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The next crisis, sooner or later

Published in Insights, The New Zealand Initiative’s newsletter, 29 April 2016

In his book The Ascent of Money, Harvard economic historian Niall Ferguson introduced us to what he called “the perennial truths of financial history”. 348 more words


HI's Clutch Performance

Imagine our surprise when business analyst/research company Clutch posted a rundown of client feedback regarding Horizontal Integration. It can be scary to know people are talking about you behind your back, but we dove into the detailed analysis with confidence. 517 more words


A rule of thirds

So we’re a third of the way through sweet ’16. If you picture this year as an ellipsis we’re only one dot done…

How’s it going? 459 more words

Realistic Fiction

Endo(h) My

I’ve been M.I.A from posting for quite some time, this means you’re either thinking: ‘oh no, not this girl again’ (to you, I say piss off) or ‘oh great, she’s back’ (to you I say, thanks and read on). 851 more words


Acts of Kindness

Last Saturday, my brother and I were walking at the mall when suddenly, one of my shoes broke, its heel ripping off the sole as though a sword had slashed it in one swift motion. 363 more words

Imprisoned for their Faith

I have felt the Lord urging me recently to round up prayer for those who are imprisoned for their faith. Why leave all such praying to ‘Suffering Church Sunday’ in November? 535 more words



The movie, Mississippi Grind is about two guys on a gambling quest. They’re addicted to gambling, so they go through the typical highs and lows of a gambler. 573 more words