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US Army names Hillary Clinton as ‘insider threat’ during OPSEC training - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

The United States Army has confirmed that Hillary Clinton was used as an example of an ‘insider threat’ to operational security (OPSEC) during a training class. 15 more words


Hillary an 'insider threat' says US Army

Leaked Army operational security brief shows Hillary Clinton as an example of potential insider threat

8/22/16 – (TruNews)  Admins of the Facebook page “U.S. Army W.T.F!

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Vengeful retrenched BlueScope employee allegedly took top trade secrets with her

January 9, 2016.

Former BlueScope employee has been accused this week of downloading a trove of company documents – about 40 gigabytes – over a four-year period, including the codes she allegedly downloaded just before her redundancy meeting. 56 more words


How an Ex-CIA Researcher Created a Saboteur-Stopping Email Tool

“Insider threat” has become a key focus of corporate security departments. Workers who embezzle are one example of an insider threat, as are “bad-leavers”— employees or contractors who, when they depart, steal or leak intellectual property or other confidential data, or sabotage the information technology system. 814 more words


Who’s In Charge of Keeping Your Company Secure?

Even if your company has strategies in place to handle malicious attacks on your security, you may still be at great risk for insider threats.  Why? 345 more words


What The Orlando Terrorist Attack Means To Us

I am going to take a personal approach to explain why the Orlando terrorist attack  should be a greater public wake up call. The terrorist threat has arrived on our shores will continue to promulgate unless we realize the problem by identifying the underlying issue and addressing the problem as a threat to our way of life. 917 more words