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Home Repair Permits

Does the thought of getting permits for mundane jobs around the house make you groan?  That would make you perfectly normal.  Unfortunately, when you go to sell your home, you may be groaning even more. 699 more words


Resco Inspections: Shape your inspection process every step of the way

Whether it’s staff surveying customers in-store, technicians going through checks of complex machinery, or insurance agents assessing the damage after a hurricane – inspections come into play in countless scenarios. 746 more words

Mobile News

Can An Inspection Make A Difference in My Selling Price in Denver?

If you’re thinking about liquidating your property then you are probably trying to figure out what your liquidating price might be. Part of that process is getting an inspection (or valuation) on your property. 513 more words


Called Hive Inspection

Hive Assessment

Assessment: Called to look at a hive that had experienced a sudden (less than one week) drop in population and an increase in dead bees accompanied by “sawdust” like material. 955 more words


Brooklyn Sland Home Inspections

Why Choose Safe Harbor?

From your initial phone call until the end of the inspection process, you will clearly understand that your interests and needs are paramount and in sync with the objectives of Safe Harbor Inspections. 493 more words

Brooklyn Sland Home Inspections

Long Island Home Inspections

Winter On Long Island: Snow Roof

Let’s face it, the winter on Long Island has been rough on all of us. Snow, sleet, rain, cold, warm, then FREEZING! 579 more words

Brooklyn Sland Home Inspections