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The Cornell Review Has Moved!

Hello readers, fans, and critics,

The Cornell Review has moved from this site to a new one: www.thecornellreview.org.

All new content will be featured on the new site, as are all of our previously published articles along with their user comments. 29 more words

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Misconceptions on Conservatism in Light of the Bruce Jenner Interview

When watching the Diane Sawyer interview with Olympian Bruce Jenner, who announced he is transitioning into becoming a woman, I was relieved to see that the true importance of being open about one’s gender identity was highlighted: that it is about being honest about one’s self. 425 more words

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No Hope, No Change

Bush vs. Clinton. There is nothing the American people are looking forward to the most than to avoid this lineup for the 2016 presidential election. Not only would the nomination of both these dynastic candidates speak very badly about the current state of American democracy and political leadership, but also each of them as individual candidates have characteristic deficiencies that are hard to overcome. 673 more words


I Am a Survivor of My Public Schools' Liberal Brainwashing

I have always thought that it was something of a miracle that my public education in deep-blue, teachers’ union-dominated inner-city Boston got me to where I am today—as a student in the Ivy League and, more importantly, the National News Editor of the renowned  749 more words

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SA Presidential Candidates: Choosing the Least Worst

Come next Monday and Tuesday, every Cornell student casting his or her vote Student Assembly (SA) President will be stuck between a rock and a hard place. 778 more words

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About Those Macbooks... (Read If You're An Anti-Israeli Hypocrite)

In 2010, it was reported 70% of incoming college students used Macs. At a college like Cornell, one can surmise the percentage of anti-Israeli students supporting Boycott, Sanctions, and Divestment (BDS) is about the same. 379 more words

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