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girl to know: penny from inspector gadget

yes, she is fictitious but she is amazing and her gadgets are THE BEST.

when I was a kid, inspector gadget was one of the very few parent-approved tv shows I was allowed to watch. 239 more words


The Nice Guys: A Review

Day 44. 161 pages, 58,131 words.

It just occurred to me that I have no standardised and consistent title format for movie and book reviews. This seemed to be a more or less commonly-used format so I’ll stick with it. 343 more words

Hatboy's Movie Extravaganza

New Fan Art: Penny Pin-up

This is a pic I did of Penny, from the original Inspector Gadget cartoon, in her iconic red string bikini. You can some variations of this pic, including a version for mature people and a wallpaper version, on… 16 more words


Inspector Gadget Theme for Four-Hand Piano

recommended by Barb M., Keyboard and Folk Music Specialist

Inspector Gadget is back! Hulu has the series, and it’s a hoot to watch this cyborg policeman fumble his way from case to case, with his niece Penny actually doing all the “heavy lifting.” Heaven only knows how many gadgets the inspector has – they never quite seem to help! 141 more words

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Happy October! Here’s my recommendations for everything from your weekend casual date, Netflix binge, friend hang, and babysitting distraction. If you’re looking for something good to watch while snuggled with a blanket and drinking tea/coffee/whiskey on a beautiful fall weekend, I’m your girl. 300 more words

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FanScript Samples#3-Inspector Gadget






Listen, don’t let Roxanne get to you


They’re right though aren’t they?


You want an honest opinion?

GORDON: 275 more words

Fan Scripts

Within the Ruins - Enigma - And Surprise Inspector Gadget and Mario Riffs?

Location: Westfield, Massachusetts

Genre:  Metalcore (early), Progressive Metalcore (later)

Themes: Life, Inner struggles

This song, “Enigma,” certainly has the right name. While I’m not necessarily an avid fan of metalcore, I have to say these guys are amazing. 67 more words