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NICU, anxiety, pain, severe insomnia

Oh man I don’t even remember what I last wrote about! Should have probably checked.

Long story cut short, I went into labor on Monday evening the 1st of February, and after the water broke on Tuesday morning I rushed to the hospital because it was thick and brown and I knew something was wrong. 663 more words

No One Sleeps

For the past days since Wednesday I have been at war with fatigue and find myself sleeping off and on throughout the day and night. I wish I could get a good solid sleep in, but hopefully not one where I oversleep. 629 more words


Putting the pieces back together 

I saw this picture on the internet this morning and showed it to my husband with a smile, he said it was doing the rounds on FB at the moment. 49 more words


Woke up too early

Yesterday after work, I came home and promptly fell asleep (in the middle of texting a friend!). I slept hard for 2.5 hours, and really didn’t want to wake up at the point I did. 175 more words


It’s about 2:15am here, and wow today was super busy.

My counselor said I need to start doing daily journals of just whatever I’m feeling and make them private so I’ll start doing that but I’ll still post publicly as well. 75 more words


Reading Light

I cannot sleep, there is no rest for me.
I struggle vainly to stave off the night –
I rise and go where I can sit and think… 101 more words

Original Poems

James, James...WHERE ARE YOU??

I have been plagued with insomnia on and off (mostly on) for several years now. I have tried everything I’ve been told to try. I’ve turned off all of my electronic devices by 10PM. 1,424 more words