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We do EMF home testing and inspection in New York State. Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, New York City, NJ including Trenton, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

Are you concerned about EMF, cell phone towers, power lines, and electromagnetic radiation in your environment? Then call us at (312) 690-9045.

These are among the most highly bathed EMF EMR RF areas in the United States. 246 more words


Mr. O. Abdul Hameed, former AC on 'Clubbing different units together' !

Mr. O. Abdul Hameed, former Additional Commissioner of the ESI Corporation, has written the following with reference to the post http://flourishingesic.info/2015/08/06/clubbing-different-units-together/  Considering the depth of the comment, the write-up… 647 more words

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Clubbing different units together !

In the days of yore, inspections in the ESIC were programmed and conducted in such a manner that they would, really, detect concealed employment and be  beneficial to the insured persons. 964 more words

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Orange County Inspections: Expect Short-Term Delays

Planning on requesting an inspection in Orange County? Chief Building Official Dan Bruce cautions builders that the wait time may be longer than usual in the coming weeks, due to a short staff and increased number of requests. 232 more words


Dog-feed expenses: Wages u/s 2 (22) !

The ESI Act was enacted only with the objective of providing a variety of benefits to the working population. The provisions for inspection mentioned in the statute are, therefore, not contradictory to this objective but only to ensure and further that objective. 1,942 more words

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Wages: The foresightful Sec. 2 (22) !

It was 1989-90. An employer, a well-known business magnate, having many business interests in many fields, had paid Rs. 10 as Attendance Bonus to his employees who attended factory on all the 26 working days in a month. 917 more words

Amendments 2010

Sorry! No ‘hostages’ there, Mr. Finance Minister!

The following are the excerpts from the speech of the Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitely while presenting the Budget of the Government on 28.02.2015:

“61. Madam Speaker the situation with regard to the dormant Employees Provident Fund (EPF) accounts and the claim ratios of ESIs is too well known to be repeated here. 847 more words

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