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Hello world!

The most beautiful things surround us and we may not even notice.

There is a beautiful world out there and I want to see it. … 117 more words


Stop Thinking Like That!

Have you ever stopped and listened to the way you think to yourself? Are your thoughts negative or positive? When you observed your thoughts, are you criticizing or lifting yourself up? 666 more words

Self Help

Friday link roundup 7/3

A psychologist argues that addiction is not a disease, and does not use the term “recovery.” See why here.

On Americans and personal space… 126 more words

Shell Life of a Blog

A blog’s shell life is like a MOVIE.

It comes with a whimper or a bang.

It keeps growing and then the traffic reduction..

All for what?   188 more words

The Cactus-Panther

had already dragged a
bag of coupons in its jaws across the spaceship
as if a train was trailing between its legs, headed
for its carbon dioxide mouth, crying open, but not tearful… 257 more words

Kitty Liu on our Salmon Festival success

Garden City Conservation Society director Kitty Liu (shown at right) has shared this open letter of gratefulness for the success of our 2015 Canada Day booth at the Steveston Salmon Festival in Richmond, B.C. 826 more words


Unleashing Your Inner Creative Genius

As a creative I know all too well the symptoms of ‘writers block’ or ‘creativity block’. You know, that feeling when you sit down to create your masterpiece; that article, that song, that piece of work you feel drawn to create yet somehow can’t express yet. 896 more words