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First thing's first...

A little introduction to my life at the moment.

As I write this first draft it is 6am. I have not been to sleep yet. “Oh” I hear you ask, “Is that because you’re currently drunk and have just come back from a nightout?” No, unfortunately I’m not that cool, I just suffer from bouts of insomnia. 388 more words


Reading Simic

I took the morning to read and think and sit on the patio of a corner café, and I started Charles Simic’s essay collection, The Life of Images… 229 more words


But we love Soda, right?

Ever since I was a kid, I already tasted the savory taste of soda. From Pepsi, Coca-cola, Sprite, Royal to RC Cola, I have proven that there is nothing beats the quench that soda brings. 720 more words

Wonders Of Wanders

In the snow 

I can’t sleep.

This happens every so often. I don’t want to convey that I’m an insomniac as I don’t think that’s accurate but every few months, I have about a fortnight of surviving on an hour. 208 more words

Mental Health

Tuesday:) To Be or Not To Be Sleepy. That Is The Question

“It was that sort of sleep in which you wake every hour and think to yourself that you have not been sleeping at all; you can remember dreams that are like reflections, daytime thinking slightly warped.” … 198 more words

On Villains

After the drought comes the flood! and by flood i mean the completion of an article i’ve been working on since september of last year… 1,977 more words


Meditating and Medicating

I have not been able to afford to go to therapy for 3 weeks now. I’ve been trying my hardest to be kind to myself but I fail sometimes.  171 more words