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Kaila arrives

Her comparatively small size in no way impedes her imperial demands. When she thunders across the kitchen from one window to the other, you’d think we had a herd of horses in the house, instead of one fierce tabby cat. 453 more words

A Living Memorial - Or Just Another Pile of Rocks?

No summer day, not even Virginia’s notorious ‘dog days’ of August, ever intimidated my grandpa into wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Long-sleeved shirts were as much a trademark as his hat and that little half-smile he held in reserve for those rare incidents that were particularly hilarious. 909 more words


And What Next?

I still remember why I started my first social media account back in November 2009. I had been doing a lot of research while travelling and I was thankful that all these people sharing their experience and posting all the photos of food and places they have been. 55 more words


Mental Health Day

I came across an interesting term from the dictionary called mental health day.

You might wonder on why a dictionary includes an event on its reference; but it is not an event, for it is clearly a term of something else. 268 more words


GOOD: The New Mediocre

Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at serious writing in almost 3 years, I’m kinda rusty.

There were standards that we’d always looked up to and hoped to attain growing up. 274 more words


Gut Shabbes! (Bamidbar)

This week, we’ll hear the Torah reading of Bamidbar, the first in the book of Numbers, and as we do so, it’s likely that we’ll be thinking of the upcoming festival; Shovuos. 179 more words