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Philly Games Con 2015

Philly Games Con was a good con, and both well-attended and well-run. Neither are to be taken for granted at a first year event.  I was impressed and would return again. 396 more words


BTT Inspectres II, Ep. 2: I Blame Kraig

In this episode, we set up our franchise and choose our agency location. We are Loan Star Inspectres, based out of Houston, TX!

Also, now we want to open a record shop named The Vinyl Frontier. 12 more words


InSpectres Success

My home game group does not do story games. We play standard RPGs, even if they are almost always ones I made up. However, I wanted to give… 235 more words

InSpectres Support Material

I got InSpectres, a game by Jared A. Sorenson. I’ve been spending time with it, trying to understand how it works. Here is a sample of play I generated; it covers character generation, franchise generation, and the first two missions. 116 more words

Dreamation 2014: Best con for the tenth year running!

Back from yet another another amazing Dreamation. Massive thanks to Vinny, Avie and the whole Double Exposure crew, as always, for making such a fantastic environment to play in. 1,097 more words


BTT One-Shot: Inspectres Episode 07

The penultimate episode of the Inspectres mini-series is here. We’ve got a ton of cool stuff this episode. Villains monologuing, body-switch hijinks, knock-offs of J-horror, past-life regressions…. 31 more words


BTT One-Shot: Inspectres Episode 06


Well, this went well.

Remember the comic book that set fire to the SEATAC airport? Remember where that came from? Well, find out what happens when the group only has one vehicle to flee in… the Canterbury Airport Van. 29 more words