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The importance of charm

On my way to the train station last Saturday, I stumbled across a house that was open for inspection. I checked the time and decided that I would be able to squeeze in a quick look before my train arrived. 309 more words


If I don't do anything, and YOU don't do anything, YOU will not be around.

Since the day after 2012, the evil ancestors (aliens, devils, etc.) tried to destroy the world by destroying the creator.

Had the evils succeeded, the bad people would have been doomed endlessly!

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Happiness is....

Happiness is when one of your favorite songs is being played on radio and you are singing word by word out aloud at top of your lungs in your apartment on a Saturday morning in greatest city of the world.

Mr. Brightside!

Daily Musings

A returning ability.

After getting major surgery in 2013, I felt this deep sense of loss. It wasn’t only that I had lost literal parts of my body – an ovary and my appendix – but it was as if something had left me in the midst of anesthesia, surgery, and the aftermath. 499 more words

Lot's Syndrome

Sharing the Lord’s Heart: Lot’s Syndrome

For I wrote to you out of great distress and anguish of heart and with many tears . . . 1,033 more words


New Relic Insights .NET Client

A lightweight C# client for New Relic Insights

  • Upload New Relic Insights events on-demand
  • Upload in batches, as a scheduled task
  • Minimal CPU usage (1 thread)
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We are at war, because the last being ASSUMED that a man can only be in LOVE with ONE WOMAN.

Do you know, why humanity is constantly at war. Because the last origin energy, Susan Misicka, the Snake at the tree of Adam & Eve, ASSUMED that a man can only be in LOVE WITH ONE woman! 81 more words