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Why Psy's "Hangover" is a work of genius. WARNING: Works on multiple levels

80 million views and counting. Man, Psy’s marketing team must be doing something right!

Anyway, anyone heard of Psy’s new song, “Hangover” with Snoop Dog?. Trying to copy Pharrell by repeating a single word over and over again does not a hit make. 525 more words

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Organised religion is ruining the world.

Comedian Bo Burnham has something interesting to say about God.

Ever met an overzealous believer? Someone who refuses to see from the point of others, goes to church religiously, prays all the time and reads the bible just so they can be “holier” and go to heaven? 252 more words

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What we don't seem to notice: The Oppressed Majority

In one of my previous posts, I touched on the topic of agenderism and whether society will be better off or not from it. Having just watched French filmaker Eleonore Pourriat’s “The Oppressed Majority”, I am convinced that the label of “sex” is the root of many problems, as females still face inequality nowadays with us males to blame. 629 more words

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Why can't there be a Google Maps for life? Things would be so much easier.

It’s been a busy week, but I’m super glad to say exams are almost over! YIPEEE! So to all my followers and anyone who has read my previous posts, thank you so much! 1,185 more words

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I’ve mentioned before that I’m doing my exams now, so I’ve been abstaining from watching Game of Thrones until after. But this weekend I couldn’t resist, and because my exam schedule has loosened up quite a bit, I decided to watch 1 episode. 415 more words

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The universe is gay!

‘The universe is not only queerer than we imagine — it is queerer than we can imagine.’

J. B. S. Haldane (Scientist and polymath)

LOL I don’t know exactly why but I found this phrase  461 more words

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OMG THERE ARE WOMEN IN THE OFFICE?!! Who left the door open...


While preparing for my additional maths exam tomorrow, I came across a question in a past paper: The work-force of a large company is made up of males and females in the ratio 9 : 11. 593 more words

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