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Personal Security

To continue our discussion about a full-spectrum approach to security and a follow up to our post on Physical Security, we wanted to discuss elements of Personal Security.   764 more words

Fusion Anyone

We see a lot of discussions about the differences between physical and cyber security.  Our most recent blog was about this and an attack that was started in the cyber environment caused physical damage.   494 more words

Could PAS 754 have helped Juniper?

In an important Juniper security announcement last month it was revealed that:

“During a recent internal code review, Juniper discovered unauthorized code in ScreenOS that could allow a knowledgeable attacker to gain administrative access to NetScreen® devices and to decrypt VPN connections.” 385 more words

Cyber Security

From Cyber to Physical

This news story got a lot of attention over the holiday season.  To briefly recap, malware spread across regional power plants in the Ukraine which caused widespread outages across portions of the Ukraine.   787 more words

The Insider Threat

According to the latest UK Cyber Breaches statistics, three-quarters of large organisations suffered a staff-related breach and nearly one-third of small organisations had a similar occurrence within the last year. 379 more words

Cyber Security

Never Without The Why: A Cybersecurity Mantra

Do we ask and can we answer the question “Why?” when talking about security? Not just for our employers, but for our peers, and our kids? 1,615 more words


Small Business Attacks

As reported by SC Magazine last week, a business company in New Hampshire pleaded guilty to hacking into a small business competitor and stealing over 1,000 invoices over the course of eight months.   211 more words