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Inside the Industry | Beauty and its Beasts

Working in the beauty industry, you get to meet all kinds of interesting characters. By no means is it the Devil Wears Prada world of fashion (in my experience, anyway), but you do come by some rather intense egos. 387 more words

Beauty Blogger

Tasting Summer

I am happy to be back helping at Tree House Kitchen, getting ready for Chef Nancy Henley’s next season of cooking classes. We have been collaborating on recipes for teaching and general inspiration. 150 more words


Op-ed: Plus-Size Pin-Ups

After amassing a global fan following of close to a million, a cover of People’s ‘Body Issue’  and a contract with a major modelling agency, Tess Holliday is receiving praise for redefining beauty. 546 more words


Life after Fashion School

…and how to make the most of your degree if you’re still an undergrad.

It’s graduation time, and while the first assemblage of students to pay higher university tuition fees graduate into what is predicted to be the highest recruitment market in a decade, fresh-out-of college students are ready to take their places in September. 978 more words


The Underrated Fashion Hubs

Paris, London, New York and Milan. We’re sick of you.

The first cities that comes to mind when ‘fashion hubs’ are mentioned  are obviously Paris, London, New York and Milan, known as ‘The Queens’.   1,062 more words


Fashion: Bringing Us All Down?

Fashion is one of the most luxurious industries and has the potential to make people feel incredible, however far too often fashion leaves people feeling like they aren’t enough. 514 more words


Bloggers: A Help or a Hindrance?

Bloggers have risen to the forefront of fashion in recent years with convergence media becoming prevalent. It has quickly become a quick, easy and free way to rise to the top of the fashion food chain. 504 more words