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We do EMF home testing and inspection in New York State. Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, New York City, NJ including Trenton, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

Are you concerned about EMF, cell phone towers, power lines, and electromagnetic radiation in your environment? Then call us at (312) 690-9045.

These are among the most highly bathed EMF EMR RF areas in the United States. 246 more words


Mr. O. Abdul Hameed, former AC on 'Clubbing different units together' !

Mr. O. Abdul Hameed, former Additional Commissioner of the ESI Corporation, has written the following with reference to the post http://flourishingesic.info/2015/08/06/clubbing-different-units-together/  Considering the depth of the comment, the write-up… 647 more words

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Clubbing different units together !

In the days of yore, inspections in the ESIC were programmed and conducted in such a manner that they would, really, detect concealed employment and be  beneficial to the insured persons. 964 more words

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