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Principle of Stasis

I’m ready to go to sleep now instead of write.  I’m ready to give in to sleep and its uselessness and be nothing for a while before the alarm clock wakes me up and I start the whole thing over again.  207 more words


Chronic fatigue and feeling angry

I average around 4 hours sleep every night which when I get in the number 5 is a cause for celebration in this house 💐. I have a pretty good routine:- 431 more words



It’s been a while since I’ve talked to the clown with the framed degree. I can feel the same tremors roar their way home again. The volcano smirks and I can’t keep it down anymore; it bubbles in my pulse with a red froth. 266 more words


The Night Shift and the Magic of Twilight Hour

(Originally written for and posted over at MyTrendingStories.com)

I think I worked a job once that I could classify at a 9-5 job. It was an administrative assistant. 829 more words

Insomniac College Student

Tonight is a picture I’ve painted one too many times before; staring blankly at my ceiling, listening to my watch tick for every second pass, trying not to check the time because it will only stress me out even more. 786 more words


Morning Dreams and Nights Awake

Our minds separate us

Flesh and bone connect us

And the heart distracts us

An ache beneath the tendons

Reminds us of age

As it dictates our ways… 515 more words

Tanka 14

The insomnia
of the apartment-dweller
Awake and alone
Hemmed in by the floors and floors
of placid sleeping bodies