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Jobs, the Knowledge Gap & More: Q&A With Dell SecureWorks Directors

Threat Intelligence Times were recently invited to cover the new Dell SecureWorks facility opening in Edinburgh, and whilst there we had the chance to sit down with some of the senior management teamto ask some questions. 2,483 more words


Turn risk to reward

I was talking a person in the education industry recently and she related to me how schools are having issues with tablets they provide to students and school computer networks; namely the kids get around security measures and in some instances are selling access credentials or methods. 310 more words

Insider Threat

Why Insider Threat Detection Fails

Virtually anyone who works in industry or government can tell you what the reportable warning signs of insider threat are – sudden behavioral changes, unexplained affluence, odd working hours, etc. 1,161 more words

Insider Threat

Cyber Think TWICE

At the end of my last post about the criticality of security awareness and the challenges involved in changing insecure behaviour, I came up with this acronym: 424 more words


Can Your E-mails Identify You as a Traitor? Rogue Employees & Deception Detection

The Case of JPMorgan Chase

A recent article from Bloomberg revealed that JPMorgan Chase & Co. is among the first of financial companies to use a program that evaluates insider threat — that is, the possibility that a rogue employee will attack or damage their employer’s information system or security. 634 more words

3 Steps for Stopping Insider Threats

Insider threats pose a major risk to any business, whether it’s from intentional sabotage or theft or unintentional information sharing, as we’ve illustrated in two previous blog posts. 562 more words

When Accidents Happen: Unintentional Threats from Within

We all brace for threats to our business and supply chains from out, be they acts of nature or acts of utility failures. But research shows that one of the biggest threats comes from within – the insider threat. 475 more words