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Did you think today how the God of heaven and earth allowed you to arise to see another day, which you have never seen before? 203 more words


Honest Opinion

What do I have to do to get an accurate and honest appraisal of me as a person?

This follows this whole ‘people saying stuff in anger’ thing. 162 more words

Uncle Jamz Discusses Hip-Hop & Artist Development

Uncle Jamz is an industry veteran artist manager, music producer, songwriter, publisher and entertainment consultant. Prior to being behind the scenes, Jamz was in the spotlight as a band member before retiring performing in 1980. 73 more words

The Promo Goddess

IBM & Toyota – Foresight

Many times what are described as today’s implementation failures are really yesterday’s foresight failure in disguise. IBM’s fat overheads were manageable when computers carried the gross margins of illicit drugs; IBM’s overheads threatened to sink the company when computers became commodities with the margins of canned vegetables.

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Foresight and Execution

In recent years, some have questioned wheather a company needs a “vision” at all. Adaptiveness, solid implementation, and basic blocking and tackling are increasingly regarded as more important than vision … Often, pundits criticize a company’s vision when what is really at fault is the company’s executional capability.

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What is Foresight?

Industry foresight helps managers answer three critical questions. First, what new types of customer benefit should we seek to provide in five, ten, or fifteen years?

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Benda vs Fungsi

Ada tirakat benda, ada tirakat fungsi. Sederhananya begini, ada hape mainan, ada hape asli. Ada hape yang sekedar bentuknya, demi bisa untuk bermain hape, ada juga hape beneran yang memang memiliki fungsi sebagai hape. 62 more words