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Sleep, Where Art Thou?

It’s 2:29am over here and I can’t seem to find sleep. It’s quite ironic because sleep relaxes my nerves and muscles. Enables me to feel better but I hardly sleep. 84 more words

Symptoms of Insomnia

The medical director of Pulmonary Care, PC, in New Haven, CT, Sushil Gupta, MD, provides care for individuals with pulmonary conditions. Also experienced in the field of sleep disorders, Sushil Gupta, MD, previously worked at Hamden Sleep Disorders Centers and Sleep Disorders Centers of Connecticut. 134 more words


Day 224: and not a single fuck was given

Normally, Thursdays are grocery store day. But, I gotta say, I wasn’t feeling it this past Thursday. Not at all. After four sleepless nights in a row, my sarcasm was high and my spirits were rather low. 357 more words

Day 223: writing

It’s been a couple days since I’ve checked in, but with good reason. I have been trying to kick some bucket-list ass in an effort to get shit done over the summer. 138 more words

Discouraging Health

It is not uncommon to become discouraged with an illness. It can be as simple as an annoying cough keeping us awake at night to more severe such as weekly blood samples for liver function. 842 more words



Daydreaming ’bout dreaming,

Can’t shut this brain down,

Scattered thoughts always screaming,

And in my wonder I drown.

Trying to forget all my sorrow

To live a better tomorrow, 48 more words



I try to sleep

By counting sheep,

One two four

A few dozen more

And off I doze

Off to bed

At once;

For once it’s early, and, 194 more words