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Risky Business

*ring ring*


“Hey Jodi! We have an available assistant fashion stylist job for you if you’re interested.”

UH! YES I AM!!!!

So to start off my new year, I resigned from my cashier job at Tootsies, and accepted to be an assistant stylist at AAFES, the place I interned. 116 more words

Inside My Mind

Everything I learned about Romance came from Rom-Coms

I’ll be the first to admit I am a hopeless romantic. I will also be thew first to admit that I know basically nothing about romance. 586 more words


I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a long time. I have been so very busy! I am now a senior in high school, and so much has happened. 129 more words

Inside My Mind

"Man, I am happy I got that self manicure set" and other thoughts that prove I am straight

- Pretty Girl Rock is my Jam!

– Oh my god that kitten is the most adorable thing ever

– I got my hair done quickly today, it only took 8 minutes. 103 more words

penchant for running

2014 felt like a story that started mid-climax, backtracked to a sloppy beginning, and finished without an ending. Or a taxi ride where you land a shady driver who doesn’t stop where you ask, drives down roads you don’t recognize, all to a soundtrack you think you recognize until you realize you don’t know it at all. 1,575 more words

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