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"They let their fears drive them. And that turns them into weapons."

“The thing Trump’s really good at is getting otherwise rational people to clamp down harder on their fears and prejudices.  These people aren’t monsters.  They’re completely normal.   54 more words

1minute29: Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider 8

Moe talks to the Professor about the dream-thing she saw, and he arrives at a non-specified conclusion. The lab switches its OS to UNIX from Red Magic, which is probably exactly the same. 102 more words


Are You a goHUNT Insider? You Should Be

For those who want to go after the tag of a lifetime, it just might take a lifetime to draw it. When you do draw that tag, you want to be able to give yourself the best chance of harvesting the bull, buck, or ram that has been the driving force behind applying for that tag for so long. 1,036 more words



they fucking dlted the post i made that fuckin night. m|m cant take truth can u????? worlds not a pretty place, screw u for censoring me.

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I am proud of you~ Your decision to grow and reach new heights for the betterment of yourself makes me very happy~ ^_^ I am very impressed by your will to be strong … <3 You’re a good boy. 6 more words

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