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Can Your E-mails Identify You as a Traitor? Rogue Employees & Deception Detection

The Case of JPMorgan Chase

A recent article from Bloomberg revealed that JPMorgan Chase & Co. is among the first of financial companies to use a program that evaluates insider threat — that is, the possibility that a rogue employee will attack or damage their employer’s information system or security. 634 more words

3 Steps for Stopping Insider Threats

Insider threats pose a major risk to any business, whether it’s from intentional sabotage or theft or unintentional information sharing, as we’ve illustrated in two previous blog posts. 562 more words

When Accidents Happen: Unintentional Threats from Within

We all brace for threats to our business and supply chains from out, be they acts of nature or acts of utility failures. But research shows that one of the biggest threats comes from within – the insider threat. 475 more words

Why Isn't The Cyber World Burning?

The interweb says it should be.

Every day, in every way, it’s getting FUDdier: Cyberterrorists, Cyberespionage, Cybercriminals, Cyberbogeymen. Cybercars, Cyberheating, Cybercyber.

By rights nothing should be working. 1,121 more words


Weird Security Term of the Week: "Insider Threat"

The Problem:  You have a very upset employee that has been passed over for a number of promotions and pay raises over the past several years.   644 more words


Firms Fail to Combat the Insider Security Threat

The threat of accidental or malicious employees compromising information security has been around ever since there were computer systems. But you would have thought by now that CISOs would have got a handle on it. 448 more words

Beware the unwitting insider threat

By Jack Moore, NextGov.com — January 29, 2015

Rank-and-file federal employees and contractors unwilling to “embrace ‘The Suck’ of security” may be the biggest threat posed to securing federal agency networks. 628 more words