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How are you judged?

This blog is a start at how teachers are judged, prompted by my school undergoing an I.S.I inspection this week – about which I will write more next week when it’s all over. 539 more words


Detect Damage through Inspection by Rock Hill, SC Roofing Contractors

Feeling the more obvious effects of climate change, many Carolina residents are now planning for the rising waters either on a personal or community level. Climate change brings in other effects to the overall weather aside from sea level rise, as well: The Carolina area already receives a significant amount of precipitation, and it may yet increase. 41 more words

UH Manoa fire extinguishers inspected despite outdated tags

Some of the fire extinguishers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa are raising concerns.

They’re supposed to be inspected every year, but many fire extinguishers in the parking garage have tags that say they haven’t been inspected since 2012. 344 more words


Health officials nearly halfway done with Oahu restaurant inspections

Hawaii is seven months into the state’s food safety rating program and nearly half the restaurants on Oahu have been inspected.

But a website to notify the public which restaurants have passed inspection is still in the works. 388 more words


Bad News About the House

Hey Everyone,

Well, we got some bad news today. Our would be home failed the septic inspection. No one really elaborated on why it failed, just that it had to do with the drain field. 357 more words


The Importance Of Building And Pest Inspection – Adelaide Professionals List Benefits | Submit Guest Posts

In purchasing a home, it is worthwhile to enlist the aid of professionals to guide you through the buying process. These professionals include lawyers, real estate professionals, and the experts in building and pest inspection Adelaide prospective homebuyers can rely on. 7 more words