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My 80s Childhood - Female Role Models

It occurred to me the other day:  I don’t remember ever receiving the message growing up that girls couldn’t be smart, couldn’t lead, couldn’t handle technology.   825 more words

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you/me matured faster than me/you

your eyes are like pollution: extending

over the skies of foreign

countries, of foreign counties, of foreign

breakfast foods.  a young man in

a hat, walks away from… 39 more words

4 Kids Shows on Netflix that (probably) Won't Drive You Insane

My wife and I try to limit the amount of time in front of the TV our son watches. While there are plenty of age appropriate and educational programs available, the… 839 more words


Flashback Review: Inspector Gadget

Time for another “Flashback Review.” In the year 1983, an animated cartoon called “Inspector Gadget” aired during a period when 80’s animated shows becoming cult classics. 525 more words


Ian MacIntyre

Ian MacIntyre – Writer: The Beaverton, Inspector Gadget, Degrassi: Next Class

When did you realize you wanted to work in television?

As a kid, I watched way too much television, which led me to high school plays and then to theatre school (if my parents ask, I’m still planning to do a law degree at some point). 1,084 more words


Inspector gadget

I spy a spy
wait.. no..

I spy a fucking spying bitch.

who appears to have way too much time

on their hands.

I giggle, mainly because they are so obvious. 45 more words