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6 am

Some nights I watch Armageddon or Friday the 13th on repeat. Others I listen to Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide or Fall Out Boy’s The Kids Aren’t Alright too many times. 370 more words


The origins of fear - stories that I'm not allowed to tell.

Trigger Warnings: child abuse, narcissistic parents, violence, PTSD. 

Context: I was lying in bed one night earlier this week when a flashback hit, it was an intense, technicolor memory of my early childhood and when it left me I was crying uncontrollably in the fetal position drenched in sweat, later examination in the mirror showed that I had scratched my own face deeply and was bleeding. 1,759 more words

I was suffering insomnia for sometimes, and each time was some months. It was terrifying both mental and physical development. I got up at night even when I was exhausted and extremely sleepy. 480 more words


Just Breathe

Learning the simple act of breathing correctly is one of the most important steps to combat stress, anxiety, and insomnia. How well you are breathing has a strong influence on your physiology, thought processes, and mood. 385 more words

Sweet, Sweet Sunday

If I get sleep deprived enough to go to sleep I powernap and wake up 45 mins later - so frustrating!

This is kinda a rant but I'm interested to hear if others have had similar problems and have found a solution.

I've always been a bad sleeper – I barely slept as a child as well – but to be honest with me it's more that if I sleep between 4am and noon I… 289 more words


Kalms Night: The Hero I Need

Short post today, I’m not sure how to review a set of tablets!

My issues with sleep have been well documented on this blog, I can happily say that while they haven’t been totally solved, I still sleep for 12 hours but I have been sleeping at night and waking up 12 hours later, better than nothing! 80 more words


Late Night Mix

It’s 1:30am and I have yet another case of insomnia. I have tried all day to be active, not including the 3 hour nap I took earlier. 454 more words