” I have a head full of random thoughts, possibilities, and questions always churning, I navigate my day not by getting my head on straight but by directing my mind in the direction of my current task and letting the current carry me there. 432 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Lock and Key

I’ve got a secret

and it’s hidden in my bones.

It twists and climbs my veins.

When the pin pricks flesh

My secret unfolds.

I’ve got a secret and it written on this page. 29 more words

Brain Matter

Ohio St.

Oh, the wonders of the world!

How do the people of this concrete wasteland survive?

How is it that my path collided with yours?

You asked me today–“How did you not know I would come into your life?” 55 more words

Inside My Mind


Its been twenty-four years

Twenty-four years of memories

Twenty-four years of love

Its been six years

Six years since my adult life started

Six years on my own… 77 more words

Inside My Mind

It's been awhile

My sister dropped off milk and honey and told me I needed to read it. After three days of it sitting on the windowsill–I decided to read it. 59 more words

Brain Matter

How I Expected to Spend New Years Eve


Failure to succeed, devastates you.  Success in all fronts, puts you over the moon.  And anything in-between leaves you in limbo.  But what about those times where you fail and end up under the moon and on a star?   638 more words




Now I know everyone is saying how bad 2016 was and while I will agree that there was a lot of bad things that happened I wouldn’t say it was all bad! 1,033 more words