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I woke up in super crappy mood today. I’ve had a great weekend and have no reason to feel rubbish but I can only think the issues I’ve been dealing with throughout the week have affected me more than I’ve realised. 183 more words

Inside My Mind

was i right

when i told you i was too broken
for you to love?



When one sees a calm sea/river/lake/stream or any sort of water body they automatically believe that all is well with it.

Have you ever wondered whether it is the same beneath that calm surface? 197 more words

Inside My Mind

Goals of a Modest Poet

My goal is to be
your favorite Poet’s
favorite Poet.

My goal is to be
well hella known
‘n totally know it.

My goal is to… 205 more words

Inside My Mind.


I have made a discovery, and this is what I have found: the words you use to describe who you are, these words you accept as truth, they incorrectly depict who you are in reality. 118 more words


Behind the Masks

I have these masks I put on every day, which mask I decide to put on each day depends on the occasion. Who will be there also plays a large factor in who I decide to be that day. 888 more words



The rain had threatened to pour. And it did. As a force of habit, I carried my umbrella to shield me from the downpour. I was headed to the city center. 302 more words

Inside My Mind