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Throwback Thursday(Non Traditional)

Usually for throwback thursday I dig up an old post I was working on, find the last date it was edited, add it to the title and viola throwback thursday post. 2,716 more words


Macerunner.. or just lost?

My mind is a mace. I’ve entered with no way of finding my way back to where I got in and now I gotta find another way out. 94 more words

My Life


There is a rumor that comedian Bill Bellamy in a recent interview probably promoting his new show said “BOOTY is not a gift,” since you know it was close to Valentine’s Day and of course everyone knows that both men and women look for gifts for folks. 1,524 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Why Some People Fear Death while Others Do Not?

I will be quite straightforward. Because death is the end of everything about you: all you have known, all your memories, all your experiences. What is the point going through the days of our life, learning, if… one day we will die anyway? 239 more words

Inside My Mind

Anxiety, depression, weight loss and compartmentalizing. 

People who’s been reading my blog might have seen that when I write about my ongoing weight loss journey I don’t mention my mental health. And when I write about anxiety and depression I don’t mention weight loss. 188 more words

My Life

The Echo of Contemplative Suffering

This never-ending cloud of dread above my head will not leave me.  My body aches all over and my eyes are closing at every opportunity. 1,185 more words


From suicidal ideation to grateful courgettes.

Write, delete, write, delete.  Edit, edit, edit.

What am I wanting to write?  So many thoughts racing through my mind.  The  ones that say that I can’t write what is in my mind because they are too negative…that I should be writing positively.   739 more words