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5 'Tips' Y Soluciones Para Un Mejor Sueño

Los estadounidenses logran un 20% menos sueño hoy que hace 100 años. Por más estrés? Probablemente. Por menos actividad física? Quizás. De todos modos, algún tipo de insomnio afecta a uno en cada tres de nosotros. 809 more words

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results of insomnia

All day he walks as a zombie. Not a single creative thought pops in Dante’s brain, but as soon as his head hits the pillow shades of yellow sunrise and purple sunset plague the darkness behind his eyes.  235 more words

Brother and sister will never sleep again due to rare insomnia disease

A news reporter and her brother have inherited a debilitating brain disease which will stop them from ever sleeping again – and eventually kill them. 213 more words

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Bad Day

Sometimes, you just roll out of bed on the wrong side, and the day never really improves. There’s run of the mill bad days. And there’s I-hate-the-world-and-everyone-in-it bad days. 1,062 more words


IVF 2: Commando, incognito, PUPO!

So, as of today I’m officially PUPO! (For the uninitiated, this is less like “pupate” which is what a caterpillar does as it tries to become a butterfly, and more like the rather silly named Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. 1,336 more words


The only problem

With sleeping for 2 days, is that now my body thinks it’s had enough and is keeping me awake! There’s a hint of I can’t win here… Hehe. 215 more words

Insomniac Song | Poetry Prompt

I’ve noticed that creatives, writers especially often have trouble sleeping aren’t able to sleep. Are our brains hardwired to ignore biological functions like sleep when writing wants to happen (or when writing refuses us)? 134 more words