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Daily Insider Threat News - August 17, 2017

Insider Threats Loom Large for Security Pros

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When it comes to insider threats, 61% of infosec professionals consider it more difficult to detect and prevent these attacks than external ones, … 314 more words

Insider Threat

Who's the Bigger Threat: Insiders or Outsiders?

By: Shawn M. Thompson, Esq.

The debate surrounding this topic is not unlike a heated debate between two ideologically opposed individuals discussing politics. Each feels strongly that they are “right,” and each feels equally compelled to change the other person’s viewpoint, or metaphorically beat them into submission. 1,352 more words

Insider Threat

The Risk of Applying Traditional Security “Risk” Models

By: Shawn M. Thompson, Esq.

Imagine spending millions of dollars on “securing” your company only to discover that an employee took your crown jewels to a competitor. 568 more words

Insider Threat

Domain Expertise – The Insider Threat Tool Vendor’s Missing Ingredient

By Shawn M. Thompson, Esq.

Sales interactions are ranked as the most important source of information from providers during the buying process — above provider websites and marketing activities. 804 more words

Insider Threat

Why Has Cybersecurity Shifted Its Focus To Insider Threats?

Since the beginning of networked computers and the first threat of hackers, the focus of cybersecurity has been to keep external threats out. Firewalls were created to filter internet traffic, antivirus software was designed to detect malicious software that made its way onto a system, and more advanced devices such as Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) were developed to help companies with limited security resources to detect activity that may be caused by a hacker or malware. 756 more words

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Another Queensland police officer charged with computer hacking | ZDNet

Australian Information Security Incident Reported: July 25 2017

A regional Queensland police officer has been charged by the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) for allegedly accessing and disseminating confidential information from the state’s police database. 29 more words

Australian InfoSec Incident

Insider Threat - Negligence or Deliberate?

With the end of the financial year approaching at work time is becoming more of a premium with discussions with clients and prospects taking place all the time. 229 more words

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