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pouring out

a penny for your thoughts. but nevermind, because now you’re stuck with just mine.

so life right now? kind of like this giant bungee cord with intense excitement at one end and equal terror at the other. 712 more words

Inside My Life

So Blessed

Yesterday I had the most amazing opportunity to travel to Kansas and see my “brother”. I think the last time I saw him was this summer on the 4th of July. 142 more words

Inside My Mind

Risky Business

*ring ring*


“Hey Jodi! We have an available assistant fashion stylist job for you if you’re interested.”

UH! YES I AM!!!!

So to start off my new year, I resigned from my cashier job at Tootsies, and accepted to be an assistant stylist at AAFES, the place I interned. 116 more words

Inside My Mind

Everything I learned about Romance came from Rom-Coms

I’ll be the first to admit I am a hopeless romantic. I will also be thew first to admit that I know basically nothing about romance. 586 more words


I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a long time. I have been so very busy! I am now a senior in high school, and so much has happened. 129 more words

Inside My Mind

"Man, I am happy I got that self manicure set" and other thoughts that prove I am straight

- Pretty Girl Rock is my Jam!

– Oh my god that kitten is the most adorable thing ever

– I got my hair done quickly today, it only took 8 minutes. 103 more words

penchant for running

2014 felt like a story that started mid-climax, backtracked to a sloppy beginning, and finished without an ending. Or a taxi ride where you land a shady driver who doesn’t stop where you ask, drives down roads you don’t recognize, all to a soundtrack you think you recognize until you realize you don’t know it at all. 1,575 more words

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