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Ember.js - Routes and Templates

The next stage of development in Up and Running with Ember.js is Routes and Templates. This section covers Understanding routes, Review routes with Ember Inspector, Load templates with routes, Create links with the link-to helper and Build artist pages with routes and templates.


Ember.js- Getting Started

The first stage of development in Up and Running with Ember.js is Getting Started. This section covers What is Ember?, How to use Ember, How this course works, Understanding Ember core concepts, About the Ember Starter Kit, Customize our code and Installing Ember Inspector.


Murder in Court Three - An Enjoyable Afternoon Read

Murder in Court Three (DI Flick Fortune)

By Ian Simpson

Rating: 4/5 Stairs

This is my first outing with Ian Simpson, and it was delightful. This appears to be the third in a series of mysteries featuring Detective Inspector Flick Fortune. 302 more words

4 Stairs


Swansong (A DI Nick Dixon Novel)

By Damien Boyd
4/5 Stairs

While the fourth in the DI Nick Dixon series, Swansong is my first outing with this detective. 177 more words

4 Stairs