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Fall Bucket List

Every year I always have so many things I want to do and while I do tend to do some of them I have never been able to do everything I would like so what I am going to do is share my fall list and around the end of October early November I will then have another post showing pictures and maybe videos of all the things I did from my list. 256 more words



there is an untold history simmering
inside of me
where do i find the words
to share it


There's a story to everything, take a moment, look around.

Nearly 3 million people live in the St. Louis area, with many businesses and sights to see! Let’s have a look inside this eclectic city, and its vast diverse people.   43 more words


I’m not really known
for being open
but with you I tried


Things will be a little busier over here

I am trying to set up the 500th post for my Blogspot  I want it to be something spectacular(IE I am really about to be fucking stalled), so of course I can’t post anything else there until I get done. 1,066 more words

Thinking Out Loud

August Bark Box 2017

There are so many kinds of monthly subscription boxes out there that you can get and if you’re new here then be sure to check out my other subscription box I get… 908 more words


Fast Forward Weekend

Monday’s work day taunts
me this Sunday evening –
my weekend flew by