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#HarryPotterAMovie Is the Perfect Millennial Nostalgia Trip

Twitter was transformed into a virtual Diagon Alley early Wednesday when #HarryPotterAMovie began trending in the U.S. From coast to coast, millennials unleashed four years’ worth of pent-up nostalgia by posting Photoshopped images of  271 more words

Inspector Gadget, New Life, and General Assembly

My 10 year old self had a dedicated routine on Saturday mornings, provided I did not have an early soccer game. I would wake up, pour myself a bowl of cereal, and sit down to watch  502 more words

5 TV Shows Named After Their Most Useless Character

Irony can be hilarious. Most TV show titles are pretty straightforward: Seinfeld is about a guy named Jerry Seinfeld. The Simpsons is about the Simpson family. 1,108 more words

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Penny from Inspector Gadget is the best of the Millennial Generation

I got into a heated discussion with an older GenX’er about the Information Age.

My GenX friend insisted that governments the world over are omnipresent, omnipotent, transcendent force, capable of regulating all things and that disruptive developments the Sharing Economy could (and would) be shut down by governments the world over. 395 more words

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NEW SONG: It's Morphin' Time! Your Childhood TV Shows Are All Streaming Online Now

With the phenomenon of #FriendsOnNetflix, it seems like people are spending a lot of their time reliving their childhood memories through online streaming services. Amazon Prime has added Animaniacs, Hulu has started streaming Sailor Moon, and Netflix keeps adding and removing old Nickelodeon shows. 128 more words

Tomorrowland Falls Short

Tomorrowland is a Disney movie with a big job, to save the world. The movie starts with Frank Walker (Clooney) trying to warn people about the future. 657 more words


Netflix Stream Team: Kid's Stuff, Remixed

All of the stuff from when I was a kid is coming back again. Sequoia and I went to see the NEW movie with genetically modified dinosaurs. 309 more words