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Key Business/IT Drivers

Customer-driven marketplace has influenced technology vendor roadmaps as these vendors look towards maintaining and enhancing market share. The following are key business/IT drivers underlying roadmap changes: 294 more words


Parshas Toldos: Entrapment and Deceit

This week’s Parsha, Toldos, tells the story of Yaakov and Esov. It also tells of the patriarch Yitzchok, and of the matriarch Rivkah. In many ways it’s a very dynamic Parsha, because it features lots of very relevant topics; favouritism, sibling rivalry, and differences in human nature. 835 more words


Insight #5 Comparison

No matter how hard you try to not compare your child with others you end up doing it for one thing or another. I mean once you start measuring and weighing(and you do this from birth!), and use a chart to measure it by, it’s already comparing with the rest of the average population. 83 more words


Hey manager — are you making the right decisions?

Many times, what you do is not nearly as important as how you do it or the infrastructure you build to encourage and protect sustainable growth. 482 more words

Elie Hirschfeld

3 Content Marketing Hacks Driven by Listening

Every brand listens in one way or another to its audience. Marketers respond to tweets, we receive feedback from surveys and we watch sales trends to determine whether messaging and targeting is effective. 444 more words

Public Relations

Five Qualities of an Effective Communicator

He walked into the room without shaking anyone’s hand, came quickly to the podium conveying to the crowd he was in a hurry. He spoke quick and terse with a know-it-all attitude. 653 more words


Why Cutting Back On Security Services Is A False Economy

It’s fair to say that for most firms cutting back on the costs of their business is a common thing your administration needs to look at. 653 more words