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Performa Kelompok: Dua Determinan

Mengapa kita bergabung dalam kelompok? Ada banyak alasan mengapa. Kita bergabung dalam kelompok pertemanan karena menyenangkan berkumpul bersama mereka. Kita bergabung dalam kelompok identitas tertentu karena kita merasa sebagai satu kesatuan dengan orang-orang itu. 2,109 more words

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Why I Quit Blogging


you have fears that keep coursing through your mind and no matter what you do they’ll never leave unless you deal with them head on. 834 more words



when i was young and bored in school, i’d take an index card and work it back and forth between my fingers until it was worn down to the texture of a course kleenex. 547 more words

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The Haunted Gender Bedroom

Remember the original Poltergeist movie? The one with the haunted bedroom scene in which psychic investigators encounter – without wishing to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it – quite a significant learning opportunity? 369 more words

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Cat Costume

With tomorrow being Halloween and now that I live in a town I get to hand out candy! This is very exciting for me because growing up in the country everyone would go to the nearest town. 611 more words


Words and their Tricks..

What’s it with words that is so special and unique?

What’s it with what we feel and who we are, which is sometimes so hard to explain, that words fail to give it shape, meaning, a sense of realness? 531 more words

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Cold Weather Lazy Day

I love a good ol’ lazy day! I don’t know many people who don’t. I find there are rules tho in order to have a good one! 347 more words