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Why Aren’t My Windows Audit Policies Working?

So, recently I had the need to setup auditing on a local workstation to try and determine who or what was deleting a specific set of files. 701 more words

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TEMP Profiles vs Username.domain Profiles

There is often confusion between the two. But knowing what each profile type means is an important step in understanding what is going wrong with the profile. 546 more words

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Instal Ubuntu 12 inside Windows dengan Wubi

Bagi pengguna ubuntu sebelum keluar ubuntu 12.04 sepertinya tidak ada masalah ketika ingin menggunakan ubuntu 12.04 atau 12.10. Tinggal buka update manager dan akan menemukan anjuran untuk ‘Upgrade’. 185 more words


Installing Active Directory and All Those Other Little Tabs in Windows 7 (you know, the ones you used to have in Windows XP)


One of the articles I put together for our KB. Thought I would share since there seems to be some questions as to how to install ADUC get all the tabs back that were available in Windows XP. 628 more words

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No, Its Not Malware

I was recently asked by a tech to look at someone‚Äôs system because they were concerned it may have malware installed in it. The reason for their suspicion was because after running… 130 more words

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When You Can No Longer Paste From or To that Remote Desktop

Most of the day I am connected to a lab or another workstation through Remote Desktop. Often times I need to copy (or cut) and paste… 173 more words

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Resolving Missing or Stubborn System Tray Icons

A co-worker asked me a question recently after a user he was talking with put him on the spot by mentioning that one of the icons in the Windows System Tray, specifically the McAfee tray icon, had gone missing. 379 more words

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